Hillary Clinton laughs it up with Muslim Brotherhood, pledges hundreds of millions in US taxpayer dollars

PS: Hundreds of millions = billions. via My Way News – Clinton to Egypt’s Morsi: Find way out of crisis.

U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, left, and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi laugh during a photo opportunity at their meeting at the Presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, July 14, 2012. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

CAIRO (AP) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton used her first meeting with Egypt’s new Islamist president to press Mohammed Morsi to start a dialogue with military leaders as a way of preserving the country’s transition to democracy.

Clinton voiced support for the “full transition” to civilian rule at a time when Morsi’s backers are in a political standoff with the generals who have ruled since President Hosni Mubarak was ousted last year.

Resolving the impasse “requires dialogue and compromise, real politics,” Clinton said. She said the United States is doing all it can to “support the democratically elected government and to help make it a success in delivering results for the people of Egypt.”

The meeting at the presidential palace kicked off a series of high-level sessions aimed at stabilizing Egypt’s fledgling democracy and its alliance with the United States, once rock-solid but now increasingly shaky.

“Things change (at) kind of warp speed,” Clinton told Morsi as they began their meeting.

Clinton and Morsi didn’t shake hands, at least when they first appeared before reporters – a subject of much speculation because of Morsi’s Muslim faith. But the president shook hands with Clinton and the entire U.S. delegation behind closed doors, according to a U.S. official.

In her discussions with Morsi, Clinton emphasized the need for Egypt to adhere to its 1979 peace treaty with Israel, while also seeking continued counterterrorism cooperation and offering U.S. support to help Cairo regain control of the increasingly lawless Sinai Peninsula – a major security concern for Israel.

For Egypt’s sake, Clinton pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in debt relief, private investment capital and job creation funds – money the Obama administration has outlined previously. She told Morsi she would send a large business delegation to Cairo in September to strengthen U.S.-Egyptian economic ties.

Clinton held discussions later Saturday with Amr. She was to meet Sunday with the head of the military council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, before visiting the port city of Alexandria to meet with leading women, the Coptic Christian community and young entrepreneurs. She then was to head on to Israel.

A large and vocal crowd massed outside the hotel where Clinton was to stay in Cairo, chanting and carrying anti-American signs.

Her stop in the Mideast comes after a weeklong trip to Asia, where she courted investments and sought democratic reforms from governments long seen as closer to China than the U.S.

Morsi has vowed to free terror sheik jailed in U.S. for ’93 WTC bombing. And he is also Hamas’ representative.

Warp speed? Flashback: Clinton has a history of aiding and laughing it up with Muslim terrorists.

As we’ve reported multiple times [State Dept training Islamic political parties in Egypt – seeking $2B] but doesn’t seem to be newsworthy, Obama has been promising BILLIONS of your tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama announced economic incentives aimed at steering a region roiling in violence toward democratic change that lasts, though some would require congressional approval that might prove difficult to obtain.

Among the elements of his approach:

– The canceling of roughly $1 billion in debt for Egypt. The intention is that money freed from that debt obligation would be swapped toward investments in priority sectors of the Egyptian economy, likely to focus on entrepreneurship and employment for younger people. Unemployment rates are soaring in Egypt and across the region.

– The guaranteeing of up to $1 billion in borrowing for Egypt through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a U.S. government institution that mobilizes private capital.

Plus $1 BILLION of your tax dollars to Jordan. And that’s just the beginning, see: Financing sharia inside the Obama administration.

Update: It’s been reported that upwards of 70% of Egyptians don’t want American intervention or aid. We agree. They pelted Clinton’s car with tomatoes and insults.

26 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton laughs it up with Muslim Brotherhood, pledges hundreds of millions in US taxpayer dollars

    • IT was never your money;one fo you ;2 for me;2 for you;4 for me;4 for you;16 for me;16 for you;256 for me;256 for you;655,360.00 for me;655,360.00 for you;muti -million for me…it was andnever will be your money;theygive you an allowance no matter how you think you make.THE CASH FOR EGYPT IS A LEASH OFFER;LIKE ALL OTHER GIVEAWAYS INCLUDING WELLFARE OF ALL KINDS………

  1. I think it is time for Hellary to go to the house…her home, that is. She should not be messing with the Muslim Bhood with American money. THAT IS NOT HER MONEY AND I HAVE NOT OFFERED MY MONEY TO GO TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KILL ME! Somebody needs to put a screeching halt to the screeching Hellary. I am not fornd of her.

  2. Everybody that dialogues with Atheist Socialists in the Democratic Party knows that they are characterized by living a lying life style. Both Clinton and Morsi were thrilled beyond expectation that they can now get away with stepping up their persecution of Christians and Jews by meeting publicly in the face of Christians and Jews, which is what is behind their both orchestrating the over throw of Mubarak in Egypt, Gadaffi in Libya, Saleh in Yemen and the ongoing over throw of Assad in Syria and Abdullah in Jordan. Hillary Clinton’s meeting with the Coptics was pure propaganda because while she is BSing them she and her Socialists are turning their back to the killing of Christians through out the earth by Communists and Muslims. These anti-Christians/Semitics share a common hatred towards Christians and Jews, which is the reason John saw God’s extermination plan for both of them in the Book of the Revelation, which is what it will to cause some of them to be saved in this time when governments are raising the children under their rule to be anti-Christians/Semitic Atheist Socialists.

  3. Think of what one or two billion dollars could to for our wasting economy… or to feed, and clothe, and shelter OUR hungry and homeless!

    I am becoming an isolationist!

    But then again..think of this…Take that 2 billion and send our troops to Mexico to straighten out that neighbor of ours, and to get rid of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda that are all sauntering over our Southern border, with no resistance…… to KILL US ALL!

    • I think we would be better of too as isolationist. This country needs no other country for anything. and that includes oil. Lets start supporting our own country and people. They take our money and give it to people who will kill us. Why is this being tolerated. Stop voting stupid. vote smart.

      • You hit the nail on the head! WE DO NOT NEED ANY OTHER COUNTRY FOR ANYTHING! We can be totally self sufficient if our GOVERNMENT WOULD BELIEVE IN THIS COUNTRY AND ITS CITIZENS ENOUGH TO LET IT HAPPEN! Pulling our ties and money from other countries would end so many problems that other countries cause us including terrorism. They could not survive and would fall like dominoes!By isolating ourselves, America would gain its respect back as the super power of the world… we would gain back the
        respect that Obama gave away when he went on his “apology on behalf of America tour.”

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  5. All part of a Grand Scheme to isolate and ultimately destroy Israel! If we don’t kick this treasonous and evil regime out of power in November, both Israel and the USA are doomed! It will be an even more dangerous and fearful world for ALL of us – except, of course, for the evil, powerful and godless elites who control the entire process…

    • once they take over here our elite may find they won’t leave them in power but will take their heads off. They intend to rule and the useful idiots won’t be needed.

    • Right on Joy, you know I could understand it if they were doing something really clever and devious, but damn it, a reasonably bright 12 yr old could see what they are doing, and fatty Clinton is part of it. Hope Americans have long memories.

  6. If the new president of Egypt Morsi attempts to make Islamic law (shariah) the law of the land, then all the good non-muslim and muslim people in Egypt who do not wish to live under the brutality of shariah need to do anything and everything in their power, to include arming themselves and fighting against it. – All Americans need to watch Egypt closely to see if Morsi does incorporate shariah. What will this administration do in retaliation since this administration gave their support to the Muslim Brotherhood? If shariah is made into law in Egypt, will this administration give as much support to the men, women and children who will be brutalized because they do not wish to bow to President Morsi’s God? If shariah is installed will this administration stand for Freedom and show support to the people who want to be Free by sanctions and arming these people or will this administration ignore these people and continue supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. If shariah is incorporated into law, every person who suffers because of it, this administration holds some of the responsibility and the victims blood will be on their hands. I believe from the beginning this was an easy call for any who truly believe in Freedom for all. This or any other administration should have never given support to the Muslim Brotherhood. Bad move.

    • What I do not like about Sharia run countries is the 5,000 to 10,000 Muslim Honor killings every year held in the town square Sharia should allow freedom of religion and equality of all people but it does not. Holy Bible John chapter 16: Jesus is speaking here: “All this I have told you so that you will not fall away. 2 They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God. 3 They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. 4 I have told you this, so that when their time comes you will remember that I warned you about them.

  7. All Americans should just refuse to pay any taxes to the Government. If all of us banded together and did this we could bring the Government to a stand still. The Government needs to be replaced with a Constitutional Government once again. Those morons have made a pact with the Devil and we will pay the price for it.

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  11. angry protesters pelted her motorcade (but not her car) with food, water bottles and shoes.

    guess she didn’t get the message- remember when GWB got a shoe thrown at him? and how the libs thought it was funny and said he deserved it??
    I do- and guess who is laughing now- Dumbocraps keep flapping yer lips and seh how far it gets you with these Muslims

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  15. This cunt needs to be hanged. Half the country is out of work, veterans are sleeping on the street and she wants to help these Muslim scum. Fuck her and fuck Islam/Muslims.

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