California’s First Muslim Superior Court Judge Led Muslim Brotherhood-founded Student Group

Caliph-ornia. Caliph-ornia. via Indiawest: Brown Appoints California’s First Muslim Superior Court Judge.

Halim Dhanidina, who spent 14 years as a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, was appointed to a California Superior Court judgeship May 18 by Governor Jerry Brown.

Dhanidina, a founding member of the Association of South Asian Prosecutors, will be the first Muslim American on a California bench, said Brown, announcing the appointments of 17 judges. Dhanidina will take up his new role June 20, although he has not yet been assigned to a court.

“I hope that my appointment serves as an example to others in the Muslim American community, particularly the youth, that our faith and identity need not be an obstacle to our full participation in California’s civic institutions,” Dhanidina told India-West. “Similarly, I hope to perform my new responsibilities in a way that demonstrates to society at large that Muslim Americans can serve the community in the pursuit of justice with dignity and honor,” he said.

The Chicago-born, Evanston, Ill.,-raised Dhanidina, whose Gujarati parents Lutaf and Mali emigrated from Tanzania to the U.S., in 1960, said that his 14 years as a deputy district attorney and being in court nearly every day have made him intimately familiar with how a courtroom works, including the rules that govern a trial.

The 39-year-old attorney said his many years in the D.A.’s office have imbued him with a sense of “grace under pressure.”

Dhanidina spent five years prosecuting gang members and three years in the major crimes division, which included several death penalty cases.

“I’ve had some very highly-charged, pressure filled cases,” said Dhanidina, adding, “Gang cases have so many consequences.”

Interestingly, Dhanidina was a member of one of the largest Muslim gangs in the U.S. – the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Students Association.

Dhanidina earned his law degree at UCLA, where he served as the co-chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Law Students Association. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Pomona College, where he founded the first Muslim Students’ Association, and currently sits on the Board of Governors of the Asian Pacific American Bar Association Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council said it had advocated for Dhanidina’s appointment for more than a year. “Dhanidina’s appointment is an important step in ensuring that California’s leaders accurately reflect the communities present in our great state,” said Aziza Hasan, MPAC’s Southern California Government Relations director, in a press statement.

Will he repudiate the anti-American, anti-Israel MPAC? They lobbied for him for more than a year so he is likely either a member or supports MPAC.

Will he lock up jihadis, honor killers, and those who assault non-believers as quickly as he does gang bangers? More on the this new California judge’s organization the MSA:

The Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada, or MSA (also known as MSA National), was established mainly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in January 1963 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Nyack College theologian Larry A. Poston writes that “many of the founding members of this agency [MSA] were members of, or had connections to,” the Muslim Brotherhood or Jamaat-i-Islami. The three most significant founders of MSA were Ahmed Totanji, Jamal Barzinji, and Hisham al Talib, all of whom were MB leaders of Iraqi descent.

The creation of MSA resulted from Saudi-backed efforts to establish Islamic organizations internationally in the 1960s, for the purpose of spreading its Wahhabist ideology across the globe.

Stating that its mission is “to serve the best interest of Islam and Muslims in the United States and Canada so as to enable them to practice Islam as a complete way of life,” MSA presents itself as an apolitical, religious and cultural organization.

And remember this video post, Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance: Jihad is my spirit, I will die to establish Islam:

Feel better?

25 thoughts on “California’s First Muslim Superior Court Judge Led Muslim Brotherhood-founded Student Group

    • Sorry, not only in California! This is happening all across America and is indicative of what we all have to look forward to. They have infiltrated in all aspects of our society, including the highest ranks of the military. Soon we will no longer be able to write anything negative about Islam or we will face prosecution. I know how that might sound but I am afraid it is all to true.

      • John Daniels is completely on point. They have infiltrated all aspects of our society and soon we will be overridden. Do not underestimate this people. It is a cult with mission.

  1. They have infiltrated every institution in our country in preparation for the Caliphate. In other words to make the entire earth muslim and we are happy to let them do it.

  2. There all OBUMNUTS COUSINS being aided by the WIGGER who has
    put a MUSLIM into every NATIONAL SECURITY DEPT. including the

  3. America is now a muslim country!
    1. president Hussain Obama
    2. Sen. Keith Ellison and other muslim senators
    3. Many muslim judges in place
    4.Muslims in control of welfare dole
    5. Muslims in control of finance through the blackrock companies.
    6. A under cover plan to make America pay the JIZYA tax to islam. Its called the Obama care health plan.

    • jerry, your points are well taken and accurate, with one minor error: you omitted ‘usurped’ before “muslim country!”. Do not underestimate ‘We the People’. When the sons of Allah (Satan) stand in unison and declare jihad against America on American soil, when the error of our tolerance can no longer be denied Islam will fall. This is not our war, we are merely God’s soldiers. I’m wirh Omega2: “LOCK AND LOAD”. God have mercy on their souls.

  4. THATS ALL AMERICA NEEDS!!!!!!Another RAGHEAD in a position of authority to allow Sharia law to supercede our constitution! AMERICAN WOMEN you better get used to being RAPED AND SODOMIZED!!!!WITH MUSLIM JUDGES IN OUR COURTS,Your only recourse will be to LEARN TO LIKE IT!

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  6. The obozo admin has put so many muzzies in all key places we are going to have one hell of a time removing them. They are trying like crazy to take our guns so there will not be a armed resistance to the invasion of our country. Got news for them, it won’t work. They just keep kicking the dog, they are about to get bit. It will be up to Americans to save our country, the Governmnet is working against us now.

  7. The number one goal of Islam is to take full control of what ever country they occupy. So never believe any thing people of Islam tell you because it is perfectly ok to lie if it advances Islam.

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  9. Just when I thought California couldn’t get any worse! Why in the heck is this guy allowed to be a judge? Those people want to KILL us! What in the hell is wrong with you people in California?

  10. There is not enough emotions I can type to express what I feel about this. Why cant we just live free and happy? WHYYYYYYYYYY! Pray to The lord Jesus Christ, (im not a jesus freak, I just am not anything close to being a muslim freak). p.s. if anything happens at the london olympics, and they blame it on iran, its not true…

    • so if an attack or bombing happens at the Olympics- you know who did not do it ? before any investigation or confession- truly amazing- let me see your crystal ball dear…

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  12. Please go to YouTube and watch an excellent short video that explains the “peaceful religion of Islam”: Three Things About Islam.

    Have you ever read what the Tripoli ambassador told John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1786 when they asked him why his Muslim pirates/terrorists hijacked our ships before this nation was formed to become the United States of America? Would the ambassador be considered a terrorist or just a main stream thinking Muslim? Was he a jihadist? (NOTE: Link to the handwritten photocopy of the letter, along with the transcribed version.)

    Here is just a part of the March 28, 1786 letter to John Jay, the United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Continental Congress, signed by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson concerning their conversation with the Tripoli ambassador. (Thomas Jefferson. “The Papers of Thomas Jefferson”. Princeton Univ. Press. pp. 9:358.)

    As you read the letter keep asking yourself if you see any similarities between 1786 and today’s challenges. Here is a part of the 1786 letter from Adams and Jefferson:

    The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every musselman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    I suggest you read the entire letter, ask yourself some questions about what happened then and what is happening now. Are we experiencing the development of a worldwide Caliphate mentioned by the Tripoli ambassador?

    What does the Muslim Brotherhood have in common with the Tripoli Ambassador? Why hasn’t our government placed the Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist list?

    The actual letter has been photocopied and it is here:

    The typed version is here:

    Is the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates such as CAIR, ISNA and other unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trials a continuation of what we experienced before this nation was formed?

    Why did the Bush and Obama Department of Justice refuse to prosecute the unindicted co-conspirators?

    • Has our government always recognized the muslim brotherhhood as a legitamate group of muslims and had communication with them? Does anyone out there know? I thought at one time they did not communicate with them and did not want to legitamize them no matter what country they were in (because they were considered such hardliners), as they would have, for example, Mubarak or other muslim leaders. I do not know why I thought that and i could be wrong that is why I am asking.

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