Canadian Jihadi Killed In Dagestan

via Blazing Cat Fur: Mosaic Of Diversity Alert: Canadian Jihadi Killed In Dagestan.

“A Canadian citizen was among the suspected insurgents killed during a special operation in Dagestan overnight July 14, reported.

The Dagestani FSB and Interior Ministry (MIA) conducted an operation in a forest on the border of the Sergokalinsky and Kayakhtensky districts of Dagestan, killing seven insurgents. One officer in the security forces was killed, according to the National Counter-Terrorism Committee.

On July 15, the Dagestani MIA press service reported that the seven insurgents were preliminary identified as Islam Magomedov, Arsen Magomedov, Isa Dalgatov, Shamil Ahmedov, Amin Ibiyev, Magomedsaid Mamatov and a Tyumen region native William Plotnikov, who was a Canadian citizen.

“This is indeed the William Plotnikov, the boxer. According to our data, he received Canadian citizenship in 2008,” a representative of the Dagestani Investigative Committee told

Russian jihadi site Kavkaz Center confirms with this headline: Mujahid, boxer from Canada, William Plotnikov, killed in mountains of Dagestan

The Seventh martyr (Insha’Allah) is William Plotnikov, 23-year-old boxer born in the Tyumen city of Megion, a Canadian citizen since 2008.

16 thoughts on “Canadian Jihadi Killed In Dagestan

  1. I think it is time to remove ALL the Muslim “INFEDALS “out of AMERICA.
    If being Musolim is so wondwefull ,WHY DON”T YOU STAY IN YOUR OWN MUSLIM COUNTRIES??????
    Doesn’t Sound like it must not be all that wondwerful if you leave your own countries to escape all that wonderful life.

    • Because they are called to jihad, to take over every inch of the planet, to convert all to Islam. Can’t do that from home base in their country of origin.

      I usually type on my phone and make typing erroers (haha). Drives me nuts.

    • I am not a muslim but they say why all the time. They are going to countries all over the world with the intent to make by force if necessary to make everyone become muslim. If your not a muslim they are there to kill you. They have to wait to get enough of them in to do mass killings. they also inflitrate courts etc even our White House so they let their people get away with crime but not you. their main purpose is to rule the world and kill all who are not muslim. that is why they are here.

  2. The POS was NOT Canadian – he was a Canadian CITIZEN & was a Tyumen region native.
    It’s absolutely insulting calling scum like this Canadian & I’m from Oz & feel the insult!

    • I hate, loathe and detest it when the MSM calls these cretins “Canadian citizens”, or American, English or whatever. Muslims living in Western countries are just that: “Muslims living in the West”, they are NEVER Canadians, or Swedes or……………….. Their loyalty is always to the ummah, NEVER to the Western country.

      • Yes Peter…they only have loyalty to allah….everyone else or anything else comes second. Heck…they aren’t even able to show loyalty to their female family members…to protect them and show them love. They are allowed to lie , cheat , steal and stab other muslims in the back. They are incapable of loyalty …..must be due to inbreeding and the ultimate brain damage that occurs with that!

        He wasn’t a Canadian…he was a muslim!

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