Canadian Mounties barred from using Islamic terms like jihad to describe…jihad

The water is boiling and the frogs don’t know what’s coming. We covered this in Canadian Security Intelligence Service rewrites lexicon to not offend Muslims. The dhimmitude is spreading across Canada, via Sun News : Mounties instructed to avoid ‘inflammatory’ Islamist terms. (ironically Sun News used the term “Islamist” in their title)

OTTAWA – There is new trouble for the RCMP over a manual that tries to wash out terms like “Islamist” and “jihad” from officers’ mouths when they talk about terrorism.

“Distorted and inflammatory linkages between Islam and terrorism can serve to convince Muslims — both in the West and in the larger Islamic world — that the West is, in fact, their enemy,” the manual says.

That doesn’t impress anti-terror expert David Harris, of Insignis Strategic Research.

“This is, if I may be blunt, an Islamist’s wet dream,” Harris said. “It misstates fundamentally the established history, and undermines warnings of many moderate Muslims about jihad and its possibilities.”

The manual, called Words Make Worlds, dates back to 2009 and also tells Mounties not to fear organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, despite its terrorist links.

American anti-terror expert Brian Michael Jenkins says cultural sensitivity is often appropriate, but the RAND Corp. advisor adds that terms the RCMP dislikes are needed to analyze security threats.

“The term ‘jihad’ is on the banner of al-Qaida,” says Jenkins. “If they use it, I can use it.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has openly called “Islamicism” a threat to Canada, while Public Safety Canada’s counter-terrorism strategy refers to “Islamist extremism.”

Still, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said he doesn’t consider the RCMP’s soft language on terror a concession to Islam.

“I think it’s a matter of moving sensitively in what is an area where we need the co-operation of these groups,” he said in Winnipeg.

The RCMP had no one available for comment.

But if they had someone available they might say something like this, “We can’t say that Islam implores Muslims to wage violent jihad…otherwise they will kill us.” Killing, qital, is ordained for them.

11 thoughts on “Canadian Mounties barred from using Islamic terms like jihad to describe…jihad

  1. Those of us who are watching the spread of Islam around the world knew this was coming to Canada. It was only a matter of time. The “true north, strong and free” is being dhimmified like every other chicken-livered Western nation that lacks the political will to name the enemy within its borders. We are making the rope to hang ourselves, or perhaps better stated, we are sharpening the sword blade that will be used to cut our heads off. I cringe when I consider what my grandchildren will face in their future.

    • Its not fair that America should have all the muslims to themselves! No sense not sharing with Canada! You know America is the most generous country on earth! In fact, this administration is giving our entire country away as we speak!

    • This has also been done to Americas intelligence as well. Some stupid “Muslim friendly” group demanded such terms be removed from our CIA/FBI intelligence files as well and the documents were pulled from the files. They felt like they were sterotyping all muslims as terrorists! WELL HELLO! Isn’t it the muslims going around trying to blow up everyone including themselves!!?? Was’nt it muslims who perpetrated 911!!!??? Was’nt it even a stupid muslim who was dum enough to put explosives in HIS UNDERWEAR???!!I wish it had detonated only to blow his willy off and up through his throat! If muslims are not raping or committing sodomy with that thing they are wrapping it in explosives!! However, we are not suppose to sterotype them..that would not be very kind of us. Lets down play this so we do not appear Islamaphobic. Lets see…… we can replace “muslim terrorist” with “Bad little people from any country carrying lots of fire crackers” and “jihad” can be replaced with “a gathering of discontented people who could cause harm to others with their fire crackers.” Is that enough politically correct BS for intelligence??? Crap..did anyone see little old gray headed Baptist ladies taking down those world trade centers and pentagon??? Stupid political correct A-HOLES! Stupid people make me wanna SCREAM!!

  2. Just cant believe that my realitives in CANADA have become so STUPID to fall for this ISLAMIC JIHAD, especially the CMP!!!! RISE UP COUSINS AND GO TO OTTAWA AND RAISE HELL WITH THE

    • You know what they say “Everyone has some stupid, crazy relatives somewhere they want to hide!” Thought you were different from the rest of us did’nt you! Well join the club!!

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  4. More on this from me. Looks like the Mounties do not always get their man. This time they are the ones that got “got.” Hmmm. the Royal Canadian Muslim Police. How’s that fellow Canadians? Sound about right?

  5. Oh, here we go again; our Prime Minister has “got the message” about islam, but typically, not the Mounties! As you say, Omega, “LOCK AND LOAD!

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