Video: Son of Hamas: ‘Time to expose Muhammad’

via Europe News

14 thoughts on “Video: Son of Hamas: ‘Time to expose Muhammad’

  1. I noticed that the Muslims are not allowing themselves or their events to be video taped as part of their hiding what they are really up to, from the public in the USA, as much as possible. I’ve wondered if covering their face like bandits is for the same reason?

  2. This young man reminds me of Geert Wilders when he talks about making a film using islamic sources. How can a moslemite argue with him? Gotta buy his book-at retail price so he gets a piece of the action.

  3. I was also impressed with this guy. Then, I started reading other information to the effect that he is an islamic plant or infiltrator of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. His goal would be to raise loads of money through deception and infiltrate.

    I saw a video a few months ago where he is not giving the same speech to muslim extremists.

    This would explain that no attempt has been made on his life and his lack of fear.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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