Islam fastest growing religion in San Diego, says Islamist

Be wary of statistics provided by an Islamist and parroted by media who do no fact checking. This same group has been putting out stories like this about the growth of Islam in America, the number of mosques in America and seems to be picking cities across the U.S. to post their unverified numbers. We also know terror-linked CAIR lies about the number of Muslims in America.

That said, we do know that San Diego has a growing problem with Muslim immigrants and is already submitting to Islamic sharia law [San Diego YMCA enforces sharia]. They wield statistics like swords, waging psychological terror while crying Islamophobia. via SURVEY: ISLAM IS COUNTY’S FASTEST GROWING RELIGION FASTEST GROWING RELIGIOUS GROUP IN 2000S: ISLAM |

Islam was the fastest growing religious group in San Diego County between 2000 and 2010, according to the recently released 2010 U.S. Religion Census.

During the decade, the county’s Muslim population grew by 179 percent from 7,878 adherents to 21,994, according to estimates from the survey of the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. Islam is now the seventh-largest religion in the county, the survey found.

Only one other group grew more here, in overall numbers. The county’s Mormon community grew by 25,227 followers, an increase of 55 percent, making it the third-largest church in the county.

About one quarter of the county’s population is Catholic, making it the most popular religion despite the loss of 28,083 followers or 3.4 percent of its fellowship during the decade. The county had 801,850 Catholics in 2010, ahead of a religious group reported by the survey for the first time this year, a grouping of 148,930 nondenominational Christians which ranked second.

The growth of Islam here is unique among California’s largest counties, according to the report. Both as a percentage and overall number, San Diego County’s Muslim population increase was nearly double that of any of the state’s 10 largest counties, according to the survey.

Islamic Center of San Diego Imam AbdelJalil Mezgouri attributed the growth of the county’s Muslim population to immigration, especially among Somali, Iraqi, Afghan and Bosnian refugees, and to an increase in births and Muslim conversions. He said the growth, which mirrors a national trend, has brought new challenges to the county’s Muslim community, but has also brought more understanding of Islam to the county as a whole.

“Of course, as we say, there is no gain without pain,” Mezgouri said. “The culture is becoming very, very diverse and also some of them have the challenge of adapting with the new place and the language, especially.”

Cabdriver Mohammed Abdi came to the U.S. from Kenya in 2005, following his brothers and other relatives who came earlier seeking economic opportunities. He said becoming an American Muslim was a challenge at first, as he struggled to attend Friday prayers regularly. To avoid missing out three weeks in a row, which is shunned by Islam, he would sneak out of work to attend mosque. He said being in America has ultimately strengthened his faith in Islam.

“When I came to America is when I really started to practice Islam strongly,” Abdi said. “I saw a lot of Christians around me and I worried I would lose my faith.


University of Kentucky Islamic Studies professor Ihsan Bagby, who helped produce the report’s Muslim estimates, said the growth nationally is also attributed to immigration and, to a lesser extent, conversion.

Who is Bagby?

A black convert to Islam, Ihsan Bagby is an associate professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Kentucky. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he attended Oberlin College for his undergraduate degree and then earned his Master’s and PhD (the latter in 1986, in the field of Near Eastern Studies) from the University of Michigan.

In a WorldNetDaily report detailing how certain Muslim group leaders are hoping that “the U.S. Constitution will one day be replaced by Koranic law,” Bagby, an Islamic fundamentalist, is quoted as saying, “Ultimately we [Muslims] can never be full citizens of this country [the U.S.], because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country.”

In addition to his professorial duties and research ventures, Bagby is the Imam of Jamaa’ah al-Taqwa, a mosque in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is also the General Secretary of the Muslim Alliance of North America; a Board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations; an Advisory Board member of the Islamic Society of North America; and is affiliated with Muslims in American Public Square.

That makes Bagby a board member of not one, but two unindicted co-conspirators to the largest terror financing conviction in U.S. history.

18 thoughts on “Islam fastest growing religion in San Diego, says Islamist

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  2. ISLAM IS A CULTURE NOT A RELIGION and the root word is “CULT” in culture. Americans need to start realizing that before its too late if its not already.Quit recognizing and giving them the same respect and tax breaks religions get.

  3. Islam is the most resisted religion in America. But it spreads like cancer. They brainwash people into thinking it is a peaceful religion. I don’t even want to refer to it as a religion, perhaps cult would be more fitting because it is so vile. But it is the largest cult in human history.

    It is riddled with lies and disinformation.


  4. why is the USA and Eu and Canada OZ taking so called “refugees”? why aren’t their Muslim brothers’ countries stepping up to take them? Or nations that cry for them like South Africa? Will these “diverse” Muslim groups begin to war on each other like they did at home? If they are espousing govt overthrow why are we allowing them to stay here? GET THEM OUT before they get citizenship!!!!!! That crackpot thinks WE will corrupt HIM?? it is our nation being POLLUTED by their perverse sickening values and acts.

    Islam is NOT growing by conversions from other faiths but by BIRTHRATE and bad immigration policies at FEDERAL level

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  6. If islam is wrong religion then everyone who is converting to islam is not a fool… i have converted to islam after 10 years of long study… media is defaming islam because they want to stop people to join islam…

    • #1. Islam IS NOT A RELIGION and should not be afforded religious liberties. It is a cult
      #2. It mostly grows in numbers because they procreate fast. Besides killing people, that is what they do best.
      #3. It also is growing in numbers because they are illegally immigrating here causing a burden on society as they do everywhere they go.
      #4. I have yet to hear any positive thing these animals have provided to ANY SOCIETY THEY HAVE EVER INHABITED OR IMMIGRATED INTO.
      #5. If you want to join a tyrannical cult you should stop”playing muslim” and go live in a Islamic country and adhere to the sharia your quran teaches since muslims feel it supercedes our constitution. A muslim who wants to live under a tyranical cult in our free society is TOO MUCH OF A SPINELESS HYPOCRITE TO GO LIVE IN A REAL ISLAMIC SOCETY AND SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE CULT THEY BELONG TO.
      #6. Media could care less if you join Islam or not! This was the most ridiculous statement you have made! Media caters to your cult and promotes it as a “Religion of Peace” when its really a “Cult of Death!”They are the number one source of MISINFORMATION REGARDING ISLAM!
      #7. The best source of accurate information regarding the dangers of cultic Islamic ideology is 911!!!911!!!!!!911!!!!!!911!!!!!911!!!!

  7. Islam is not growing. I think it is just an illusion. After seeing the real ugly nature of islam, I am sure anyone who is aware and sane and not disadvantaged in any way would avoid islam like a plague. Islamic bad leadership and islamic misbehaviours is all too common and their halal symbols are even mysteriously popping out everywhere on international franchise or on products that are produced by non-islamic origins.. It is like they are imposing on us nonbelievers or forcing us nonbelievers to have no choice(if eg, if we want to eat in their predominanlty islamic slums) to accept their devious islamics symbol when those islamics are forever so intolerant even of the red cross symbol. Islamic culture is one of the most stingy, most intolerant and most selfish culture.

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