Second Muslim candidate from Missouri #Dem party believes Jews responsible for 9/11

@CausingFitna sent us this breaking information. Another Jew-hating, 9/11 truther in the Missouri Democratic party. This one running for Secretary of State State (corrected) Representative – District 27.

See the Certified Candidate List at the Missouri Secretary of State website listing Adnan Bayazid as a Democratic candidate.

Also see his Facebook campaign page here, and here Bayazid is pictured with the recently exposed Muslim, Democratic candidate MD Alam – a “satellite campaign manager” for Barack Obama – who stated 9/11 was an official Jewish holiday and no Jews were killed on 9/11.

Then read this United States House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment (full report in pdf here) on the same Adnan Byazid.

Adnan Bayazid

The imams addressed above have either been indicted or convicted of terrorism or are tied to a terrorist group. However, there are other imams who have preyed on their congregants and followers with incendiary rhetoric.

Adnan Bayazid served as the Imam of the Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City as well as on its board of directors.120In October 2002, Adnan Bayazid spoke to a Kansas City Art Institute class about jihad. The professor of the class noted “No one asked specifically about September 11, but [Adnan Bayazid] started going on a tirade… and for 30 minutes proceeded to tell us that there were no Islamic fundamentalists on the (hijacked) planes; that they had all been framed by U.S. and Israel; that the planes were flying by remote control by the Israeli government or secret police; that every Jewish person was told not to go to work that day at the World Trade Center. He blamed Israel for the whole thing, but he also said numerous times Jews not just Israel or the Israeli government, but that it was a Jewish conspiracy. He said that specifically numerous times.”121

When Bayazid was contacted by the media, he confirmed the account: “That’s what I believe, yes.” He furthermore added, “The planes who did the attack, the passenger and the pilots, their name is a public record, and none of them is a Muslim. So the 20 names or the 19 names of those Saudis they take, some of them are still alive in Saudi Arabia. Some of them were dead. It is not true.”122

Rick Hellman, “Blood libel: Muslim speaker at local college blames Israelis, Jews for 9/11.” The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle. January 17, 2003.

As we’ve repeated many times, the Kansas City area has a serious Muslim problem. It’s getting worse by the day. And once folks like this are in elected offices they pursue their dawah and affect policies that affect you and your families. Why was any imam even speaking to a Kansas City Art Institute class? About jihad? It boggles the mind.

*Original post stated Bayazid was not running for Secretary of State however he is a candidate for State Representative – District 27.

25 thoughts on “Second Muslim candidate from Missouri #Dem party believes Jews responsible for 9/11

  1. It is absolutely frighening to see that two of these muzzie pondscum are running for office in MO!! And it certainly gives lie to this “Moderate Muslim” BS!!

    I personally know some Bosnian muslims from Mostar who lived a very integrated life with other nationalities & religions in Mostar & Sarajevo
    (before the Balkan Wars), but lost everything and came here (to the USA) as refugees. I just feel that they have never been “infected” with this Arabic jihad BS (they always dressed in fashionable Western attire and were more “South Stav” than anything else. I simply cannot see them as jihadists! But those are the only truly “moderate muslims” I know. The rest I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw ’em! And any “imam” is, IMHO, “guilty until proven innocent!”

    • Interesting but you overlook the powers Islam demands it’s followers – To stickly obey the laws of Islam.
      Do anything to get an infidel to worship allah or they must be killed.
      8:12 – Behead infidels 9:5 – Slay infidels – verse after verse is full of hate in both Koran and all their Qur’anic Verses.

    • those “moderate ” Bosniacs- stole SERBIAN lands with help of Clinton, the coached the Muslims in Egypt on how to foment a revolution using Facebook- by LYING to the ones who wished for more liberal secular country they enabled MB to power.
      Don’t be fooled by the clothes

    • The muslim is taught all his life to lie to the infidels. Be their false friend, gain their trust and when there are enough muslims in the country then it is time to do jihad on the infidels. Plus there are many forms of jihad, some is peaceful, some are legal jihad and then there is the violent jihad. All muzzies have one goal and that’s for islam to dominate the world.

    • Moderate muslim, those words are a dead give away of INDOCTRINATION! Anyone who thinks a violent physchopath and child raper is a prophet CANNOT be anything but a radical freak from the pits of hell.


    aka Abu Rida al Suri

    Age: 41

    Last U.S. address: Kansas City, Mo.

    A nuclear bomb for Osama bin Laden was a key goal for Syrian-American Mohamed Bayazid, according to court records. Using his U.S. passport to travel, Bayazid allegedly worked as a manager for bin Laden’s Taba Investments in Khartoum, Sudan, during the early 1990s, buying uranium as well as tractors and automatic weapons. His driver’s license listed for his home the same address as Benevolence International, an Illinois-based charity whose assets are now frozen.

    Bayazid lived in Kansas City until about 1994 and is now variously reported to be dead or living in Sudan or Turkey. His uncle in Kansas City, Adnan Bayazid, believes his role was limited to buying supplies for the Afghan resistance, and he says that Mohamed grew disillusioned with bin Laden. He warns that officials may have the wrong man. “Mohamed is a very popular name,” he says.


  3. How do these Muslim scum continue to get elected? Hopefully the folks in Missouri become fully aware of what this Muslim dirt bag is saying. This is why we don’t need more Muslims in government, where they can make decisions that effect us infidels. Anyone even a non muslim who considers 9/11 the fault of Jews should automatically be banned from running for any office, not even dog catcher.

  4. I was born and grew up in Kansas City MO. It was safer there when the Mafia ran everything. NO Muslim should EVER be elected to public office anywhere in the United States.

  5. I totally agree; ALL muslims should be purged from any government office, state and federal. Their agenda is to take over, period. Hopefully the voters will get rid of them through the ballot.

  6. Just like Nazi Germany – once again Jews are being made a scape goat. How many morons will believe this? I fear way too many.

  7. Great!! Another stinking A-hole running for office! Learn to BEND OVER a lttle further and more often people of Missouri! You may have two of them to appease! If these two get elected by the people of Missouri, the other states of this great union need to write them off as “muslim lovers” and abandon the sorry state!! They will have done it to themselves!

  8. I have identified a possible muslim fifth column in that they are taking over gas stations almost everywhere. My local racetrack is managed by a palastinian. Imagine the damage they could do to our fuel supply if there is an incident.

  9. there is nothing creeping about these creeps- they are galloping into position to overthrow the USA as we know it- sadly there is enough home grown Israel and jewhate to play into for these 5th columnists

  10. NO muzzie should be allowed to hold any office in America. They should not be in our country. There is NO co-existance with islam. islam is evil, it is of Satan.

  11. While I\’m here; may as well bring up Jamilah Nasheed, running for State Senator (5th District) in Missouri. Of course our fearless leader, Mayor Slay is gushing all over her………..

    \”The Speaker of the Missouri House, Steve Tilley, has been a leading advocate for local control of the St. Louis Police Department. In his zeal to pass local control, he\’s gone so far as to appoint an ally of the New Black Panther Party to a House leadership position. As committees were formed, Tilley assigned Jamilah Nasheed (pictured below) to chair Urban Issues. That\’s the same committee to which he later assigned the Local Control bill. This raises serious questions about Tilley\’s judgement\”

    Thanks CS for keeping us informed…


  12. It must never occur to all those “useful idiots” listening to the muslim islam taqiyyists to check out the facts of 9/11 as in “no Jewish victim 9/11 oxymorons.”

    On researching: 3,000 people were killed, and about 450 of them, 15%, were Jews,

    My son was in NYC at the time and worked for a “Jewish” Law Firm whose biggest client was “Jewish” Cantor, Inc in which 658 people perished –

  13. Pingback: Second Muslim Candidate From Missouri #Dem Party Believes Jews Responsible For 9/11

    • Perfect example of how they rewrite history to suit themselves. Can you imagine the history lesson they teach their children??Those are going to be some messed up little animals following in their messed up parents footsteps! No hope for these people. They are doomed to be cursed by the generation before them!

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