NYPD Holds Annual Pre-Ramadan Conference, Favoring Muslims for Month of Jihad

“Ramadan is the month of JIHAD” (video) and conquests. So why does the NYPD go out of its way to protect Muslims during the month when Muslims around the world go on a violence spree? It should be the other way around. Unless they are simply spying. via Some Local Muslims Boycott NYPD’s Annual Pre-Ramadan Conference – NY1.com.

A coalition of New York Muslims boycotted the NYPD’s annual Pre-Ramadan Conference, which gathered community members with police in Downtown Manhattan on Wednesday to discuss preparations for the month-long observance.

Several Muslim community organizations, religious leaders and civil rights advocates decided to boycott the function, saying there is a lack of transparency, accountability and respect on behalf of the NYPD.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Muslims who did attend the event said despite any differences, it is important to maintain open communication.

“We share the belief that by working together, by communicating honestly and openly and directly, we can make New York even safer. We can strengthen the spirit of understanding and respect that makes the city such a unique place,” Kelly said.

“This is a very important event for us because Ramadan is coming on the 20th of August. So it’s a very important meeting with the police department to understand how Ramadan works, so we can get help from the police department,” said a Muslim attendee.


4 thoughts on “NYPD Holds Annual Pre-Ramadan Conference, Favoring Muslims for Month of Jihad

  1. The NYPD would not want mean ole white people and Jews to perpetrate a HATE CRIME upon the innocent muslims LIKE THE MUSLIMS DO EVERYONE ELSE AND WOULD UPON THE NYPD as soon as they turned their backs on them,now would they?

  2. I sent a thank you to Commissoner Kelly, a NYPD police captain and Rep. King saying thank you for keeping us safe after 911 and encouraged them do what it takes to keep up the good work.

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