“Zombie Muhammad” to whip, flog Koran to protest PA “religious diversity” resolution

This should be interesting. via American Atheists state director to desecrate Quran if state House doesn’t drop “Year of Religious Diversity” resolution | PennLive.com.

The director of the state chapter of American Atheists plans to desecrate the Quran when the state House of Representatives reconvenes in September if the House doesn’t drop its “Year of Religious Diversity” resolution under consideration in its State Government Committee.

Ernest Pearce V, who recently was under fire for a controversial Harrisburg billboard he designed and paid for protesting the “Year of the Bible” resolution the House adopted this year, said he plans to whip, or flog, the Quran in the Capitiol Rotunda at noon on Sept. 24 should the House not agree to nullify the resolution before it reconvenes from summer recess that day.

Even though Perce heads the state American Atheists organization, he is staging this protest individually and not under the American Atheists umbrella.

Like the Year of the Bible resolution adopted in January, Perce said the Year of Religious Diversity resolution, or House Resolution 771, illegally intertwines religion and state.

The Year of the Bible resolution is being challenged in federal court by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Perce, who also was at the center of a recent court case after he said he was attacked during the Mechanicsburg Halloween parade for marching in the parade dressed as “Zombie Muhammad,” said he takes issue with the resolution specifically because of a subsection that refers to the Bible, Quran and other religious books.

According to HR 771, “these revered books impart great wisdom and beauty to believers and are appreciated and respected by nonbelievers as well.”

Perce said he plans to thrash the Quran with a nine-tail whip 85 times and a single whip six times to protest the resolution’s number.

“I am a nonbeliever and for (the House) to assume we respect these books is asinine,” Perce, a Harrisburg resident, said. “I will let other atheists come with me (to protest). I want Christians to lash the Quran, too.”

Florida Minister Terry Jones decided against burning copies of the Quran in 2010 when his planned protest sparked international controversy and caused a myriad of safety concerns.

Jones went ahead and burned the Quran last year, reportedly causing a mob to attack United Nations guards in Afghanistan and killing roughly 20 U.N. personnel.

Perce, who was featured on the nationally televised religious show The 700 Club after the Zombie Muhammad incident, said he is not phased by any threats made against him.

Perce claims he has received 571 death threats, including a death sentence from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

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18 thoughts on ““Zombie Muhammad” to whip, flog Koran to protest PA “religious diversity” resolution

  1. I applaud the leader of Atheist by doing what he plans to do, to the Quran. I am just curious what will the Islamist will gonna do about the plan. My speculation will be,a barbaric act from the evil Islamist will happen! Just in case it will, they should be sent back to the country where they came from, since they can’t live in a democratic and civilize world!!

  2. I applaud his actions and think this is a time WHEN ALL AMERICANS SHOULD STORM THE FLOOR WITH HIM! There is power in numbers and our government needs to see the numbers of Americans who FEEL THEY SAME WAY so they cannot catagorize this man as a lone nut job.Our government has to start standing up for the will of the people and quit catering to and fearing ragheads. The only way for this to happen is when the Americans protesting for their rights in American OUTNUMBER THE MUSLIMS IN DROVES! Come on Americans! Those of you close to this event JOIN HIM! Those of you who cannot be there, write and join him and let your government officials know you support him. Those of you who can join him but are afraid of getting a bounty on your head , do like your enemy does and DRESS LIKE THE ENEMY! WEAR A BURKA! MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE AND THEY WON”T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Heck, we gotta fight fire with fire!

  3. Islam is NOT a religion. Its a political system. — with a religious component. Amazing stupidity. Even atheists don’t know what it is.

    • Correct you are Dad!

      BTW…flogging a book to make your point, really silly don’t ya think?

      Why are CAIR & ISNA (aka Ikhwan a front for Muslim Hood) “unindicted” co-conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial? Why not indicted?

      • No its not silly.Islam is a serious threat to America and whatever it takes to draw attention to it is acceptable. What the hell are you doing about it? Are you doing something as visable to get the point across or just making fun of everyone else?

        • I write (by hand not email) to various politicians about my concerns about the political, social, and financial system called Islam.
          I attend Robert Spencer and Pam Geller events to learn more and brainstorm with like minded folks.
          I am goind to hear Bridgette Gabriel very soon (date with held to maintain my privacy).
          I educate anyone and everyone I come into contact with about Islam.
          I made my own bumpersticker against Islam.
          I talk to my kids and their friends about the US constitution vs Islam.
          I gave a book report on “The Grand Jihad” by Andrew McCarthy to a group at my church made up of people from other churches.
          I tweet important info re: Islam.
          Read, read, read and most importantly
          I pray to God for wisdom and his will.

          I’m sorry, what was it you do to stop the spread of Islam? I am always open to suggestions that I deem worthy.
          Blessings brother.

          • FIRST OF ALL, i DO NOT CRITICIZE, AS YOU HAVE DONE, ANYTHING ANYONE FEELS THEY NEED TO DO TO GET THE POINT ACROSS REGARDING iSLAM UNLESS IT IS ILLEGAL and if you are the Christian you say you are neither would you. As far as what I do:

            I work with in and with the special minister at our Church to educate the public all over the state of Tennessee and sometimes outside of Tennessee when invited.(We have a minister just for this issue)

            I have written more congressman, senators and state representatives than I care to remember inside and outside my state. Although those outside my state are not my district or state, together with my state representatives they make decisions for my state and country so they will hear from me even though I may not have the privilige to vote for or against them.

            I and my children have researched and given reports and projects on Islam and argued with administration regarding our right to do it.

            My 15 year old daughter went to Washington D.C. this past May to speak before our Congress on the effects of post traumatic stress from injurys incurred by these animals and the stress incurred by the family.

            I have EIGHT bumper stickers on my truck. You can find good ones at http://www.cafepress.com
            I have FOUR signs in my yard again http://www.cafepress.com is good source for these as well.
            I attended and supported, along with my local Tea Party and The Author Bill Warner when he came to educate our county on Islam and helped distribute free of charge his book “Sharia for non-muslims”

            Last but not least. I know everything I need to know about Islam without educating myself by books, although I did, because I live EVERYDAY and WILL FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE with my eldest son, 27 years old, who will suffer for the rest of his life due to the traumatic brain injury and PTSD perpetrated on him by a muslim who shot him in the head by a mobile rocket launcher in SADR CITY, IRAQ in 2008.

          • First i DO NOT critize the efforts of others to warn about Islam unless it is illegal.
            I have done all you have listed and more including help host a lectureship along with the local Tea party with Author Bill Warner author of “Sharia for non-muslims” and helped with the distribution of his book.. He is the founder of Center For the study of Political Islam

            I have prepared my daughter to speak before congress regarding PTSD and traumatic brain injuries received in wars with these animals and their affect upon the family unit.

            I have helped my daughter with several reports and projects on the dangers of Islam and argued with school administration on the right to do so.
            I work with our special minister at our Church who is assigned just to give education lectures on the dangers of Islam. He travels within our state.
            I have eight bumper stickers /www,cafepress.com is a good source for these
            I have four yard signs again http://www.cafepress.com

            I became an expert on the dangers of muslims and Islam by dealing with on a daily basis with the PTSD and traumatic brain injury of my eldest son ,27 years old, who will deal with the effects of muslim violence for the rest of his life due to a rocket to the head he suffered in 2008 in Sadr City , Iraq.
            Again, I do not criticize anyone else efforts to bring attention to the dangers of Islam unless it is illegal. No Christian should.

    • It is a political system…and a cult too.You also do not know that he does not know what it is. The bill is not recognizing it as a political system, it is recognizing it as a religion and he is doing something very visable to draw attention to it. It may not be what you would do or what i would do but WE ALL SHOULD SUPPORT HIM INSTEAD OF CALLING HIM STUPID! The only ones who are stupid are the ones who cannot recognize who is on their side and who is not. Does not matter if he is a atheist. i am a Christian but when he is a enemy of my
      enemy ..he is my friend…..and should be yours if you dislike Islam.
      Thankyou Isaiah62 for sharing your advice.

  4. I oppose govt sponsorship of such twaddle as “religious diversity” as we all know this is code for “Islam is just the same as other faiths” being shoved into our faces and repeated as if true AGAIN. NO THANKS- why not sponsor a day to prove govt is not selling moral equivalence. The atheists are right to protest this PC stupidity

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  6. I say piss on the quran, then burn it. I have no respect for their piece of crap either. It is an evil book to me and all it teaches is hate so it should receive hate back. I would join him if I could. Muslims don’t care about us or any of our holy books and what would happen if we burned down their mosques and killed muslims like they do to Christians? And religious diversity sucks. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    First of all I just prayed for your hero son, daughter, and you.
    Having volunteered for Wounded Warrior’s I have seen some soldiers with devestating injuries. My heart goes out to all military and their families for their sacrifice for my family and our country.

    For the record, being a Christian does not call me to support anyone who legally stands up against Islam. What you say is not biblical. Philippans 4:8 will show you how flogging a Koran doesn’t honor King Jesus. You can choose to “Like” the flogging as I choose not to “Like” it.

    I believe your son fought for us to do just that. Please thank him for

    • You misunderstood what I said. I did not say YOU HAD TO LIKE IT. I JUST SAID DON’T CRITICIZE THEM. We have most of a country out there DOING NOTHING and I welcome anyone who wants to do SOMETHING. It may not be what you would do and its not what I would do either but who ever is not against us is for us and I do not think we should criticize.
      As far as my son is concerned, I deeply appreciate your prayers. As the parent of a wounded warrior I feel his sacrifice was just a waste and I feel like his country has let him down. He told his little sister he wanted to go and fight the bad guys over there because he did not want to fight them here. However, my son and all the other soldiers who have been wounded or died have come home, for the most part, to a apathetic and self absorbed country who did not watch the homefront while they were off fighting and these wild apes invaded the very homeland they were fighting for! They came home to their country silently being taken over and most of America does not seem concerned and will not be till it affects them and by then it will be too late. Now my son is not ABLE to fight the fight on this homeland when they want to take over. I support Wonded Warriors as well and will all my life. Cannot watch their commercials without crying EVERYTIME.If Americans want to help these soldiers they also can get off their butts and get politically active over this muslim invasion. These soldiers
      fought for this country and its up to Americans to keep and preserve it for them. So few people feel a need to get active that I will never criticize anyone who does no matter how they choose to protest unless it is illegal. Besides that, the whipping of a koran is nothing compared to the whipping they inflict on women.

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