YouTube launches Ramadan channel for “month of jihad”

Ramadan is the month of jihad and conquest and war and death after all. Sponsored in part by Lipton of Lipton Tea fame. via YouTube launches Ramadan-themed channel – Media –

Video-sharing site YouTube will launch an online channel dedicated to Ramadan-theme programming, it was announced today.

The service, which will broadcast shows the same day they air on television, is a joint venture with sponsor Unilever through its brands Lipton and Knorr.

According to a statement from YouTube, which is owned by search giant Google, shows will be categorised, allowing users to browse by genre and title.

Internet users in the Middle East and North Africa watch an average of 167m YouTube videos a day, ranking the region as the second globally in terms of views.

It is the first time YouTube had rolled a channel specifically for the Islamic holy month. A preview of upcoming shows is already available on

Ramadan is due to start later this month, most likely July 20 or July 21.

Hat tip to Kathy Shaidle who asks Why are Google and YouTube celebrating Ramadan — when they ignore Christmas?

From Google’s official blog:

Today, more than a billion Muslims around the world begin to observe the holy month of Ramadan, fasting from dawn to sunset.

This year, we’re bringing some of the most venerable Ramadan traditions online.

Including jihad videos of which there are tens of thousands on Youtube including Youtube accounts from known terrorist organizations.

We’re sharing the Islamic prayers live from Mecca on a dedicated YouTube channel.

Millions of people from around the world will be able to experience and comment on the event by tuning in via video.

So I searched for “Christmas” at Google’s official blog, and got results about Christmas shopping and the cute tradition of tracking Santa via NORAD.

But Midnight Mass at the Vatican? Nope. Nothing resembling prayer.

Then I searched for “Easter.”

The first result? Gay Pride events sponsored by… Google.

Then Pac-Man’s “birthday.” (?)

I invite you to search the blog for Hindu and Jewish holidays and see what comes up.

I have said this before:

Google and YouTube and Twitter and Facebook are owned by people who don’t share our beliefs.

In the best case scenario, they are simply young and ignorant and well-meaning; their default setting is “progressive.”

In the worst case: they could shut down your blog (Google owns Blogger) and your Twitter account — and “disappear” you from the internet, based solely on your politics.

Taking Obama’s (and Clinton and Bush): Obama marks Ramadan, looks forward to Islamic dinner at White House

14 thoughts on “YouTube launches Ramadan channel for “month of jihad”

  1. Prayers and NOT Politics. Obama ordering all USA facilities to put flags at One Half Mast on Friday was totally out of order and unnecessary, especially from a POTUS who did not even recognize July 4th as USA Independence Day nor did he make any appropriate proclamations on Memorial Day. This is sheer hypocrisy on Obama’s part and is using this tragedy to make him appear patriotic and sympathetic, when in fact, he is neither. The Batman Massacre was done by one De-Ranged Southern California Nut, not an Average USA citizen.

    Do not allow the Obama Regime use this human tragedy created by one deranged individual use this to promote the UN Agenda of Disarming All Citizens in the USA and elsewhere, except in the Hands of Gestapo-Types such as the FBI, CIA, HLS, US Marshals and a myriad of other Police Forces in the USA and to all Criminals who are allowed to run amok Lawlessly in the USA, including about 30 Million Illegal Invaders who murder more than a dozen or more Legal and Innoncent USA citizens daily that go totally unreported, even when found to be Illegal Invaders.

    Wonder why there was not an outcry from the LEFT and Media to Hold the Obama Regime Responsible for the Mass Murdering Islamic Terrorist, Major Nadal Hasan, US Army, who committed Jihad while on Active Duty of his Fellow Soldiers at Fort Hood Texas. There was absolutely No Outcry or Condemnation of the Obama Regime when this Massacre took place. Obama and his regime had given ordersto protect Islamic Soldiers in order to be Politically Correct and Culturally Diverse. This was Incompetence on the Part of Obama, The Pentagon, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They long knew that Hasan was a Terrorist Muslim Sympatizer and Should have been Court Martialled and Arrrested at least a year before the Fort Hood Massacre Occurred, which by the way destroyed 13 USA Soldiers who were totally innocent and defenseless.

  2. SCREW YOUTUBE AND THERE RAMADAN SITE. Who gives a CRAP ABOUT MUSLIMS!! I SURE DONT. Who will join in in kicking
    these crud mongers out of the USA!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • The aim of Islam is world domination. Nothing more and nothing less. I have talked to seemingly nice, moderate Muslims who run convenience stores, etc. right in my neighborhood, and they will openly say that USA politics and actions is irrelevant, that “it is Allah’s Will that Islam is to dominate the entire Earth.” I have heard it right of the mouth of a man from India, who is a Muslim, tell me this, and he says it as if it is absolute fact. There is no such thing a moderate Muslim as they truly believe that it is Allah’s Will that they dominate the entire world. If this does not alarm you, then go back to sleep and don’t act surprised when we have been taken over by our enemies with the aid of our own government if it continues as it is now under the Obama Regime.

    • We all pontificate about Islam and base our beliefs on hear say, but I stood there and listened to this Muslim Businessman living and breathing and voting in the USA make this statement while the Official word VIA Media and Government and even Churches is that Islam means us no harm and that are a peaceful movement. They are a Patient Movement, but when enough of them have infiltrated our culture taking advantage of our decency and constitutional rights, they will make a move. They are already involving themselves in community affairs and getting elected to local, state and federal offices, and when they reach a critical mass in numbers, they will make their move to take over the entire country. That is why we cannot allow this to happen. It is time to put aside PC and Cultural Diversity and Put on a Pair of Balls and stand up and speak out against these Enemies of the USA and Western Civilization in general.

  3. “I invite you to search the blog for Hindu and Jewish holidays and see what comes up.”

    Ok. brb.


    Searched Google for “Hannukah”. The Jewish festival of lights. A major festival that runs about the same time as Christmas does for Christians.

    What came up first was the Wiki on Hannukah. Fine.

    What came up second was a link to with all kinds of articles, etc. on Hannukah. Fine.

    What came up third was a link to Chabad, which is a Jewish organization that always puts up huge giant menorahs in major cities around the world at Hannukah. Fine.

    What came up fourth was a link to “what is Hannukah” on Fine.

    What came up fifth was a link to the Akhlah site which is a Jewish site for children, with information on it regarding what is Hannukah. Fine.

    What came up sixth was a link to with information on what is Hannukah. Fine.

    I mean, do I need to go on? I looked and all the way down for pages and pages and pages its HANNUKAH information.

    Nothing else.

    So…what was the point of telling us to search for this again? Im a little confused.

        • Well…. why wasnt it clear to you? You wrote it yourself with the very first sentence you wrote in your comment “I invite you to SEARCH THE BLOG”……and YOU KNOW ITS TRUE cause you can read it above! No need to be a asshole about things because you made a kindergarden mistake!

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  5. Does’nt everyone want to see a bunch of muslims in other countries bent over with their asses showing???!! OR HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF WATCHING THE ONE IN THE WHITEHOUSE???!!!

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