Obama marks Ramadan, looks forward to Islamic dinner at White House

How many Muslim Brotherhood will be at the White House this year? via Obama marks Ramadan – POLITICO.com.

In a statement, President Obama commemorated the Muslim holiday of Ramadan — calling it a time to “cherish family, friends, and neighbors, and to help those in need.”

It’s the month of jihad and conquest according to Muslims.

“On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world at the start of Ramadan,” Obama said.

Speak for yourself.

“This year, Ramadan holds special meaning for those citizens in the Middle East and North Africa who are courageously achieving democracy and self-determination and for those who are still struggling to achieve their universal rights.

What he means is Islamic law, i.e., sharia.

The United States continues to stand with those who seek the chance to decide their own destiny, to live free from fear and violence, and to practice their faith freely. Here in the United States, Ramadan reminds us that Islam is part of the fabric of our Nation, and that — from public service to business, from healthcare and science to the arts — Muslim Americans help strengthen our country and enrich our lives,” Obama said.

They have done more to divide this country than anything else and they have enriched our lives with a loss of liberties and a non-stop litany of lawsuits and whining.

“Even as Ramadan holds profound meaning for the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, it is also a reminder to people of all faiths of our common humanity and the commitment to justice, equality, and compassion shared by all great faiths. In that spirit, I wish Muslims across America and around the world a blessed month, and I look forward to again hosting an iftar dinner here at the White House. Ramadan Kareem,” Obama said.

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82 thoughts on “Obama marks Ramadan, looks forward to Islamic dinner at White House

    • Good Lord, I think I threw up in my mouth. Islam is the enemy. Many past Islamic activists who have been invited guests at the Whitehouse are now serving time for their ties to terrorism. Multiple administrations have made this mistake. None more so than this one.

    • I hope that he never , ever professes (lies) and says that he is a Christian again. C’mon November 6th. It will take months to remove the stench from our (YES, OUR)White House. Revolting!

  1. Totally proves that he is a TRUE MUSLIM. The only reason he has not lost his HEAD is the fact that ISLAM IS USING HIM TO GAIN THERE OBJECTIVE OF TAKING OVER THE WORLD, turning it into an ISLAMIC UNIVERSE!!! Now it is our turn to return our NATION BACK INTO THE CHRISTIAN NATION BY VOTING HIM AND HIS 42 CZARS INTO OBLIVIAN COME NOVEMBER. LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. So, you like being ignorant? Painting a broad brush of all Muslims as terrorists. What about those that kill in masses in the name of Christianinity? Should the Office of the Presidency not recognize the celebration of Christmas?

    • :Anthony Orwell, on July 21, 2012 at 2:01 PM said:
      So, you like being ignorant? Painting a broad brush of all Muslims as terrorists. What about those that kill in masses in the name of Christianinity? Should the Office of the Presidency not recognize the celebration of Christmas?”
      Did he celebrate Easter at the WH???? There has been NO mass killing in the name of Christianity for thousands of years, dude!

        • was an athiest- spoke of christianity only in the sense of Norway not being a Muzz nation- he did not murder MUZZIES- he shot LIBERALS children- people like you who are indoctrinated in STUPID and continue to apologize and make excuses for ISLAMIC murder

          • Anders Behring Breivik wrote in his manifesto that he considers himself a cultural Christian and a modern-day crusader. Christian groups felt the need to condemn him and stress that his actions do not represent Christianity. Much in the same frame as Muslim leaders condemning 9/11.

          • Amen Isahiah62! Could not have said it better!

            I added the 4 per your request. I am the anonymous who has spoken with you before about my Christianity and you shared your Judism with me. Thanks!

        • The entire Western world could be called “Culturally Christian”, with a helluva lot of Jewish influence, which for the most part pretty damned positive.
          The problem is we have turned our back on the values that our society is based upon, and islam has a tight, focussed agenda of cohesive thought and purpose, and we will flounder and fail if we don’t get some kind of grip on our founding traditions.
          ALL muslims are dedicated to the same ends…

          Erdogan in Turkey has said as much when he bristles at the mention of “radical islam”.
          He states it best: “There is ONLY islam…not radical and moderate islam, ONLY one islam”.

          We’re in serious trouble and the consequences will be horrifying if we don’t act soon.

          And let’s not hear any idiot out there compare the Colorado shooting, by that lone lunatic Holmes to “terrorism a-la islam”.
          I crazy ass-hole is NOT the same as 1.7 billion crazy ass-holes who are being indoctrinated and taught to wage jihad, in one form or another, to destoy the western world.

          There is no moderate islam. Period.

          • When Christian Americans produce vile in response to Muslim extremism, then they have given them what they want. They want a religious fight and too many are willing to meet them in the ring. Erdogan might believe that there is only one Islam, but he uses this speech to maintain power. As American politicians use Christianity to maintain their power with speech that is often similar. There is only one true religion is an argument, but an attempt to justify divisions in the world.

      • Actually, in severe reaction to the hundreds of years of muzzie rule, Spain defeated the Turks/Caliphate and reinstated its royalty – and in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, did just that – i.e., murdered those who did not convert to Christianity. This dreadful period was known as The Inquisition.

        I’m glad, however, that this didn’t last for a long time – and eventually, Christians did stop killing non-Christians!

    • Speaking of ignorant, when was the last time you pulled your head out of your a##? Do you know anything other than what you are told by the MSM? You show a total lack of knowledge of the issue with your statement. To even bring them into the country is a travesty. By their ‘book’ they are to lie and or kill those that do not submit. They are not to abide by our laws and their goal is to dominate. What part of that don’t you understand? Or are you something else?.

        • You confuse fear and resolve, but, I can understand that from a dmihhi such as you. You want to see fear, it will be when the liberals that have kissed ass find themselves staring at the mooslem executioner.

          • Well, if dmihhi was a real word, then I would understand what I am. I do not like to pigeon hole others with one word descriptors. I definitely will have to disagree that I kiss ass. And what’s a mooslem? Two or more moose grouped together?

          • “I do not like to pigeon hole others ” Sure you do and you enjoy feeling self righteous & morally superior too. Mooslem is another way of saying muslim, you know the followers of islam, hell bent on making the whole world submit to their cult of islam.

            Dhimmi”A dhimmī (Arabic: ذمي‎ ḏimmī IPA: [ˈðɪmmiː]), (collectively أهل الذمة ahl al-ḏimmah/dhimmah, “the people of the dhimma”) is a historical[1] term referring to non-Muslim subjects of a Muslim state.[1] Dhimma allows rights of residence in return for taxes (with many oppressive restrictions)

            Personally I’d pigeon hole you as an apologist, appeaser, uninformed and fearful as well as what I said above. Now go somewhere where they’re stupid enough to appreciate you.

          • Well, I learned something today. I had no idea what a dhimmi was. I don’t think I am one since I live in the United States, which has religious freedom. . As for calling me an apologist? I don’t believe I am. Creating chaos because of religious belief is something I will never find acceptable. As for feeling morally superior, I’m not. I ask questions and it appears that you don’t like to be challenged.

          • Aren’t you playing the moral superior game by suggesting that anyone that agrees with me is stupid?

          • Anthony.
            I am no defender of the crap that has been done historically in the name of Christianity.
            However, the MESSAGE of Christianity is by far the very best ever offered in the history of humanity.
            People fail to live up to that message constantly.
            That’s human, I guess.

            If, for instance, all the garbage that is being done worldwide today in the name of islam, muslims, allah and the like, was being done by Jews or Christians, then you’d have a valid point…but since none of that is happening, and more importantly, none of those actions are SANCTIONED, SUPPORTED or CONDONED by Christian doctrine, how say you about your beloved islam?

            Isalm is hate. The term “Religion of Peace” was unherad of before that buffoon George W. Bush uttered it after 9/11.
            It had never been used prior to him saying it.
            It is the religion of hate and submission to a severe mental illness.

            And that’s a fact.

          • All religion is authoritarian in nature. All doctrines can be misconstrued to justify violence. I do see the value of Christianity teachings, as I see value in all religions.

          • Anthony…


            you state…
            -“All religion is authoritarian in nature. All doctrines can be misconstrued to justify violence.”
            -No arguement there…you are right as rain.

            you state…
            -“I do see the value of Christianity teachings, as I see value in all religions”
            -true, there is value in Christian teachings. The hard part is APPLYING those teachings. I feel MOST “Christians” are in it for their personal salvation rather than for living the TRUE Christianity.
            This is understandable, as living the true Christian doctrine is absurdly difficult.The faith it takes to live the Christian way is almost impossible.

            you state…
            -“Muslims do assimilate into our society, as others before them have. It takes a generation or two, most likely children of immigrants will assimilate into our culture”
            -WRONG; This might have been true several generations past, but it is an an absurd arguement in 2012. It is on record that they are told by their crazy imams NOT to assimilate with the West; that the West is the Graet Satan and they are to marry only muslims and more often than not they are forced to marry their cousins…sometimes through several generations. Cities in England are dealing with this problem constantly, and it’s getting worse.

            you state. .
            -“But to prosecute the whole group because the actions of
            a few is counter productive and draws away from the issues that Americans should be concerned about.”
            -if it’s only a few muslims doing these things, then I ask you WHAT and the HELL are the rest of the “whole group” doing about the “few”?
            NOTHING…nothing at all.
            And what are the “issues that Americans should be concerned about” if not the growing threat of a hateful religion that has told us in the west over and over again they intend to defeat and dominate us all no matter how long it will take?

            you state…
            -“The problem is that a belief structure that is willing to allow hatred and paranoia blossom is dangerous to a free society”
            -once again, you are right as rain…however, if this belief structure has an agenda that will stop at NOTHING to fulfill it’s intent, then please tell us what we are to do to stop said “belief”.(?)
            Let us hear your realistic, concrete, rational, viable answer to that question, other than an all out war…which looks like it might soon be in the cards…

            you state…
            -“When Christian Americans produce vile in response to Muslim extremism, then they have given them what they want. They want a religious fight and too many are willing to meet them in the ring.”
            -I can tell you right now, and no truer words you will read anywhere…it’s not just Christians that are getting fed up with these crazy lunatics…it’s EVERYONE who has a working knowledge of exactly what islam is all about…and thanks to sites like Creeping Sharia, BareNakedIslam, Islamwatch, AtlasShrugs etc., people are getting informed and they are starting to WAKE UP!
            You are also right about islam wanting a “religious fight”. They are goading the free world in that direction day by day. and I fear thay if that is what they want, that is what they will get.
            I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t bet against me.

            you state…
            -“There is only one true religion is an arguement….”
            -if there IS only “one true religion”, no one is practising it on this planet…at least not in it’s truest, purest, proper intended form.
            But there ARE 1.7 billion lunatics practising SOME kind of “religion”, and they must be stopped…and they WILL be stopped.
            I do hope it will be through mass muslim conversions to something, ANYTHING….. other than islam…but only time will tell.

            To sum up, no one in islam is doing a single, solitary thing to combat what we call “radical islam”…because they are all in it together…it’s like milk…there’s
            -“skimmed” jihad,
            -“2%” jihad,
            -“homo” jihad
            -“half & half” jihad
            -“18%” jihad
            -“35%” jihad
            -“cottage cheese” jihad
            -“cheddar cheese” jihad
            -“ice cream” jihad
            Kind of a silly analogy, but you get my point…I hope! LOL

            Different strengths, but all doing the same thing in different degrees to accomplish their unified goal.
            World Wide Domination.

    • List the “terrorist attacks perpetrated by Christians” if you say Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph you are all wet since they were both atheist/agnostic.

      • Okay. The National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), which manifest states that they want to expand the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura. In 2001, there were 826 reported terrorist attacks in Tripura, in which 405 people lost their lives and 481 kidnappings were made by the NLFT and related organizations such as the Christian All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTP). Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which states that their leader, Joseph Kony, is the spokesperson for God.

        • approx. 550-850[1][2]

          wow you had to do a lot of googling to come up with one insignificant TINY TINY group of nutbags

          less than one thousand in a country of 1.21 BILLION people –

          if 10% of Muslims are what you call radical or dangerous that makes 1.5 million of them

          pathetic and you #FAIL again


    • Anthony, apparently you cannot distinguish right from wrong, and that being the case I have no qualms about branding you as ‘pig ignorant’.

      Your ‘President’ calls your Constitution: “A failed experiment”, thumbs his nose at your Ammendments; has invited an endless succession of muslims (including the muslim brotherhood) into the White House, the CIA and FBI are now infiltrated by muslims, as are many police forces in US, and you don’t see a problem?

      The present scenario is a Kafka-esque dream; a terrible nightmare, where even people like Rubio, McCain and a host of others who should know better are actually supporting the enemy; and make NO mistake, muslims are the enemy–as they keep telling us themselves.

      Anyone who says ‘most muslims are moderate’ simply doesn’t know islam, and are proclaiming their ignorance. All muslims believe the quran–LITERALLY; and it tells them to kill if necessary to convert us/you to islam, or to make literal or financial slaves of us.

      What is it that makes you (and so many of the American people) so blind?

      • I don’t want war. That’s why you consider me blind. I don’t believe that any religion should dictate my or any others lives. The United States is an on going experiment created by men. We were not chosen by God. The Constitution and the men who wrote it are as fallible as any man. I do not have a black and white view of the world, I realize and recognize the grey. It would seem that most that believe that they serve a higher purpose in speaking vile about others to prop up their own view are the ones that voluntarily put on blinders.

        • big news Orwellian one- no one wants war- but if you get warred upon and stand around doing nothing you will get DEAD fast- If a guy slaps you do you run? hit him back? what if he slaughters your infant daughter and your wife for his “religion” What do you do?? buy him a nuke?

          • No, I make sure that those that have committed atrocities are brought to justice. If someone was to hurt my family, I would do all that was in my power to make sure that the individual was punished. I do not punish or condemn others that practice a certain religion.

        • Its not a religion Mr. Orwell. Its a POLITICAL SYSTEM they DISGUISE as a religion to get religious protection for THEIR POLITICAL SYSTEM. Get Educated.

      • I guess you are right about Muslim infiltration. I served with a Muslim in the Navy who practiced openly. Scary, isn’t it?

        • Your problem is you don’t listen, just like all the Obamanites. Mooslems follow the Quran, which states that mooslems are required to lie to non-mooslems and to do whatever it takes to dominate. They are making it clear in public statements and rallies that they will dominate and those that don’t submit will be murdered. Maybe you ought to look up video clips on you tube where they set fire to homosexuals while they are alive and kick them into a hole. Or how they stone women just because. Or read about all the ‘honor killings’ of family members that have ’embarrassed’ the family. You talk about how this country is for all, yes, if they wish to assimilate, no if their intention is to conquer. Either wake up or be part of the problem.

          • I do listen to rational arguments that are derived from facts. Yes, all that you mention has happened. It’s disgraceful. Muslims do assimilate into our society, as others before them have. It takes a generation or two, most likely children of immigrants will assimilate into our culture. But to prosecute the whole group because the actions of a few is counter productive and draws away from the issues that Americans should be concerned about. The problem is that a belief structure that is willing to allow hatred and paranoia blossom is dangerous to a free society.

        • what did he practice? another soldier was not so lucky as you- his Muslim bunk buddy fragged his platoon. Hassan slaughtered en masse unarmed men eating lunch- Where were you stationed with this Muslim guy? was he put in position to kill other Muslims? to see you do it?

          • It takes a generation or two, most likely children of immigrants will assimilate into our culture.

            and again this assertion is without proof or statistic -just FALSE- debunked- the most radical citizens are CHILDREN of MUSLIM immigrants influenced by peers, internet and mosques. In many cases their parents came here to escape living in a Muslim dominated place- they know it first hand- the kids sadly do not and in rebellion defy those same parents who did come here to make a quiet nice life and get away from ISLAMIC life.

          • Give me stats. I’ll give you a history lesson. The Irish were attacked in the same manner as you attack Muslims in the early 19th century. They have assimilated and become part of the American fabric. Same with the Chinese. The Catholic.

          • So Anthony, You admit now you are part of the problem, you nitpick certain parts out of a comment and try to twist them. Good for you! What a stellar example of spineless you are. Maybe you should stop trolling sites like this, it really serves no purpose to try and spread your spineless ignorance. Many have tried to explain to you, and you continue to talk the PC nonsense. So rather than continue this just move on to your next troll site. And your snide remarks about paranoia and hatred, doesn’t wash. There have been more than 20 thousand mooslem terrorist attacks since 911, but, I guess that is acceptable to you because it didn’t effect you. Many of us are aware and engaged in saving this country, you are not part of it and never will be, so you continue to transpose paranoia and hatred with awareness and resolve, two things you will never have.

          • No terrorist attack is acceptable. I don’t believe that I am spineless for pointing out the fallacy of your ideological believes.

          • My roommate read the Qur’an and prayed toward Mecca. He was an electrician for aircraft.

          • Irish and other groups Italians etc- were the victims of prejudice but unwarranted based on language or dress etc- none of those groups ever vowed to overthrow the govt- not one of them made a big giant fuss over keeping apart- they fought to be PART of USA not separate and and unequal- and their kids were not turning into human bombs

            so you admit your Muslim buddy was not in combat w Muslims
            you have proved nothing other than ignorance of the actual threats to your own safety- too bad you don’t care about your nation or your family and friends- we do- you have poked holes only in your own stinkin thinkin and oh so superior attitudinal bs

            you think all Germans were bad>? all Japanese? nope they were not- but we did have to bomb Germany to smithereens to get rid of Hitrler and Mussolini- with Japanese we faced a similar willing to die enemy – you I am sure decry the method used to end that was- a typical bleeding heart- however ingthe end it saved lives of many and saved us, and EU and USSR from living under Nazis ourselves

          • I served my country and I served it well. I believe in the possibilities of this country. You live by the doctrine of fear. I will always stand up for my country when the time comes. That is not the question. But I will not stand by while some demonize others for their religion. That includes yours too.

          • Islam is not a “religion” it’s more of a political ideology or cult. You are defending something you know virtually nothing about. You are regurgitating the the media bias. Like I said before, do some unbiased research into islam and you will find the truth. What are you afraid of, that you might be proved wrong. I have no doubt you will be.

      • Hello Peter35

        Thanks for the compliment and you also seem to know of what you speak.
        I think most people are afraid to face the reality of what might be heading our way…(?)
        You mention islam to the average Joe up here in Canada, and they get this “Oh-Oh, I don’t want to hear about any of this” look in their eyes…or so it seems to me.
        Some are coming around, but even they just sort of agree that
        “they’re taking over, it seems,…” and then they go back to their Tim Horton’s coffee..(which is VERY good coffee, by the way!!!)

        Some have said our generation (I am 62, going on 18 at times) has never had to sacrifice anything for the freedoms we all enjoy here in North America…and that lack of sacrifice has made us gullible, slovenly, and weak…and there is some very stark reality to that idea being true.

        I fear the majority of use won’t wake up to what’s happening until it’s too late.
        I hope not.

        I know I’LL never, ever, EVER submit to the son’s of bitches…EVER!

        • Hello back Amboy and thanks for the comment–sorry I’m a day late. You’re absolutely right about the average Canuck, unfortunately, and we can blame the MSM for that. Sun news is doing a good job; the only TV channel I know of in North America where they tell the truth.

          I’m 77yrs young, so have been around a bit and yes, I was too young for WW2, but am truly grateful to those who served–many I have known and who now are gone would I’m sure turn in their graves to see what is happening today, and not just in Canada, but the Western world.

          We do what we can to wake people up, and I comment regularly in newspapers here, in NZ, England, Norway and Sweden. It’s an uphill battle against PC, the MSM, leftist/Marxism–and of course the inbred, cretinous followers of the paedophile “prophet”, but hopefully the dhimmis will wake up before it’s too late!

          • Amboy & Peter, Thank you for your comments, it seems that too many have their heads in the sand or elsewhere about this issue! I to am in the 60 age and it seems that so many younger are asleep about the impending disaster unless we stand up and stop the islamization of the western world. i got tired of comments from the troll antony and just stepped back, but, I was glad to see you two stepped up! Great comments from both of you, Thanks!

    • I’ll be happy to reply. “The only good muslim is an apostate.” All the others embrace the dictates of their phony so-called faith which means kill those who are not muslim and refuse to convert….or who try to get out of the cult.

  3. The Bible and GOD do not teach go out and murder any who do not believe as it teaches. The Bible does not teach cover women in bags and beat or kill wives or daughters if they do something you don’t like, have sex with children or animals or even men with men and women with women. The true GOD does not force anyone to do anything. GOD gives you guide lines and they are for your good and safety. If you choose not to follow them, then he doesn’t force you. Jesus ask his followers not to run out and murder but to try to teach about GOD and his love for us. If they don’t listen he said walk away. It is their choice.

    • Really? The Bible doesn’t stay that people should be stoned to death. Or do we just ignore the Old Testament? As for covering women in burqas, or as what you refer to as bags, what about Corinthians 14:34-35? Do you allow women to speak in your church? I also don’t believe that the Qur’an has any mention of sex with animals or with people of the same sex. I think they also look down on that kind of behavior.

      • It appears you’re having a hard time distinguishing what the bible says as a matter of history and what the bible teaches as Christianity. The Golden Rule pretty much sums up Christianity so lets put an end to your “religious” BS hall we?

        • My religious BS. Well, Corinthians is part of the bible. You might not practice this part of the scripture, but not all Muslim women follow the Qur’an and wear burgas. I know, it’s amazing that you can’t paint any group with a broad brush, but keep trying.

          • It’s burkas or burqas not burgas.

            As I said Christianity was summed up with the Golden Rule. Go ahead and ignore that and keep referring to history that you think proves your point. It doesn’t.

            A muslim is a muslim and islam is islam. Unless a muslim apostates they are followers of islam whether they “practice” it or not. The price for apostasy is death. They will never speak against islam because the penalties are severe..When push comes to shove, they are always muslims first and citizens second.

            The burka is NOT a religious requirement, it is a personal choice promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood who see it as their walking emblems in non-muslim states.

            The Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda is, in their own words “to destroy America from within by their own hand” and see everyone submit to sharia (islamic law).

            It’s people like you that make this infiltration easier.

            If you don’t believe what I’ve said about islam then do your own (unbiased) research and prove me wrong. If you’re honest you will end up proving yourself wrong, just like I did several years ago.

          • The Golden Rule is something I can’t argue against. But not all Islam is represented by extremist groups as not all violence perpetrated in the name of Christianity is representative of all Christian. Thanks for the correction of burqa, I sometimes write too quickly and need to be reminded to reread what I write.

          • it is odd a person as you who has so much disdain for religions and sees all of them as equally bad- would be here to defend ISLAM- you have not proved your assertions- tell how faith is used in USA to manipulate politics- concrete examples- and I don’t mean people who have faith making laws, they have a right to ask for what they deem right, as you do to protest it- and we get to vote for reps who decide to keep or change laws not based on a state faith but by consensus.

            Do you not understand that those you consider fallible, useless and outdated did create a nation protected from having a state religion. Do you know ISla,ic countries eventhe KING (KSA) or prez (IRAN) is under the whims of the IMAMS. They cannot do anything withjout the consent of the “holymen”.

            Obviously you do not appreciate the beauty or privilege of having such country- and are not willing to protect it- by advocating for Islam or even ignoring it- you enable the people who wish to install sharia instead of our constitution- and make no mistake- that is not only their goal but they are well on the way to getting it- (for example “hate crime” speaking against Islam will be a new law if they win here- ie blasphemy will be a crime) which means YOU will have to live under sharia- you will lose freedom of speech freedom to insult religion which you seem to enjoy so much- no nudie bars no alcohol, no fun, mandatory headbangin for ALLAH death sentence for gays and adulterers or live as second class ‘protected” under Muslims if you agree to pay them off (mafia tactics)

          • Faith to manipulate politics in American. DOMA. Aboration rights. Creationism having equal footing with Evolution.

      • the Bible is an historical document- the descriptions say what happened in that specific time. Modhammed is supposed ot the perfect man, is to be emulated (rape, sodomy, looting, pillaging, conquest, child bride)- all of it- please provide evidence of the last stoning done by Jews or Christians- this practice is on going in some Muslim nations to today- they bury a woman in the dirt to her neck, then they mob up and throw rocks at her head so the death is slow- they take pics on their cellphones to jerk off to later.

        I think Jesus told people they cannot throw any stone unless they are sin free- you musta skipped that part

        • The Bible is not an accurate historical document. It’s as much as a historical document as Code of Hammurabi.

      • I have not waged in on this debate yet so I am not the anonymous from above. I will attempt to rename myself “anonymous4” after this.The stonings in the old testament, homosexuality,maltreatment of women all where the result of the warped mind of evil men, THEY WERE NEVER ORDERED BY GOD TO BE PRACTICED. Evil men came up with that crap..God did not. Why did he wipe out entire nations destroying every man, woman and child? Because of the evil they had become and represented and because of the false gods and idols they worshipped.

  4. I will never understand how this muslim-in-chief gets away with the things he does to destroy our great Country! He has had members of the MB in OUR White House in the past, continues to invite the scumbags here, into OUR White House. Yet, the MB, in their own words,,,”are dedicated to eliminating & destroying Western civilization from within & sabotaging it’s miserable house”.And so this prick bastard muslim-in-chief continues to kiss their ass because why? Because the scumbag truly believes he is a muslim as well, and that comes from his drunk, DUI killing, dead Kenyan low life father! This muslim-in-chief was not “elected”, he was “selected”. He has got to go one way or another! You can see the evil in his beedy lying eyes. BTW, July 27 D’nesh Disouza’s documentary hits the theaters . If you thought you knew the muslim-in-chief, wait’ll you see this! Your head will spin off your shoulders!

    Please, America…vote that puke Obama out in November, and pray to God Romney can do the job; although in my heart of hearts, I seriously doubt it. To think Romney’s the best the Republicans can muster is sad indeed, but he HAS to be better than that creep who’s in office now…!!!

    • It doesn’t matter if Romney is Mt. Rushmore material or not. All he has to do is to stop Obamacare. Anything else is icing on the cake.

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  7. Gotta remember that when he says ‘family, friends, neighbors and those in need’ he is referring to fellow COLONISTS, not non-moslemites.

  8. I’d like to remember that there is a great difference, nowadays, between the modern occidental societies and the oriental societies: the last one is until patriarchal, andrologic, androcentric, machist, racist, mysoginist like the ancient and medieval ages. Their values and rulers have relationship with the tribal social system (and so do their cultures…) According to these rulers, the State’s Chiefs are also the religeous people and they dominate the private life of their people(theocratic state) As result: no freedom, no freedom speech, no critics, no voice…the women mainly don’t have voice! I mean, for instance, the Law in Anerica,in Brazil,in France, won’t condemn someone because he or she is homo ssexual! That’s not a public problem, so the government won’t do that. …very different from the islamists theocratic State…Of course, all the monotheysts religions were, in the ancient age, patriarchal, machists and the discrimination phenomen was the center of the “macho”–pai(=father) patrone–power and the macho powerful society.But we are no more on the Middle Age nor on the Ancient Age. So the Occident lives in a Post-Modern Age, I mean, our societies have another culture. And the islamist should accept this kind of life as they want to live in countries that are not their original. When we immigrate, we must accept the law and the rulers from the countries we choose living! But , it doesn’t happen with the muslins as they dont have this profile. They are always diferents from the commom people. Their needs are the most important as they are the best …the best race all over the world and like this, they have special needs, rulers and the Law must be made for them!Really, they think the world must stop because of their stupid and racist religion!Finally, I would say that their bahaviour is colonialist and not an immigrant behaviour!They love to live in “ghetos” as they refuse always assimilate the occidental culture where they live. On the contrary, sometimes, I think, they would be like to be the nice countries like French, USA, ….as these countries represent today their poowerful nation they had on the past…What a frustration for them! They don’t accept they had the world on “their hands” on the Ancient Age and NOW it’s over! And the History won’t go back because they want… even if there are some corrupt governments that accept their money…even if they try to do the islamization wherever they go….the people nowadays “don’t sleep” and the information runs very fast!I’m a brazilian girl and I’m atheist. So i’m against the religeous domination and I think that relationship between religion and policy is very dangerous, it results obviously on FANATISM! THE ISLAMISTS KNOW THAT AND THEY USE TO DO THAT AS THEY KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THE MIND’S PEOPLE, THE MYTHS LIKE THE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST FEMALE, AGAINST HOMOSSEXUAL,AGAINST THE FEMALES THAT ARE NOT MARRIED, AGAINST THE FAMALE THAT WORKS OUT OF HER HOME….AND (THEY ARE FOR THE SLAVERY)….Then , american people you must fight for your country. You must copy the immigration law form these islamists countries: when we occidental females go to visit (tourism)these countries, what did they do?? they ogligate the use odf the veil.So we must do the same: that’s the tolerance. This way is the true one: when these islamists females go to USA , THEY HAVE TO KNOW ON THE IMMIGRATION SERVICE THAT THWY WWILL LIVE ON A COUNTRY WHICH THEY DO SHOW THEI FACE AND THEI HEAD. iF THEY REFUSE, OF COURSE, THEY ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO STAY THERE.HOWEVER, IF THEY DECIDE TO STAY IN AMERICA , THEY MUST KNOW YHAT OCCIDENTAL CULTURE IS LIKE THAT: THE HUMAN RELATIONSHIP BEGGINS WHEN WE SEE THE FACE OF OUR NEIGHBOUR. IT’S A SUGGESTION…TRY TO CHANGE THE IMMIGRATION LAW! ALETHEA RJ BRAZIL

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  10. The muslim-in-chief lavishes his flowery words of praise for any islamic person, group, or event he can get a microphone and teleprompter to spew his drivel for. But when it comes to ANYTHING American: a holiday, a hero, a patriotic gesture… he suddenly has other things far more important to do, e.g. fundraising, campaigning, golfing, vacationing, or just being completely unavailable. Doesn’t that tell us anything? Are people really so stupid they can’t put 2 and 2 together to get 4? Yet so many idiots and fools are still slobbering after him like a starving puppy looking for him to drop a few crumbs for them to lick up. It’s just sickening!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Don’t you know by now that he hates America. He hates Americans. He hates everything that is good and honorable about America.. and he will do anything, bar none, to destroy everything he can in the short time he has left.

  11. He can have as many RAMADOUCHE DINNERS that he wants. They will NEVER respect him although he thinks they do. They are just using him and he is too stupid to see it. Too bad he will not realize it till one of his muslim cabinet members or his muslim brotherhood visitors is bombing him and raping his wife and daughters. Heck..He is so stupid….that could be the very reason they visit him to begin with..to do away with him in the Whitehouse! They fear nothing..not jail..not death or punishment of any kind. Whats to stop them?? Wouldnt that be a honor for Allah! Wouldnt that give them a good laugh at Americas expense! We would be the laughing stock of the world!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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