Canada: Muslim woman charged with sending disassembled AR-15s to Hezbollah

via Mouna Diab charged with terrorism for allegedly trying to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah | News | National Post.

A Quebec activist who fought the stereotyping of Muslims was charged with supporting terrorism on Friday after an RCMP investigation linked her to an alleged scheme to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Mouna Diab, 26, was charged with committing a crime “for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group,” the RCMP said in a statement. She faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

The Laval woman was arrested at Montreal’s Trudeau airport last year and accused of violating an international arms embargo targeting Lebanon, but police added the far more serious terrorism charge on Friday.

The charge against Ms. Diab followed an investigation called Project Sagittaire by the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team in Quebec. Police alleged she bought firearms parts in the Montreal area to send to Lebanon and that they could be reassembled to build two complete AR-15-type rifles.

“It is alleged that Diab was acting under the direction of a contact person in Lebanon who is associated with Hezbollah,” the RCMP said in a press release. Quebec provincial police and Montreal police were also involved in the investigation.

Firearms parts were found in her luggage at Montreal airport on May 19, 2011. “Based on gathered evidence it is also alleged that she was shipping firearms parts through people in her community traveling to Lebanon. The victims were unaware of the contents of the packages they were carrying for the accused,” the RCMP said.

The Hezbollah presence in Canada goes back at least two decades. In 1993, a Hezbollah member named Mohamed Hussein Al Husseini told the Canadian Security Intelligence Service that Hezbollah had operatives “in all of Canada.” Several senior Hezbollah members are alleged to be Canadians, including Faouzi Ayoub, a former Toronto man who took part in a hijacking and was added to the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list last July.

Militaristic Hezbollah flags have appeared at demonstrations in Toronto and Montreal as recently as last August, and in 2007 members of Windsor’s Lebanese community erected a commercial billboard featuring Hezbollah boss Hassan Nasrallah. It was taken down following complaints.

17 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim woman charged with sending disassembled AR-15s to Hezbollah

  1. How can this fleabag afford the weapons when she is on welfare? She must of had help from the local mosques and muslims. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

    • MANY LIVES will be lost UNLESS our Youth and Niativity of the Canadian people don’t wake up and recognize the terrorism that is growing against all.

    • Omega2….

      Canada has woken up! Prime Minister Harper is awake as are most of his government! He is working quietly against the Islamic problems and soon the muslims are going to catch on…..things are being put into place to stop the immigration of Islamics…etc.

      Unfortunately in Canada…we can’t lock and load to protect ourselves! We are hoping that Harper within the next three years will see to it that we are able to defend ourselves and loved ones by any means necessary. Would love to be able to conceal and carry here!

      • Hi again Redneck, yes ‘big Steve’ is well aware of the islamic nutters, and re defending ourselves, Canada is awash in UNREGISTERED firearms.

        • Hi Peter!

          True dat! But if one was to use that firearm while defending property or in self-defense…guess who would be facing jail time? Definitely not the a-hole who got shot or even had the warning given by a single shot over his head!…nope.. it would be the person who had defended himself and his home.

          We are suppose to call 911 for the Police and wait for them to finish their pizza before we get help. Best to buy a woodchipper…use the gun for self-defense….get rid of the evidence….plant a tree! LOL!

          • You’re right of course, however it depends to some extent on the type of firearm.

            Why, oh why do they let these cretinous people into Western countries, they cause nothing but trouble; in Norway for example a citizen moaned recently that: ” They are 3% of the population, but cause 95% of the trouble”.

      • Redneck Woman..My Dad is known for making all kinds of inventions THAT WORK in order to prevent burglers from robbing his place while he is gone camping. HE HATES THIEVES and makes it known! He has a barn that is away from his house and he had all sorts on antiques in it and he was burgularized when he went off camping. They stole his antiques as well as things they could sell…copper, metal and things with copper in them, batteries off his tractor, lawnmower etc..etc.
        (Battery acid is used to make meth and there were some illegal immigrant druggies that lived down the road and he was almost sure they were the ones that did it) So he rigged up a bunch of dead batteries and mounted fish hooks on the underneath of the handles and left them out on purpose! He was right! It was the illegals stealing from him and they picked up the batteries and had to go to the ER to have the fish hooks removed WITH THE BATTERY IN HAND! Dad made them to where they had to go to the ER to have the hooks removed from their hand because releasing the hooks would severely rip your finger and palm OFF! He wrote on the bottom of the battery, if this battery has to be removed at the ER plese call the police because IT IS STOLEN!
        He also had smelled them burning the rubber off the electric cords over a open fire that they had stolen from him before. So he disguised shotgun shells in a industrial electrical cord with electrical tape and left it out so they would steal it for the copper! After the BIG BOOM THEY MOVED!
        Sounds like you need something my “Jack of all trades Dad” would make for home defense since you all cannot have guns.He can make a stun gun on a long pole so you do not have to get close to your home invader! After you stun him, a long sharp kitchen steak knife is good for rendering them permantly unable to rob another again! All that can be done while the cops finish their pizza!

  2. I am not frickin worried about canadians waking up at the present time because I am MORE CONCERNED THAT STUPID AMERICANS WAKE UP AND SEE ISLAM FOR WHAT IT IS!! How many of you all would have ever guessed this sweet looking woman was a terrorist???!!!Did the RAG ON HER HEAD NOT TIP ANYONE OFF????

      • If they are not making themselves known for all to see, they do America NO GOOD. Remaining silent will never save America. Do you see the muslim community silently demanding their rights in this country? No! You see them loudly demanding their rights and Americans should get off their butts and loudly give it back to them!It is time to quit sitting around and taking it from these assholes! Americans who believe muslims are a problem in the US…PUT YOUR REMOTES DOWN AND MAKE YOURSELF VISABLE!

  3. Tell her she is free here and does not have to wear those rags.. She will appreciate your concern. That will stop the stereotype.

    • Where is here? If we can send her someplace…let us know…we will gladly pay the freight charge to get her out of Canada!

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