@keithellison Rewrites History on his Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR Ties

via The PJ Tatler » Rep. Keith Ellison Rewrites History on his Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR Ties.

The most recent salvo in the kerfuffle between Minnesota congressmen Michele Bachmann and Keith Ellison finds Ellison attacking Bachmann for her statements made on Glenn Beck’s radio program on Thursday, where she said:

GLENN:  Okay.  So when you wrote this letter, then Keith Ellison comes out.  And Keith Ellison is ‑‑ he has a record of being the Mafia hitman.

CONGRESSWOMAN BACHMANN:  Well, he has a long record of being associated with CAIR and with the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is an unindicted co‑conspirator, as stated in the large terrorist financing case that we’ve had in the United States of America and so he came out and essentially wanted to shut down the inspectors general from even looking into any of the questions that we were asking. So he wanted to shut it down.  In response I wrote another letter back to Keith Ellison, a 16‑page letter which I would encourage all of your listeners to go and read this letter. It’s what I call a bulletproof letter. I have 59 footnotes with one example after another of the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the federal government…

In response, Ellison told the Huffington Post:

“I am not now, nor have I ever been, associated with the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said with a laugh.

In fact, it is his denial that is laughable.

But this weekend Ellison doubled-down on his denial, telling Politico:

I support American institutions. I don’t know enough about [the Muslim Brotherhood]. What I know about them is that in Egypt, one of their candidates has ascended to the presidency. I’ve never met that person. But I do think the United States should have a foreign policy where we talk to foreign leaders of all kinds. But no, I don’t have any, I don’t have any Muslim Brotherhood connections that she’s talking about.

According to Ellison’s impeccable logic, since he hasn’t met Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader and new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, therefore he has no knowledge of the Muslim Brotherhood.

But a mountain of evidence of his contacts with and support of Muslim Brotherhood front groups – identified as such by the U.S. Government – shows that the Muslim Brotherhood definitely knows who he is.

Rewind to 2008 when Keith Ellison went on a 16-day hajj trip to Saudi Arabia paid for by the Muslim American Society (MAS) to the tune of $13,500.

As Scott Johnson at Powerline noted at the time that Ellison had conflicting stories about who paid for the trip:

The Star Tribune first reported on Ellison’s hajj in two puff pieces by Mitch Anderson this past December. Anderson first reported the statement of Ellison spokesman Rick Jauert that Ellison had paid for the trip himself. When Anderson returned to the story, he got such deep stuff from Ellison as this: “This is just me trying to be the best person I can be.” In the second story Anderson also reported that the MAS Minnesota paid for Ellison’s trip to Mecca, though Anderson didn’t pause to note the discrepancy between his two stories on this point.

As Fox News reported on the MAS sponsorship of Ellison’s trip, Ellison returned the favor to his benefactors by speaking at the 2007 and 2008 MAS-Minnesota conventions.

But who is MAS?

Fortunately, federal prosecutors cleared up the matter back in December 2007 when they said in a court filing in the federal appeal of convicted terror operative Sabri Benkahla (page 58, footnote 13):

MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Patrick Poole has a whole lot of damning evidence over at PJ Media including videos, flyers and links. Much more will come to light soon. Like Ellison’s trip to Qatar’s Sharia college on Presidents Day weekend or his former website that posted troop movements. It concludes with this:

Finally, Keith Ellison has some serious chutzpah to attack anyone as “malicious and bigoted” considering his history as former local Minneapolis spokesman for the rabidly anti-Semitic Nation of Islam.

Among the many low-lights of Ellison’s pre-congressional career was a statement he gave during a meeting of the Minnesota Initiative Against Racism, where he defended “the truth” one of the group’s members claims that “Jews are the most racist white people.” Lovely.

So before the media parrots his heated accusations of Michele Bachmann’s supposed “bigotry”, perhaps Keith Ellison needs to be measured by his own standards.

And color me skeptical of his claim that because he hasn’t met Egyptian president and Muslim Brotherhood party leader Mohammed Morsi, he has no knowledge of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That, however, begs the question: if he really doesn’t know who the Muslim Brotherhood is, how can he attack Michele Bachmann for trying to bring him up to speed?

In the spirit of PolitiFact, considering Ellison’s extensive contacts with both the Muslim American Society and the Council on American-Islamic Relations – both identified by the U.S. government as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood – we would have to rate his disingenuous and outright laughable claims to have no associations with the Muslim Brotherhood as “pants on fire”.

But having sufficiently proven his associations with identified Muslim Brotherhood fronts and leaders in the face of his heated denials of any association, no doubt his media guardians will now attack me for “guilt-by-association”.

One final note to the establishment media: you’re not going to be able to run and hide from these statements by the FBI and Justice Department about Keith Ellison’s Muslim Brotherhood front friends for much longer. Drop the witchhunt hysterics and let’s have a real debate about the facts. (This is me not holding my breath.)

Minnesotans have an easy choice to make in their next election: USMC veteran Chris Fields (R) enters race vs Congressman Keith Ellison.

16 thoughts on “@keithellison Rewrites History on his Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR Ties

  1. Keith Ellison is a liar and any muslim in our government needs to be removed, they are not loyal nor can they be loyal to the American Constitution. Muslims are allowed to lie to support islam and it’s political ideology. Wake up America. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  2. This needs to be brought to the attention of the Pinheads in Minnesota that voted this clown into office in the first place. Maybe the winters are far more debilating than we all thought…..talk about brain freeze…these folks have GOT to be deaf, dumb and blind…..


    • Intern camps, a good idea, but NOT in mainland USA. US and Canada have plenty of land far up north in the tundra; build camps there, where muslims can ‘akbar’ all they like, and be mosquito food in the brief summer, and in the winter——-nanook! Damn, I’m mean.

      • MEAN IS GOOD! It is time to get mean because nice and all the foreign aid we send them is not working or making them LIKE US OR BE NICE TO US!

      • Taking it another step, maybe someone ought to visit the former USSR and take notes on how their gulag system worked. Certainly they had it down pat. Joe Stalin knew his business in that field, in fact he wrote the book.

      • Peter…
        let’s make sure that they are allowed out for an hour exercise not only in Spring but during the middle of Winter also!! No Parkas, no boots that are able to withstand -50C, no mittens and no balaclavas or scarves! They should be able to keep themselves warm by walking in a circle reciting the Qu’ran!

        BTW…you’re not mean! You are just wanting to give them a taste of Northern Canadian hospitality!! LOL!

  4. On a bright note, Rush just had a very spirited defense of Bachman, who’s “just doing her Constitutional duty” as a member of the House Intelligence Committee – and then went on to explain Andrew McCarthy’s “education” about Islam and how there’s NO separation of “radican islam” and normative islam. Anyway, as more of all of this comes to light (i.e., the truth about pisslam), I think more & more Americans are slowly waking up and taking note – and the ugliness of pisslam is having the bright light of day expose its perfidy.

  5. the muslim brotherhood has a clearly defined plan for taking over the US …its been outlined in an article i found at FRONTPAGEMAG.COM a couple years ago…they dont plan on using force or violence ..but apathy and thru legislature….and ellison seems to be one of the frontrunners …. ellison is proud that thomas jefferson owned a koran, he used it to swear on when taking office …but the fact is, jefferson believed in KNOWING YOUR ENEMY, we were losing soldiers in the barbary coast as well as goods thru muslim attacks.

  6. I hope the people of Minnisota have gotten psychological help for the mental insanity they had at the last election that caused them to stumbled to the polls and push the wrong button and vote for this lying piece of disloyal, unamerican, middle eastern, muslim, animalistic, trash. Should we take up a collection and sent them some meds to make sure they take their meds on election day???

    • ellison’s district includes minneapolis and the u of minn. This is the perfect ground for ‘victim’ and ‘minority’ cards to be played to their fullest extent. Here you also find the somali enclave. They all vote-as often as they can on election day. Michelle Bachman, in contrast, represents a more ‘rural’ as opposed to ‘urban’ district where traditional values are cherished as part of every day life. They help make it possible for the ellison types to live off their good graces.

  7. Ellison is an extremely dangerous person that has wormed his way into position to help destroy America and bring it under sharia.
    He looks American, He sounds American but he is a gross traitor to America.

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