Dearborn Muslim who tried to run down Christian group – “trying to stop hate”…sharia style

Patrick Pepper doing all he can to paint Mohamad as the victim and the Christian protester’s as the culprits. via Man accused of trying to run over fundamentalist group – News – Press and Guide.

DEARBORN – Mike Mohamad Agemy was trying to “stop the hate.”

That’s what he told police June 17 after he was arrested for trying to run over a group of Christian fundamentalists who were denouncing Islam in front of the largest mosque in the country, Dearborn’s Islamic Center of America.

A police report obtained under the Freedom of Information Act provides details about the incident that has touched off a firestorm of commentary on right-wing blogs and fanned the notion held by some that Dearborn’s Muslim community is hostile to Christians.

According to police as well as a statement Agemy provided detectives, two days after the festival confrontation, Agemy was driving east down Ford Road when he saw the demonstrators standing on a grassy median in front of the Islamic Center. Curious, he merged his white Ford Explorer into the turnaround lane and headed toward the mosque to check it out.

When he saw the signs the demonstrators were carrying — one apparently called Prophet Muhammad a child molester — Agemy, a Dearborn resident, was incensed.

Police who were monitoring the demonstration said Agemy pulled up in the circle drive in front of the Islamic Center and talked briefly with an Arab man; Agemy would later tell detectives the conversation consisted of the man saying he wanted the protesters to stop.

As Agemy ended the dialogue, he turned his SUV toward the demonstrators, popped a curb and headed for them. All seven of them were able to evade the oncoming vehicle, with none coming closer to it than 5 or 7 feet, police said.

After he made a pass, Agemy pulled in front of one of the police cruisers and an officer ordered him to stop at gunpoint. He was arrested without incident.

In an interview with detectives immediately after his arrest, Agemy said he was disgusted by the protesters, but sorry for what he did. He apologized repeatedly and said he hoped prosecutors would take it easy on him. He was arraigned in 19th District Court two days later on seven counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of reckless driving. Bond was set at $20,000 or 10 percent and a preliminary examination of the evidence against him was scheduled for Aug. 3.

Agemy, 47, has been in trouble with the law before. From 2005 to 2007 he served two years in prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. During his incarceration he received mental health and drug treatment, court records show.

Ah yes, there it is. Prepare for the insanity or temporary insanity defense.

The back stories that were ignored by the media:

14 thoughts on “Dearborn Muslim who tried to run down Christian group – “trying to stop hate”…sharia style

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  2. But he is “So Sorry” Should’nt we mean ole white christians just forgive and turn the other cheek???BS!!!However, mark my words……YOU WILL HEAR SOME “UNEDUCATED ON ISLAM” Christians say that and that attitude is just as damning for America as the liberal left.

  3. Surely this poor man was just misunderstood. Or at least that is what they would have us to believe. So a Muslim who attempted to commit murder only has to pay $2,000.00 bucks (10%) to avoid jail, ridiculous!

  4. The most interesting part is that he thought to say that he was just taking part in trying to stop the hate and this ties him to the police officers that conveyed to the Christians that they allowed the Muslims to stone the Christians because they were sharing the gospel and then conveyed to them that they consider sharing the gospel disorderly and then threatened to arrest them for acting disorderly or sharing the gospel on signs. The incident in Dearborn between the Christians and the Dearborn police will go down as where the Socialists in the Democratic Party fired the first shot at Christians. The Socialists in the Democratic Party have started a civil war with Christians and if not stopped there will be a holocaust of Christians in the USA.

    • There is DEFINITELY way too much hate attacks of Christians all over the media, and even nationwide I notice crap groups like “freedom FROM religion” the atheists group that really only seems to think “freedom from Christianity” because the only lawsuits I hear about are against Christians.
      Teenage valedictorian told if she wants to mention Jesus during graduation speech that she can’t even come to graduation.
      Texan widow burying her soldier husband in military cemetery, has burial rights interrupted by personnel who inform her that the priest is not allowed to ‘MENTION JESUS’ during the burial (NO lie)
      Atheists lawsuits & general B.S. suing places to remove nativity scenes or crosses from water towers in tiny cities while saying someone in that tiny city who lives there is OFFENDED & ‘frightened’ by the cross’ – another thing that comes to mind is the ATHEISTS group who pre-purchased holiday ‘patches’ available to rent each year in one particular city, and rented over half the spaces. They have ‘nativity’ scenes like a santa skeleton crucifix, and ‘anti-nativity’ scenes, but in other words ALL ANTI-CHRISTIAN – there’s no skeleton mohammed or anything like that. So I call bullshit – I think that atheist group is a front for anti-christian pro-islamic people.
      Kids in christian T-Shirts told to change shirt or go home, while prohomosexual and pro-mexico pro-africa whatever shirts are allowed.

      TIME TO STAND UP people. Even you non christian true atheists have to admit, that as snotty or obnoxious as some christians are, they don’t try to murder everybody and I’ll take Pat Robertson any day over anything islamic.

  5. Mike Mo he mad Agemy was trying to “stop the hate”.

    Er… isn’t that what the Christians are trying to achieve?

  6. How sorry he was. Gee we can just forget that he tried to run them all over. Lucky for him this happened in Dearborn. I’ll be he gets off with a slap on the back. Good job and next time drive faster.

    This dirtbag forget where he is living. Just because Dearborn is an Islamic enclave, doesn’t mean he isn’t living in the United States of America. He wishes all of America was like Dearborn and Sharia law was the law of the land. If we continue to remain silent, someday it will be.

  7. Thats no different then if Boston fans were outside yankee stadium saying bad things about the yanks and some crazy Yankee fan tries to run them over. Do you say gee they pissed me off and I only wanted to get them to move from the stadium. Sorry but thats still attempted murder. He should be convicted of attempting to murder as many preachers as were outside that mosque. Case closed.

    • Which by the way, the killings in Nigeria, are NOT considered ‘terrorist acts’ by the Obamadministration.

      I swear, it makes my head hurt so much I might be stroking out.

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    • It could happen..there’s a muslim in the Whitehouse that got the Noble Peace prize and look at the murders he is responsible for and the dissention he has caused within this country and those around it!

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