‘Allahu Akbar’ shouting Muslim tries to steal Olympic flame from torch bearer

There is a scourge upon us. via London 2012 Olympics: Youth tries to grab flame from torch bearer | Mail Online.

A 17-year-old shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Arabic for ‘God is Great’ – as he unsuccessfully tried to grab the Olympic torch during a stretch of the flame’s route through Maidstone towards Redhill.

Broadcast live on the BBC, the youth lunged from the crowd to try to take the torch from the hands of its bearer Anna Skora, but was swiftly bundled away by officers.

In one video posted to YouTube he can be seen waiting behind a car and as Ms Skora gets closer he lunges towards the torch.

Ms Skora was about to hand over the torch to Graham White, a Surrey charity worker, when the teenager burst out of the crowd and tried to grab it.

He managed to get through the line of police officers escorting the torch as it headed through the town.

One of the officers at the back of the group swiftly grabbed hold of Ms Skora and the torch, guiding them to the opposite side of the road.

Four or five of the other torch guards then bundled the man to the side of the road where he was then arrested.

Ms Skora managed to keep the torch upright throughout the ordeal and she continued to smile as she completed her stretch of the Olympic flame relay.

The incident happened as the torch was being taken into Gravesend on Friday morning.

Ms Skora was able to keep hold of the torch as the youth tried to wrestle it from her grasp, and security and police officers stepped in to protect the torch bearer and bundle away the youth.

The youth, from Gravesend, is currently being held in custody and the torch continued on its way without disruption, Kent Police said.

A Kent Police spokesman said: ‘At around 9.55am a man apparently attempted to take the Olympic Flame from a Torchbearer in Rochester Road.

‘The man, who is from Gravesend, was arrested within seconds and is now in the custody of Kent Police.

‘No one was injured in the incident and the Torch continued on its way without disruption.’

16 thoughts on “‘Allahu Akbar’ shouting Muslim tries to steal Olympic flame from torch bearer

  1. And so the ‘games’ begin! There is not enough security, however good, to stop the alternate universe known as moslemism from making both a mockery and disaster of the games. I do not fault the ‘average Brit’ for this. Like people the Western world over, they enjoy the games and the spirit of fair play and excellence in achievement which animate them.
    The moslemites have no lesson to learn from police detention and/or fines. They are told they are the best peole, hence what they do is the best deed to do.
    I was serving the the American army in Europe during the ’72 games. Apperas to me this is just a continuation of the olympic jihad then begun.

    • “Apperas to me this is just a continuation of the olympic jihad then begun.”

      Which was a continuation of the Holocaust. The Muslims had their own ovens ready to go in the Middle East, and Hitler promised the Grand Mufti that he would help the Muslims rid the Middle East of its Jews after Germany won the war. When that didn’t happen, the Muslims continued the Nazi theology and still do to this day.

      It’s a funny thing though, nobody blinks an eye when a Muslim screams “Kill the Jews” but if a Nazi screamed it people think of this differently, but in fact it makes no difference if it is a Nazi or a Muslim screaming it. It is the same Nazi “exterminate the Jews” theology.

      Muslims = Nazis.

      • When you say “Nobody blinks and eye when a muslim screams “Kill the Jews” you are wrong. It is just as repulsive to me when a muslim yells it or anyone else. Stupidity is stupidity no matter who yells it. What this kid did is going to be considered minor compared to what I fear is going to happen. Just wait and see if we do not have a worse attack of some sort. The press just had to announce to the muslims how short security is and the first thing you do not do when fighting the enemy is let them know where your vunerabilities are. You can win
        a war if you are outnumbered, if the enemy DOES NOT KNOW YOU ARE SHORTHANDED, by mere appearance of strength IN YOUR LEADERS and the attitude towards your opponent of NO FEAR. However, here in America, our press has to OPEN THEIR BIG LIBERAL MOUTHS showing NO LOYALTY TO THEIR COUNTRY and focus on our weaknesses. The press is a total threat to the security of this country and It never ceases to amaze me that “in the name of free press” they are excempt from being loyal and showing patriotism by simply KEEPING THEIR MOUTHS SHUT! In the case of National Security and especially during wartimes with our soldiers overseas, just because they CAN run a story and the American people may have a right to know, does not mean they SHOULD run a story if it jeopardizes our troops or citizens.
        Another point, have you ever noticed that in America that if someone announces they are going to burn a quran that our government officials and DOD get their underwear in a wad and beg the citizen not to ON PUBLIC TV in order not to jeopardize our troops serving abroad? This shows the enemy how afraid of them we really are for one thing but what really pisses me off about doing this is WHY DO THESE DEPTS NOT HAVE THE SAME CONCERN OVER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONS DOD and DOJ LEAKS TO THE PRESS AND OTHER COUNTRIES???IS THIS NOT MORE OF A THREAT TO OUR TROOPS???

        a war shorthanded if your enemy THINKS

        • Dear anonymous and all others posting as anonymous- it would be really helpful if you used a nickname! even if it means just adding a number to anonymous- that was we can try and keep track of which anonymous is posting.

          not anonymous123

  2. That’s funny. I mean that’s hilarious! The balls of that guy, right in their faces. Do the Brits understand yet that the Muslims dont care about the Brits, or British law? That’s really funny.

    And the Brits will do nothing about it because someone, somewhere, is orchestrating a takeover of the world by Islam.

    I’d just like to know who it is, because middle eastern Muslims couldnt possibly do it on their own.

  3. ‘middle eastern Muslims couldnt possibly do it on their own’

    I’ve just finished reading a book by creator of the Thirty Nine Steps classic and part of it’s hero, Richard Hannay series.

    It’s called Greenmantle and the whole premise is an Islamic uprising orchestrated by Germany and intent on devouring the whole world.

    Set during WW1 it shows that nothing is new whenever Islam is concerned only then pc didn’t exist and the book is refreshingly frank in its language and attitudes.

    We didn’t have a ‘Muslim problem’ then and in all probability this pathetic jihadi would have been shot.

  4. WHERE IS THE ROPE AND NEAREST STREET LAMP??? See if he could hollar ALLAH IS GREAT WHILE BEING PULLED UP!!! But JOLLY OLD ENGLAND doesn’t have the BALLS to stop these thugs from ruining there COUNTRY. LOCK AND LOAD.

  5. A golden opportunity was lost here. The people should have beaten hell out of that muslim cretin to show muslims they have had enough.

    • nah- in UK they would’ve been arrested and given twice the normal punishments as hate crimes..Muslims rule their town now- if you protest you are called fascists (as EDL) and the Muzz are comically labelled antifascist. The Brits did not even take action on those who desecrated their Remembrance Day parades (like our Memorial or Vet’s Day) they pelted their service men and women openly chanted their hatred for England and loyalty to only ISLAM
      London Bridge has fallen down- upside down

      • Yes, sadly, you’re right. Will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks. Glad I’m not an athlete.

    • Would be a real eye opener if the local constabulary protected those administering the beating from any who would interfere. Now, that’s a message!

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