Accused Bosnian Muslim war criminal detained in Virginia, tortured Serb prisoners

They aren’t sneaking across the borders, they simply lie on immigration papers and walk in the front door. No mention in this article that he is a Muslim nor that the U.S. aided the Muslim atrocities against the Serbians, including Clinton breaking UN despite a United Nations arms embargo that the United States was pledged to uphold.

via Almaz Nezirovic accused Bosnian war criminal detained |

ROANOKE, Va. (AP) – A former Bosnian prison camp guard who’s lived in Roanoke County for more than a decade faces extradition to his native country on war-crimes charges.

A federal magistrate judge on Tuesday ordered 53-year-old Almaz Nezirovic held without bond.

“I was very surprised,” Nezirovic said of the order during Tuesday’s hearing. Nezirovic is charged with torturing Serbians detained in the Rabic prison camp in the early 1990s during the civil war in the region of former Yugoslavia now known as Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Roanoke Times reports that the complaint alleges that Nezirovic participated in beating prisoners with rifles and batons, starving them, ordering them to crawl naked on the ground and forcing them to eat urine-soaked grass.

“In these and other ways, the Fugitive participated in torturing and inflicting cruel, inhumane and humiliating treatment on multiple prisoners at the Rabic camp,” the complaint states. U.S. Attorney Timothy Heaphy said his office will present additional evidence supporting the war-crimes charges within 60 days.

The judge will then decide whether Nezirovic should be extradited.

Nezirovic’s attorney, public defender Fay Spence, has written in court documents that he denies the charges, which authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina filed in 2003.

“At no time did Nezirovic detain or mistreat civilians, nor did he mistreat combatant prisoners at the Rabic camp,” a motion filed on his behalf stated.

Nezirovic also faces related naturalization-fraud charges in connection with allegations of illegally concealing his wartime activities when applying for refugee status and naturalization in the United States.

He immigrated to Roanoke County about 15 years ago and has been working as a welder and also has coached soccer.

Federal prosecutors said when charges were filed in June 2011 that Nezirovic indicated on the applications that he had never committed acts for which he could be charged criminally, including the alleged abuse of prisoners at the war camp.

After his indictment, Nezirovic was allowed to remain free on bond. But authorities arrested him Tuesday morning on an extradition warrant after Bosnia-Herzegovina authorities decided to prosecute him on the war-crimes charges.

The extradition effort apparently takes precedence over the pending naturalization case, which was set for trial in September.


5 thoughts on “Accused Bosnian Muslim war criminal detained in Virginia, tortured Serb prisoners

  1. Why is there not a BETTER background check done on people who try to immigrate here if one is done at all? Does immigration think they are really going to tell the truth and write on their papers that they “tortured people and treated them inhumanly at a war camp?”Hummm…..Really says something about the smarts at immigration does’nt it?! Would’nt you just love for your child to have him as a soccer coach!?

  2. Sorry, sick, M-F’r. I was deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina in 94-95 with the Marine Corps. I was a sniper attached to a BAG & TAG Team. I don’t think the TRUE images and the TRUE stories made it here except through the Vets that are still haunted by the images of an entire family executed in their own home. The men and boys of the family tied on their knees hand to foot, shot in the back of the head. The women and girls found in the beds, gutted from the vagina up to their chest with knives, with positive signs of sexual brutality on all ages of the females, infants included. That pig needs to go face the Grim Reaper that he’s been dodging for all these years.
    That’s the thing, the number of illegals that flood our borders, primarily the South, and the number of terrorists that “embed” themselves with them. The “Sniffer Teams” that are on the border, can’t catch and bury them all. It is a huge desert out there. ST–12-1/2, cuz they wouldn’t give em 13. Keep up the good work.

  3. The Socialists in the Democratic Party are using the State Department refugee program to hand pick Muslims including terrorists and their supporters and bring them to the USA to build their voter base among them so that they can take control of the US government, over throw Democracy and install their filthy anti-Christian brand of Socialism in the USA.

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