Suspect in Bulgarian bus bombing had Michigan drivers license


via Suspect in Bulgaria bus bombing that killed Israeli tourists was not Qaeda henchman – NY Daily News.

The suicide bomber blamed for blowing up a busload of Israeli visitors to Bulgaria Wednesday wore a baseball cap, plaid shorts and white socks before detonating the deadly blast.

The unidentified terrorist was also carrying a phony Michigan driver’s license when he killed six people — and himself — in the airport parking lot at the Bulgarian resort of Burgas.

A source told the Daily News that the bomber was not a suspected Al Qaeda fighter released from Guantanamo Bay in 2004, contradicting earlier reports in the Bulgarian media.

The bomb went off in the luggage compartment of the bus as the bogus tourist mingled with the crowd that had just arrived on a charter flight from Tel Aviv.

In addition to the dead, dozens were injured by the hidden explosives.

Authorities were hoping that DNA could help identify the bomber, who arrived in Bulgaria less than a week before the attack.

Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said officials were investigating whether the terrorist “had logistical support on Bulgarian territory.”

Tsvetanov declined further comment.

A check by U.S. officials determined there was nobody in the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicle database matching the name on the license carried by the bomber, officials said.

What name was on the license?

Five Israelis, the bus driver and the bomber were killed in the horrific daytime blast. Security video captured the suspected bomber nearly an hour before the Wednesday attack.

The tour group included 154 people — eight of them children.

Thirty-three injured Israelis were brought home by military plane for additional medical treatment. The Bulgarian government agreed to fly 100 uninjured tourists home after they opted to end their vacations.


11 thoughts on “Suspect in Bulgarian bus bombing had Michigan drivers license

  1. Sounds like someone or some administration wanted very much to implicate America….. possibly in a effort to start a war maybe……because sitting Presidents usually do not leave the presidential office if a war is going on…..maybe……Hummmm..

    • I was hoping beyond hope that this was not related to Dearborn but just had a gut feeling it was when I heard he had a Michigan License. I am hearing my gut feeling was correct and he does have ties to Dearborn and feel you are right. Dearborn is somewhat responsible for this in that their government allowed the immigration of this cult into their city in masses and this country HAS NO BUSINESS ALLOWING POTENTIAL TERRORIST AND THEIR FAMILIES TO RESIDE HERE. I hope my gut feeling that this was done by
      the Obama administration to start some kind of war so Obamas might remain in office during wartime, isn’t true. however, I put nothing past this corrupt administration.

  2. No wonder these atrocities continue to escalate since people refuse to admit Islam is the cause of such devastation. One can only speculate at this moment as to whether the terrorist that killed so many this morning in Colorado is also a follower of the ‘Religion of Peace.’

  3. I would like to comment but what the hell, no one in America gives a rats ass whether the bomber was from Michigan or not and if anyone says anything about the muslims they get called a racist or a bigot. The idiots in Congress don’t have any frickin brains and if the ones who do speak out about the muslims they are attacked by idiots like John McCain who suck up to muslims. The DOJ is now called the Department of Jokes and they even have muslims associated with terrorists in our government. Until this country realizes that we are at war with islam this will never end. Blind idiots are leading the blind idiots. Peace to all non-muslims who hope that our government grows some balls and does something.

    • Some leading in government are BLIND PC IDIOTS and the rest ARE NOT BLIND IDIOTS…they know EXACTLY what they are doing. The few who speak out are MUZZELED MOSTLY BY THE PRESS WHO DOWNPLAY THEIR CONCERNS AND CATAGORIZE THEM AS ISLAMAPHOBIC PSYCHOS.OUR PRESS NEEDS TO BE EXTERMINATED Because they like muslims are not going to go away or shutup.

  4. There are direct connections to Dearborn in this case- however the mass murderer was an Algerian FINN with SWEDISH passport–
    we had him in GITMO- and he was released to SWEDEN by BUSH admin – Swedish intel was supposed to keep their eyes on him- however that is not what happened- he was free- not only not watched- but permitted to make a TV program to spread his JIHAD ideas.
    He was sponsored by LEBANESE Hezbollah money coming from IRAN- Hezz are proxies for IRAN- IRAN has stepped up terror actions on the WEST- several nations have been hits or attempted hits (Cyprus, Azerbajan Bangkok India)

    “Bulgaria came on the 18th anniversary of another major terrorist attack blamed on the Qods Force and Hezbollah – the bombing of a Jewish community center in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires that killed 85 people and wounded 300 more. (Iran was also implicated in the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires two years earlier, in which 29 people were killed.)”

    from a website we cannot link to here w/o issues (DS) ::

    the family of the man who did that bombing, Ibrahim Hussein Berro, live in Dearborn and proudly gave DNA to identify him. I would not be surprised if the reason that Ghezali had a fake Michigan driver’s license is that someone in Dearborn’s Shi’ite Muslim community made it for him and had the Michigan template easily available.

    • Well isn’t that just peachy.The whole freakin perverted family should be held as accessories to murder. How Do you feel this is going to affect our relationship with Israel? What was he in Gitmo for?

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