16 Responses

  1. What do you expect from a Muzzie? Nothing but scum. Intern camps NOW!

  2. What kind of woman would go to a muzzie freak for doctoring. First mistake is messing with a muzzie.

  3. Another victim of an Islamist, sex maniacs! Four wives plus temporary still not enough! Sick in the head, majority of the pissedful member of the religion!

  4. Why would these inbred untermensch think that they can get away with the same criminal activity that they perpetrate in their own countries? Because it is allowed by the authority of the Quran? If one comes across a quran…destroy the evil literature! Before someone else finds it and accidently reads it! Shread it…burn it…shoot it…run over it!

  5. I feel sorry for the women but that is the way of muslims , if people would stop using their services the would starve. except when you need a taxi. some way he will enlist cair and the will say this is racist on the womans part and our sharia courts will go along with it . seriously I hope they nail this guy .

  6. I hope they throw the BOOK at him…
    They should throw the BOOK at him…

    … but, I’ll bet they don’t…
    … they will probably praise him, etc. !!

  7. My 16 year old asked “Why would a Muslim want to have sex with an infidel anyway?”

    Remember call it Muslim Hood from now on!

    • Muslim men are seeking non Muslim women to have sex with world wide, many rapes are repeated by many Muslim men usually with under-aged girls who have been drugged and forced to submit to sex.

      Muslim women are forbidden to have any contact with non Muslim men, under certain circumstances like embedding a Muslim women into a advisory position within a non Muslim nation to forward Islamic culture into that nation.

      Islam is the worlds problem, Christians, Jews, Atheist, or Agnostics have nothing to do with this Islamic problem, whenever you hear of Muslims demanding equal rights or religious pluralism, they need to be directed back to their country of origin to solve this Islamic problem.

      Of course they will not go back to help persecuted Christians in their country of origin because it is in the koran that Christians and Jews are to be eliminated from the face of the world. America has Christians and Jews, Atheist and Agnostics which are the target for elimination.

  8. 100 % Mohamed coefficient, nuke mecca

  9. I will always be of the belief that if a man does not know what is acceptable and not acceptable to do with his sausage that the only recourse is castration with sausage and sausage balls taken.Sorry Doc!! But I would love to see this done to sexual predators!

  10. Watch for death threats against her, next. SOP procedures. I can think of a place for pork, if she does.

  11. So, what’s the difference between this and European women being raped as a matter of course in England for example. After all, in the eyes of mohammad’s god allah, they’re fair game.

  12. What? She lets him do it to her FOR MONTHS? And then complains? Sounds fishy to me!

    • Maybe she had a really bad HMO and it would not allow her to seek another physician……Just kidding! Bad joke..Sorry…All kidding aside, if this Obamacare goes into effect, muslims are going to be the only ones participating in it. They are moving into our hospitals in Tennessee in herds, as hospitalist employed by the local hospitals. I was in the hospital last fall and got a bill from one I DID NOT EVEN SEE. My regular physician came by and made rounds on me and after I got home I got a bill from NO-SEE-UM Q.Muslim in which I refused to pay.

  13. […] via Creeping Sharia we have a Dearborn, Mi doctor who was raping his pill popper patients by withholding their pills […]

  14. […] Dearborn Doctor Demands Sex for Prescriptions, Arrested […]

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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