Muslims kill 100 more in Nigeria; 1000+ since mid-2009

A nearly one-sided report from AFP painting Muslims as perpetual victims as they wage jihad killing hundreds of black, African, Christians. via AFP: Nigerian state widens curfew after 100 killed.

JOS, Nigeria — Weekend raids by gunmen in a central Nigerian state left more than 100 dead, an official said Monday, as the governor widened a curfew to restore calm in the flashpoint area.

Plateau state falls in Nigeria’s so-called “Middle Belt,” where the mainly Christian south meets the majority Muslim north, which has been the site of waves of sectarian violence in recent years.

The weekend attacks were blamed on gunmen from the Fulani, a pastoralist, Muslim ethnic group with long-standing land rights grievances and resentment against the state’s mostly Christian leaders who control political power.

At least 80 died when [Muslim] Fulani herdsmen raided several villages on Saturday, the spokesman for the state’s governor, Pam Ayuba, told AFP.

On Sunday, they stormed a graveyard in Barkin-Ladi, roughly 90 kilometres (56 miles) from the state capital, where some of the victims of the previous day’s attack were being buried, Ayuba added.

Among those killed in the graveyard assault were federal senator Gyang Dantong, majority leader of the state’s legislature Gyang Fulani, as well as at least 20 others, Ayuba further said.

Both politicians were members of the mostly Christian Birom ethnic group, according to officials and police.

After news spread that the politicians had been killed, mobs set up roadblocks in several areas, prompting Governor Jonah Jang to impose an immediate dusk-to-dawn curfew in four districts.

That curfew was extended on Monday, with residents only allowed out between midday and sundown.

“More resources, more personnel and more logistics,” have been sent to the area to enforce the curfew and maintain order, national police spokesman Frank Mba told AFP.

Aside from the Fulani conflict, the divided state has seen sectarian strife between Muslim and Christian groups, much of it concentrated around the capital Jos, with more than 1,000 killed since 2009, according to rights groups.

Boko Haram, the radical Islamist sect that is responsible for more than 1,000 deaths in Nigeria since mid-2009, has also targeted the area, including by attacking churches.

Last month in neighbouring Kaduna state, coordinated church bombings by Boko Haram sparked reprisal violence by Christian youths who raided mosques and killed dozens of their Muslim neighbours, burning some of their bodies.

Muslim groups responded the next day and killed several others and Kaduna city, the state capital, remains under curfew amid ongoing tension.

Nigeria is Africa’s top oil producer and most populous country, with roughly 167 million people. The predominantly Christian south is considered far wealthier than the Muslim north, a disparity that has fueled the violence.

The disparity is fueling violence. Never Islam. If they just redistribute the wealth there will be no problems. More: Two Politicians Killed in Central Nigeria

Two Nigerian politicians were killed in central Nigeria Sunday while attending a mass burial for victims of an attack on Saturday.

Officials say a federal senator and a state legislator were among more than 20 people killed in the funeral procession near the Plateau state capital, Jos. They say one politician escaped the attack.

Officials blamed herdsmen of the Muslim Fulani tribe for the attack. The two lawmakers were ethnic Birom [Christians].

Wherever Muslims are harassing and killing, the media always find another name for them – Asians, Fulani, separatists, radicals, extremists, ethnic something-or-others, etc. But never what they are through and through – MUSLIMS.

More: 50 burnt bodies discovered in pastors house in Jos

Security agents said they discovered the bodies of at least 50 people, mostly women and children, who were burnt to death in the house of a pastor of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) in Matse village, Riyom LGA of Plateau State. Family members of the victims said the people burnt at the pastor’s home were people who ran into the home for safety after fulani herdsmen invaded their village on Saturday morning, killing over 20 people.

The killers followed these people to the church house, set the house ablaze and prevented people from leaving by standing at the exit and shooting at people who came out through the door.

4 thoughts on “Muslims kill 100 more in Nigeria; 1000+ since mid-2009

  1. The killings are religious. Equal distribution in law of what is unequal in fact is injustice.(Austin) The Hausa-Fulani do not produce anything but bad stastitics for Nigeria. They live on government patronage which ended with miltary rule. Two hundred years ago the Fulani fought a Jihad and established an oligarchy over the western and central northern Nigeria. The eastern part had a different wave. The Fulani wave was stopped at Jos. They are still smarting. If the attacks are not religious why are they killing Pastors and burning Churches? I know because I lived in Jos and Bauchi for over 23 years up to August last year and I am a Pastor. They claim a population figure that is a demographic fraud. Plateau State was a part of the North and not part of the South. This is jihad.

  2. “The weekend attacks were blamed on gunmen from the Fulani, a pastoralist, Muslim ethnic group with long-standing land rights grievances and resentment against the state’s mostly Christian leaders who control political power.”

    Is that true? Christians have a LONG history of invading other people’s lands, murdering the natives, and taking over. By both violence and by stealth, just like the Muslims. By “stealth” I mean the Christian “missionary” perogative throughout the past 2000 years.

    So what exactly IS the Christian government like in that area? I can only imagine its as corrupt and murderous as any other government in the area.

    Yes, of course the Muslims want to take over the area for their own. They are NO DIFFERENT than the Christians who did it FIRST, and in the exact same way.

    Not that the Muslims would be any better. So, they deserve each other. I dont really care who kills off the other first. Maybe they will exterminate each other completely and the world will know a measure of peace it hasnt known in 2000 years.

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