Terror-linked CAIR tries to shake down Florida law enforcement training on jihad

The legal jihadists are at it again. These Muslim suits don’t have the courage to wage physical jihad and they certainly don’t have the courage to debate Muhammad’s life of terror.

via Muslims say group’s police training maligns faith | www.palmbeachpost.com.

Law enforcement officials across Florida have been repeatedly exposed to training on Muslim extremism “full of inaccuracies, sweeping generalizations and stereotypes,” a complaint filed Wednesday claims.

The classes have maligned the Prophet Muhammad and promulgated mistruths about Islam, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations and a number of mosques and smaller Muslim organizations.

“It’s troubling, un-American and frankly, quite possibly illegal training,” said Hassan Shibly of CAIR, which focused its criticisms squarely on one man, Sam Kharoba, who has led a variety of classes for police through his Counter Terrorism Operations Center. “It makes us less safe and less free.”

Kharoba called the claims “manufactured distractions” and said his training “is based on historical facts found in the most respected and authentic Islamic religious texts.”

“CTOC challenges these critics to a public debate to find any factual flaws with our training material,” he wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

Under a public records request, CAIR said it found Kharoba held at least 21 separate trainings for state law enforcement agencies since 2005, some of them sanctioned by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. They say he uses a training manual that says “Muhammad lived a diabolical life” and that Osama bin Laden “did not hijack or twist Islam.”

CAIR also points to an article last year in Washington Monthly in which Kharoba is quoted telling an audience “When I look at the life of Muhammad, I get a very nasty image … I am talking about a pedophile, a serial killer, a rapist.”

And what’s the problem? If it’s not true debate it out. The Son of Hamas agrees Muhammad was a terrorist. Would love to see that debate.

In a statement released after that article was published, Kharoba said the writers “hand-selected a few statements without context to slander law enforcement trainers.” He says he makes clear that “not all Muslims are radical.”

Kharoba said Wednesday that about 100 Muslim officers have been among the 20,000 officers who took the training and that none complained about the material.

The Muslim groups called for FDLE to end its relationship with Kharoba in news conferences in Tampa and Pembroke Pines on Wednesday.

All Americans should call for CAIR to be prosecuted.

14 thoughts on “Terror-linked CAIR tries to shake down Florida law enforcement training on jihad

  1. By now it is very clear to me; CAIR is playing to the ‘sound bite generation’. Because debunking moslemite complaints requires both concentration and understanding, it will almost always fail to sway many people. Not me! I read the ‘sources’ and agree, as I think most do who take the time to do the same. The lie is simple, the truth takes time. Before there is open debate, the federal government, at the direction of the COLONISTS, limit the debate to agreement with the islamists.
    Then again, like my granddaughter says; ‘you’re old gwumpy’.

  2. Letting CAIR decide how Law Enforcement is trained is like letting a wolf teach a sheep herder how to tend his flock. Soon all the sheep would be eaten. CAIR is a terrorist organization and does not belong in the United States.

  3. We all agree that organizations such as CAIR are terrorist groups, and that Islam is a violent ideology. The question is, how do we defeat them? Very few people realize what is happening, not only in the world but in America as well. Yes we have a few organizations and web-sites of our own, but these few pale in comparison to the Islamist, not only in number, but in finance as well.
    That being said, we must find a way to coordinate our efforts, and create one single organization that will have the power to sway politicians.
    If there are any ideas on how to do this, please let them be known.

  4. The more training against JIHAD FOR POLICE AGENCIES the better we can protect our COUNTRY AND SUBDO C A I R. Cair needs to be charged with SEDITION to start with then FINALLY WITH TREASON!! HOOPER WHO IS THE CAIR MOUTH PIECE IS FROM CANADA, IS HE HERE ON A VISA? Lets investigate him and where he came from and how he is able to stay here. LOCK AND LOAD,

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  6. CAIR doesn’t want the truth revealed. Thus they try to silence those who speak the truth or threaten with legal suits anyone wanting to speak the truth about the evils of Islam. CAIR will never debate instead they try to intimidate.

  7. I agree CAIR does not need to be here but I see two bigger problems in this article that no one has addressed. In order to get CAIR out of our country someone is going to have to be UNpolitically correct enough to catagorize ISLAM properly and it must be deemed OFFICIALLY WHAT IT IS….. A CULT! It IS NOT A RELIGION AND SHOULD NOT BE AFFORDED THE SAME RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES AS A RELIGION BECAUSE IT IS A CULT. With that being established, I then ask this: Just as we should not be placing muslims in positions of authority in this country such as the muslim appointed as judge in California and the muslim congressman in Indianapolis and the muslim in the whitehouse,WHY HAVE THEY ALREADY TRAINED 100 MUSLIM OFFICERS and placed them in a position of authority over Americans??? They believe in a CULT!!! Who do you think they are going to side with when the muslims call for JIHAD IN THIS COUNTRY????Would we have EVEN CONSIDERED PLACING DAVID KORESH IN THE POSITION OF A OFFICER OF THE LAW WITH HIS ANTI-GOVERNMENT VIEWS AND HIS CULTISH BELIEFS????HELL NO!! Would we have put 100 of the JIM JONES CULT FOLLOWERS IN POLICE UNIFORMS???HELL NO??? WHAT ARE WE PUTTING 100 MUSLIMS IN POLICE UNIFORMS FOR???The uniform does not change their cultic beliefs or cover up the “muslim” in them!! GOOD GRIEF! DOES ANYONE NOT HAVE ANY CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS????!!!

    • I agree it’s a cult. it fits over 90% of the criteria used to define a cult. What do you suggest we do to have it declassified as a religion? And nothing will change as long as the traitor is still in the white house anyway.

      • That is a good question and if anyone out there knows the answer to that please share. I am going to start with my congressman and I suggest everyone else do the same.Why did they catagorized David Koresh and his followers a cult or Jim Jones and followers?Having them classified as a cult instead of a religion would clarify EVERYTHING on alot of issues regarding these people. I think the muslims were the first to catagorize themselves as a religion when they came here to get their agenda through and they also receive tax

        breaks that way as well. They know how religion is protected in this country and they placed theirs under the religion umbrella and Americans never caught on to the term. It is their upholding that they are a religion that gets these terrorist training camps called mosques built. Never would they have been allowed to be built in America if they had been considered the cult in which they are. Look at the branch dividian compound and what was done to it. Whether it was right or wrong, it was destroyed by this government. Any faith that practices mind control, violates human rights laws and teaches one to kill others and/or destroy their government and its people as well as teaches them that they ARE NOT subject to the laws and courts of this land IS A CULT. Examples:wife beating, rapes, multiple wives,child wives,pedophilia, murder, honor killings. This is obviously one of the worst cults to ever have come to America and Americans have failed to label it appropriately either due to ignorance or political correctness. Who labeled David Koresh and his followers a cult? My guess would be the ATF or FBI.However having Islam catagorized as a cult would clarify a whole lot of things legally in this country with these termites! And they ARE just like termites! They destroy everything in which they inhabit and feed on it till its weak and crumbles.

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