Michelle Bachmann exposes Keith Ellison’s defense of Muslim Brotherhood

Read the news article to get the background, then read her letter. via Bachmann sends Ellison letter in response to Muslim Brotherhood comments | St. Cloud TIMES | sctimes.com.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann is asking how a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got security clearance given what Bachmann describes as the aide’s family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Bachmann also says an investigation of “potential Muslim Brotherhood infiltration” of President Barack Obama’s administration is needed because of interactions between federal agencies and what she calls U.S. front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, an international Islamist group that recently came to power in Egypt.

The comments come in Bachmann’s new response to U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison’s call for Bachmann to back up the information on which she based a request for federal investigations into whether the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the U.S. government.

Ellison, DFL-Minneapolis, wrote Bachmann and four other lawmakers last week asking them to name their sources for similar claims on which they based their June 13 call for the investigation.

Bachmann, R-Stillwater, responded Friday with a 16-page, 59-footnote letter to Ellison. The letter contains additional details about the June 13 allegations made by Bachmann and Reps. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, Thomas Rooney, R-Fla., and Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga.

Bachmann’s letter also raises new questions about the Obama administration’s actions since that call for an investigation.

One of Bachmann’s June 13 letters singles out Huma Abedin, a deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and wife of former New York congressman Anthony Weiner.

Bachmann’s letter says three members of Abedin’s family have had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, notes that her job affords her routine access to Clinton, and says the State Department has taken recent actions “that have been enormously favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood and its interests.”

Ellison, DFL-Minneapolis, last week asked Bachmann to substantiate what he described as Bachmann’s suggestion that Abedin “may be working on the (Brotherhood’s) behalf.”

In the Friday letter, Bachmann says she never accused Abedin of working on behalf of the Brotherhood. But Bachmann, a member of the House intelligence committee, questions how Abedin obtained a State Department security clearance.

“I am particularly interested in exactly how, given what we know from the international media about Ms. Abedin’s documented family connections with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, she was able to avoid being disqualified for a security clearance,” Bachmann writes.

The State Department has not responded to repeated requests for comment from the Times on the Bachmann letters.

Bachmann’s June 13 letters to the five agencies prominently cite a conservative think tank, the Center for Security Policy, as a source.

In his letter to Bachmann, Ellison — who became the first Muslim elected to Congress in 2006 — called the founder of that think tank, Frank Gaffney, “widely discredited” and said he “has a long history of making unsubstantiated anti-Muslim allegations.”

Gaffney, a conservative radio host, columnist and former assistant secretary of defense, is known for asserting that the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to infiltrate the U.S. conservative movement. Gaffney has said anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist is “enabling and empowering Muslim Brotherhood influence operations against our movement and our country.”

Bachmann says in her new letter that Gaffney’s think tank wasn’t the sole source for her call for an investigation. She said she also used court documents from the Holy Land Foundation for Relief trials in 2007 and 2008, which resulted in members of the foundation being convicted of funneling money to Hamas, the Palestinian group listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Bachmann also writes that she’s concerned about reports that an Egyptian lawmaker reportedly tied to a terrorist group received a State Department visa and met with Obama administration officials last month.

The Daily Beast website reported last month on a meeting between senior administration officials and Hani Nour Eldin, a newly elected member of the Egyptian parliament. The website reported that Eldin also is a member of an Egyptian group that’s a U.S.-designated terrorist organization.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an international movement founded in Egypt which, according to the Council on Foreign Relations, “aims to establish an Islamic state based on sharia” in Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations.

Correction, that is according to the Muslim Brotherhood’s own words. And deeds.

The group has a history of militarism but is believed to have shifted its Egyptian operations into politics and away from violence in recent decades, according to the council. Some allege that members of the Brotherhood have ties to Hamas, the Palestinian militant group listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S.

A Brotherhood-backed candidate, Mohamed Morsi, was elected president of Egypt earlier this year.

And Hillary Clinton met with him on Sunday. What more evidence does Ellison need? He who went on hajj paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood. He went to Gaza to meet with Hamas ruling partner Fatah too. Much more on Ellison’s love for sharia in our archives.

Rep. Bachmann’s full letter is posted on her website in PDF format – here. Then ask yourself, and your elected representative, what is it Keith Ellison, first Muslim in Congress, objects to? And why hasn’t Eric Holder prosecuted CAIR, ISNA and NAIT?

43 thoughts on “Michelle Bachmann exposes Keith Ellison’s defense of Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Bachmann didn’t expose anybody. Anyone that has studied islam knows there is no such thing as moderate muslims. A muslim is a muslim. They are only in America for one reason period. Ellison and the other muslims that have been allowed to infiltrate the government should be immediately removed. muslim immigration to the West should be stopped immediately.

    • There are moderate Muslims. If they were Christians, we might call them “liberal” or even “backsliden.” They choose to observe the parts of their religion that aren’t too embarrassing, difficult, or restrictive. There is no moderate Islam. To describe a version of Islam as moderate is to offer a choice in the practice of it, and that the Koran does NOT permit. EVER. Islam is Islam.

      • A muslim is a muslim unless they are an apostate, there are no real moderate muslims. And islam is islam, no radical etc. just islam.

    • Michelle Bachmann opened the doors for investigations to expose the infiltration of the muslim brotherhood in this administration and I do not think we need to be criticizing what she has done so far. You do not see anyone else getting off their PC ass and looking into ANYTHING MUSLIM, MODERATE MUSLIM or ISLAMIC within this government and country.Only when we get out of our lazy boys and pound the pavement in a fight to rid this country and government of muslims and far exceed what Bachmann has done already do we have the right to
      criticize her.We need to give her our full support. She risks her life in doing what she has done so far.

      • In the spirit of the muslim sympathizers Eric Holder and Barry Soetoro I will amend my first statement to say that she, Bachmann is part of a group of Congressman that have called for an investigation into the muslim brotherhood. In addition to Bachmann are Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Thomas Rooney and Lynn Westmoreland.

        This investigation is just chipping away at a small portion of the problem. muslims and their sympathizers have infiltrated deep into Congress, DoD, White House Admin, State Dept. all branches of Military etc. and the entire country is filled with sympathizers.

        Stop muslim Immigration To The West!

        • It was obvious from the article that the others requested this investigation along with Michell Bachmann. However, I only mentioned Bachmann because it was only Bachmann who you addressed.

    • In this article, Bachmann never used the term “Moderate muslim.” At least I could not find it. I however agree with you, I do not feel muslims should be catagorized as some more dangerous than others. A muslim is a muslim and they are here for one purpose whether they are a “quiet muslim” or a “militant muslim” out there demanding their rights in America. In the end, when the muslims try to take over, who are the “moderate muslims” going to side with? The answer is obvious. Case Closed.

    • Well said, could not agree more. More Americans, and non muslims the world over, who would prefer not to live as subjugated slaves, must remove the blinders and learn the truth about the ideology of islam. It is not a secret, it is right there for all that would see.

    • Had voters pulled their heads out of their butts before Barry Soetoro was elected. Anyone with a partial braincell could see that Soetoro is 100% muslim. The infiltration of muslims in government service such as Military, Admin etc has been happening for years because we are being led by spineless leaders that are more worried about diversity, affirmative action and political correctness. Diversity can get you killed just look at the coward muslim shooter Hassan at Ft. Hood.

      • What caused me not to vote for Obama was simply looking at who he was putting into place for his new cabinet, etc even before he was elected. They were the very same bunch from the very same banking and Muslim oil cartels that Bush and Co. were involved with, and that Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Ford, and Carter were involved with and still are.

        You know, the guys Obama promised a “change” from. I knew it was a lie but nobody in my family would listen to me and they ALL voted for Obama. And I think most of them would again. As for me, I realise that there is no candidate that is not corrupt or a puppet of multinational corporations, banking, and oil cartels.

        • Doesn’t that tick you off when your family won’t listen! My parents voted for Obama, I am ashamed to say, and they accuse me of corrupting my sister and brother against the democratic party. We just don’t say a word when Dad gets on politics because we don’t want to hear it. My Mom warns my Dad NOT to bring up politics at family gatherings because we end up arguing and and I will stay but my sister will leave and go home. I have another brother who is a deadbeat and voted for Obama because he wants more disability and
          other social benefits. He is not disabled and I remind him of that often and he gets furious with me. I keep telling him he does not have anything a JOB would’nt cure!My sisters son is truly disabled and they cannot get disability on him and the 12 year old kid cannot walk, swallow or eat.Has a suction and G-tube and nursing care during the week because my sister has to sleep sometime and cannot watch his airway 24/7 but according to the government IS NOT disabled! I do remind my brother that his nephew is disabled but he is not! Talk about a family feud when I say that! Just gripes me.

  2. Paul Sperry has documented widespread Islamic infiltration into nearly all the power centers in Washington in his book “Infiltration”, as well as into many state governments. It is high time transparency be brought to this matter, as the Islamists mean nothing but harm to our way of life and to our Constitution. They seek to impose Sharia Law and a Caliphate here in America. Bachmann deserves great credit for demanding information on how this person at Hillary’s elbow got security clearance. In fact it is time for a major clean-out of the Islamist influence in the Obama Administration. Frank Gaffney is a patriot who has like Sperry done much to expose the Islamist threat here and abroad. Grover Norquist on the other hand seems to be conflicted between conservatism and being in league with those who would destroy our nation. He seems to have much influence in Washington Republican circles; that influence has led to placing of Islamists in high places in both the Bush and Obama administrations.

  3. Thank goodness we have some one in the FED. GOVT. willing to stand up and bring to light what is happening here with MUSLIM TRAITORS
    in our goverening bodies being local state or federal. Time to stop
    immigration of these thugs and stop the building of there MOSQUES

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    • He got in the White House by ISLAMIC MONEY. He has had fund raisers OVERSEAS! Why would anyone overseas care if this raghead got in office or not? I think the answer is obvious. God Bless Michelle Bachmann and keep her in your prayers. Folks, Her life could be in jeopardy for going public with something like this.

  6. For how long are we going to be “tollerant with the intollerant?”
    Our government seems to be entirely infiltrated from head to toes by the enemy.
    At this point our survive as a nation depends on the quality and momentum of our response.
    So, lets move! Lets do something!

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  9. Hats off to a true Minnesotan. Her district, Stillwater, is north and conservative. Vetting people such as this is a duty the government owes to all its citizens, legal ones that is. Next step will be allegations of ‘McCarthyism witch hunt’. The briefest review of McCarthy’s hearings reveal he was onto something. Later spy trials and ‘non-trials’ demonstrated some of the depth of infiltration. He just did not know when to stop. Sadly he was also alcoholic.

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  11. Giving Congressman Keith Ellison press coverage over his disdain for Michele Bachmann’s latest crusade is laughable. Ellison voted to make your industry less competitive with is vote for CAP and Trade! He voted his people the largest tax increase in history with vote for ObamaCare. Ellison does not care about our US Constitution, our ability to compete with China , our staggering debt or national security. He most like agrees with Obama that all businessmen and successful shop owners are blood sucking capitalist who only made it because of big government. God bless Michele Bachmann for questioning the Fort Hood Massacre and Hillary Clinton’s , long time aid, Huma Abedin , whose perverted husband, Anthony Weiner, was forced to resign from Congress in disgrace. Huma’s ties to radical Muslim relatives has to be fully investigated.


    As many of you know Congress members Tom Rooney (Florida) , Michelle Bachmann (Minnesota), Trent Franks (Arizona), Louie Gohmert (Texas) and Lynn Westmoreland (Georgia) have called for an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the US government. They are coming under very heavy fire for doing so because this issue is a pivotal one, and we must encourage them and help them. Those of us who have been studying Islam know that violent and non-violent jihad work hand in hand – and it is the non-violent jihad that is a bigger concern because too much violence can awaken non-Muslims to the dangers of Islam. But with inward subversion – the frog never knows the water is getting hot in the pot.

    So if we do not stop the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into our government and institutions,, we are screwed – and we are rapidly reaching a point of no return. So I have gathered contact information to these brave congress members and ask you to please contact them and thank them. And I have also listed contact information to reach the rest of the Congress to let them know how you feel. AND PLEASE ,,, write to John McCain to tell him to shut up, get out of the way and go do some studying on Islam.

    *John McCain

    *Tom Roony

    *Michelle Bachman

    *Trent Franks

    *Louie Gohmert

    *Lynn Westmoreland


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