Video: Rep Gohmert grills DHS head, proves infiltration beyond a doubt

Muslims now have free reign in the U.S. including classified information and are exempt not only from criticism but from questioning.

Napolitano is angered by those who caught a Muslim downloading classified information and attempting to peddle it to the media, not the Muslim who stole it.

Our elected officials (they are not leaders) are failing us miserably.

Gohmert’s first round with the truth-challenged Napolitano.

15 thoughts on “Video: Rep Gohmert grills DHS head, proves infiltration beyond a doubt

  1. John McCain and John Boehner are both pathetic little “men” for their attacks on these courageous courageous Congressmen / women.

  2. Senator McCain is a disgrace! Recall that he is one of the architects of the Indefinite Detention Bill (NDAA) that allows American citizens to be locked up indefinitely without due process of law…etc. Nothing he says means anything to me. He is a traitor to his oath to defend the Constitution. Pray that Arizona sees the light and send this turn coat packing.

  3. McCain and NUTOPOLITANO are both BUFFOONS AND UNAMERICAN with respect to our REPUBLIC GOVT. as set forth
    by the CONSTITUTION. Both from ARIZONA and a smack in the face
    to our state. As they say MONEY TALKS AND BULL CRAP WALKS.
    They both fit this catigory. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. When Napolitano said she wasn’t aware that individuals connected to terrorist organizations were invited to the White House, I had to break down laughing. Apparently she doesn’t consider members of the Muslim Brother hood connected to terrorist Organizations. Weather it’s lying about securing our borders from Illegals, or lying about Obama’s connections to Islamic terrorist, Napolitano is doing a poor job of it. Napolitano and Eric the Red Holder are both lying to congress and the liberal media continues to back them all the way to the destruction of this country.

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    • I’d like to see the military step in and arrest all of them. I have visions of them all marching in a row toward the docket then the hangman.

  6. The muzzies won’t need to take our country from us because those in DC are just going to give it to them. They are all traitors and need dealt with as such.

  7. Gohmert shredded Nappy- he proved she is either lying or totally incompetent- Bachman is correct to go after how these terror supporters, these traitors, these Muslims crying victim, I am discriminated against, and find our how they got security clearances and WHO granted them such.
    It proves that far from being profiled or discriminated they have been given the green light to infiltrate and steal and plot against us.

    Thank G-d the congress has a few members who are not dhimmified dupes and Islamophiles

    • Incompetant, treasonous, disloyal American are a few of the words that come to mind when I see this video of Janet Napolitano. The congressman represented America well and proved his suspicions. However ,it will do no good unless Napolitano and her muslim cohort are helds accountable for this. It seems Obama and Holder are not held accountable for any of the treasonous acts they have committed and have gotten away with what they have done and continue to commit them. Who is responsible fo getting rid of Napolitano? And will they do their job and hold her accountable?

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