Seattle prosecutors won’t file charges against Muslim mayor who reportedly threatened to kill niece

via Prosecutors won’t file charges against Granite Falls mayor | – Local news.

SEATTLE — Granite Falls Mayor Haroon Saleem won’t be charged with a crime in connection with his arrest Monday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office determined there was insufficient evidence to support any criminal charge, spokesman Dan Donohoe said Thursday.

Saleem was arrested Monday night after his family reportedly got into a heated argument near the baggage claim. Some relatives told police that he threatened to kill them.

The mayor on Thursday said he never threatened or assaulted anyone.

Saleem said he was unhappy with how Port of Seattle police and King County Jail staff handled the incident. He believes he should not have been arrested.

“Me and my family, we want to put this behind us and get on with our lives,” he said. “It’s going to be very difficult because my reputation has been damaged, but it is what it is and we want to move forward.”

Saleem was at the airport to pick up his daughter, 13.

She and other relatives were flying back from California on Monday after a vacation in California, court papers show. The family had been quarreling during the vacation, and the argument apparently continued into the airport. Port police responded to reports of a commotion.

Because of the nature of the incident, state law mandated Saleem’s arrest, a police spokesman said earlier this week.

The nature of the incident that is not reported here, was reported elsewhere – Granite Falls, Wash. Muslim mayor jailed after threatening to kill relatives at airport. Does insufficient evidence mean that he did not threaten to kill his young female relatives? If any of the victims want to share their side of the story you have an open forum here.

Saleem was booked into the King County Jail late Monday night for investigation of felony domestic-violence harassment. He was released from jail Tuesday morning without having to post bail.

Saleem said he is grateful for people who have supported him these past few days.

He also said he wanted to apologize to the Granite Falls community for any backlash the town may have suffered.

“I am back, and I am going to attend to the business of the city, and I am going to do everything I possibly can to do what is best for the city in the future,” he said.

15 thoughts on “Seattle prosecutors won’t file charges against Muslim mayor who reportedly threatened to kill niece

    • And they say this is a religion and not A cult, EXCUSE ME,Some body better let them know this is AMERICA and we WILL NOT TOLARATE there so called Religion.

  1. If the Mayor killed his niece on the spot I doubt that he’d be charged with anything. The Justice system in this country is run by the criminals and holder is the top dog. That Mayor should be removed from office for what he did.

    • laws, what laws ? They don’t go by our law nor does Obama and his Holder and the rest. The law applies to citizens. Washington makes them and exempts theirselves. When did this start? Our founding fathers went by the law and constitution. Of course they were not traitors.

  2. The reason that the Socialist Prosecuting Attorney did not file charges is because it is more important to them to lure the Muslims into their voter base so that they can take control of the US government, over throw Democracy and install their filthy anti-Christian/Semitic government than it is for a father to kill his family members. This coincides with the fact that the Socialists in the Democratic Party are allowing Muslim terrorists to join the US military knowing that they want to kill US soldiers, which took place when one these Muslim terrorists that they allowed to join the US Army as part of their plan to build their voter base among them, killed 13 and wounded 31 fellow US Army soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, which the Socialists covered up to keep the rest of their voter base from knowing how little they care about their well being in their plan to take over the US government and install their filthy anti-Christian/Semitic brand of Socialism in the USA.

  3. I don’t think the family (esp. the daughter) is “out of the woods” yet – not as long as their hot-head, sharia-following husband & father is free to commit jihad sometime down the road. All I can say is, “Thank God I never had a family – or suffered from fear of death – like that wretched one!” So-called “honor killing/murder” is, obviously, not out the question yet!

  4. He states “his reputation has been damaged” What a joke! I think he damaged it himself because he already had a shady past to begin with! This man has a taxpayer funded job and he will turn around and sue the police who were just doing their TAXPAYER FUNDED JOB and the TAXPAYERS WILL HAVE TO PAY THE LAWSUIT WHEN HE WINS! This muslim rips off the taxpayer x3!!! Why can our officials see that they cost too much to allow them to immigrate here!!!They are destroying our government by infiltrating it, our economy by lawsuits when they don’t get what they want or they feel they are “PROFILED” or discriminated against, they make a mockery of our judicial system, they are corrupting our education system, taking American jobs, buying up our businesses, bankrupting our financial systems with their Sharia Banks and depleting the resources of our Military, CIA,FBI and our local police stations because we simply DO NOT have the money and resources to BABYSIT THESE STINKING WALKING TIME BOMBS!!If we have to babysit a immigrant when they come here due to the fact that they could be a terrorist threat I SAY DON”T ALLOW THEM TO COME HERE!We do not babysit ANY OTHER immigrants from other countries to the extent we have to babysit these animals!Muslims also have unendless access to money to back their lawsuits because they are funded by Islamic countries so our courts just give in to them. And by the way, you know where that money comes from???AMERICA!! We pour endless amounts of money into these Islamic countries in the name of AID but more in the name of FUEL! If we quit buying oil from these Islamic countries they would not have the money they do!! We, Americans are paying for the very bombs THEY USE ON US!! It begins and ends WITH US!

    • This guy has a terrible rep… he had lots of other troubles with corruption and the police chief and drugs. He is the typical piece of crap we have come to expect from the religion of peace… and all this happened long before this incident. He needs to be recalled. I need an ACT for America chapter up there. The Bellingham chapter is defunct – leader moved away… Any takers out there?

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