Toronto: Muslim Cab Drivers Allowed To Refuse Riders With Dogs

And alcohol. And gays. And…via Blazing Cat Fur: Toronto: Muslim Cab Drivers Allowed To Refuse Riders With Dogs.

“She denied Muslim drivers in their fleet would ever turn down dogs for religious reasons contending it has more to do with “them being scared” of dogs.

Asked how she felt about a woman being denied a ride at 1:30 a.m., Ruddy said she “hates the idea” but they have to “abide by the GTAA rules” — they “don’t have a choice.”

I had to laugh when I read the description of their drivers on the McIntosh website, most particularly this gem: “Our drivers have taken sensitivity training…

The Magic 5% has taken hold in Toronto. File complaints with the OHRT, contact the GTAA, contact Mayor Ford –, 416-397-FORD (3673), Contact Beck Taxi.,

Municipal City Licensing.. They give out the license to cabbies: 416-392 – 3000

Dear Mayor Ford,I wish to bring to your attention a column by Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy; Link – this column she informs us that Muslim Cab drivers are allowed to refuse fares with dogs, the column quotes Beck Taxi Manager Gail Beck-Souter:

“Souter tells me while they “don’t like it” they do give their drivers the option of not taking a dog and sometimes it is “difficult” to find a car that will take dogs. Some feel unclean (with dogs),” she said, adding that a “small percentage” will also not pick people up at the liquor store. She says some will use allergies as an excuse when their concern is really religious. Kudos to Souter for being, shall we say, less than politically correct about this issue.”

I ask you, please put an end to this discriminatory practice.
I await your reply.
BCFSad: The Sun Closed Comments – “Comments for this page are closed.”

And some commentary:

21 thoughts on “Toronto: Muslim Cab Drivers Allowed To Refuse Riders With Dogs



  2. Addendum: To those Americans that think Hussein Obama is the problem with regard to the Muslim Problem, think again! Watch Frank Gaffney’s 10-part course on the Internet entitled “The Muslim Brotherhood in America.” Muslim radicals have infiltrated the Republicans as well! By the way, how much have you heard from Romney on the Muslim problem? In short America…you are screwed whether you vote one way or another.

    • Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the republicans as well… you are right. Govenor Haslem of Tennessee appointed a muslim recently who is a expert in Sharia finance. However, the infiltration of muslims in the liberal left and the Obama administration has grown far more in the Obama administration than ANY OTHER ADMINISTRATON. He has relaxed immigration laws for them, managed to get security clearances for them to the whitehouse,catered to them in every foreign policy decision he has made, (Obama and Hillarly)facilitated
      the muslim brotherhood with the overthrough of several countries, AND INVITED THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TO THE WHITEHOUSE IN SEPT recognizing them as a legitamate regime which should NEVER be done, not to mention turning his back on Israel. He has also done absolutely nothing rergarding the threats from Iran. He has furthered the Islamic agenda in this country and against this country more than any other administration. To say ” You are screwed whether you vote one way or another” is merely an excuse NOT TO VOTE OR KEEP VOTING DOWN DEMOCRATIC PARTY LINES” and is a very reckless statement and advice for this country at present.We may not have heard Romneys statement on this but his aspirations for this country are not anything close to the demise the muslims have for this country which is being facilitated at current by Obama and his liberal administration. He has taken this country closer to socialism than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. WE KNOW WHAT OBAMA IS DOING TO THIS COUNTRY BY HIS PAST FOUR YEARS. HOWEVER WE HAVE TO GIVE ROMNEY A CHANCE AND JUDGE HIM BY HIS RECORD. YOU KNOW WHAT OBAMAS RECORD IS AND WHY WOULD YOU WANT FOUR MORE YEARS OF IT BY STATING “YOU ARE SCREWED WHETHER YOU VOTE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER” HOW RECKLESS AND ANTI-AMERICAN! IF YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA, DON’T RUN ROMNEY DOWN IN AN ATTEMPT TO MAKE OBAMA LOOK OK IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY YOUR VOTE FOR HIM. GOOD GRIEF!

      • Romney is just like Obama! He isn’t going to stop the Islamic agenda!
        Watch this brief video and get it from the proverbial horse’s mouth…
        Romney has been quite an inspiration for Obama.

        The only way around it is a brokered or open convention, wherby a true strong conservative can be voted in and given the nomination….

        Have you seen this? Be sure to listen to the “A Patriots Voice for Freedom” radio broadcast as well as make note of the entire page.

        the REAL story!

        Obama is no good either! Just because someone doesn’t think Romney is the guy to do a good job of rectifying what Obama has done doesn’t mean that that person is in any way justifying a vote for Obama! it just means that we aren’t happy with either of them and think we could do better! Newt, Palin, West…heck even Gen. Boykin would be better!

        • Romney was NOT my first choice either and he may not do anything for this country. However, what I was trying to get across is that his agenda IS NOT to destroy America as the muslim Obamas is.

          • Oh okay…if you think so….then I guess you must be right. Everything will be alright under Romney……

            We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

        • Romney may not do anything to stop the muslim agenda but he has not set out to FURTHER IT AS OBAMA has and will continue to do.. It goes without saying that Romney was not the nominee that alot of conservatives wanted, including myself.But he is who we are stuck with and I certainly would never discourage anyone from voting for Romney when the alternative is a muslim whom we know is already catering to the muslims and their goal is to destoy this country with neocommunism, which is what Obamas is, a neocommunist, and has professed to be in a book I read on Jihad.. I will vote for a RATS ASS before I vote for Obama or encourage anyone to. I have seen enough of what his agenda is.

        • DO NOT put words in my mouth.NOWHERE did I ever say “Everything is going to be alright” I just said their agendas are not the same. Romney has not DELIBERATELY set out to destroy this country as Obama has. This country WILL NEVER be alright again unless we go through a full revolution like these other countries are now doing…which we will..eventually. I thinkl Romney may just put it offthe inevitable for a little while longer.

        • I watched the youtube video in which you posted. I would not judge either candidate by this spliced up, cut up, chopped up segments of video, which does not give their statements in their entirety leaving one to wonder in what text did they take that 5 sec sound bite from. Not to mention some of the clips were so old, dated back in the 80’s, the candidate may have changed their views on issues since. Sometimes with age and living life many years, you grow from experience and some views on issues may change with life experience and that is understandable.
          The article on the charter school issue is true when it says that republicans supported charter schools and democrats did not. However, it did not make mention of the opposition when many of these Islamic schools were being built and it WAS THE LIBERAL LEFT WITH THEIR ACLU that swoopt in and defended them by catagorizing ISLAM AS A RELIGION THAT SHOULD BE GIVEN THE SAME RELIGIOUS STATUS AS OTHER RELIGIONS IN THIS COUNTRY WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CATAGORIZED AS A CULT. We have many charter schools in our area and they have been a valuable asset for parents who want a school choice and function beautifully. None are Islamic and the article did not mention successful charter schools. However, the article did mention that these Islamic schools were tax payer funded which I do not approve of if it is religious based, whether it is Islamic or Christian, because when you open the door for Christian schools to be paid for with tax payer dollars you cannot discriminate against the muslims and their cult in which the LIBERAL ACLU DEEMED A RELIGION.

          • Vote for who you wish to….It really doesn’t matter to me…..I don’t have to live there. I wish you all luck which ever way it goes….

  3. aha! so muslims are scared of dogs? specially black ones? nice, to know the weakness of the enemy. Might come in handy in wartime.

    • Yes and a woman or a donkey or a dog walking in front of them while they are preying nullifies their prayers (where they pray not to be like us). So I say lets put some women on donkeys , holding dogs and parade them in front of anywhere these assholes prostrate themselves on public property.

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  5. I don’t know about this. I am no Islamic scholar, but infidels and dogs (and alcohol) are equally unclean in Islamic jurisprudence to the best of my knowledge. So, let’s insist that the Muslim cabbies who refuse dogs and alcohol must also refuse to take non-Muslims in their cabs (and Shi’a Muslims must refuse Sunni Muslims and vice versa, too). Let’s see how long any of them last as a cabbie….

    Seriously, though, if it is a private cab, why can’t they discriminate? I am in favor of the freedom to be stupid and a jerk. And the cost is that they have to go to the end of the cabbie queue (at least that’s how I think it works at airports). Similarly, if a cabbie refuses to carry a fare holding, say, a Koran, he should be allowed to do so – and agree to go to the end of the queue.

    • We should turn the tables on these ragheads. The same discrimination laws that apply to us, the white anglosaxon white man, should apply to them.

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