Minnesota judge submits to sharia, postpones defendant hearing for Ramadan

via ‘Man in Black’ bank robbery defendant gets monthlong Ramadan delay in hearing – TwinCities.com.

Citing religious views, an accused bank robber known as “The Man in Black” asked a federal judge this week to postpone hearings until the end of Ramadan, a monthlong Muslim observance.

Mark Edward Wetsch was charged with holding up 13 Minnesota banks between March 2011 and January 2012. The robber earned his moniker by wearing all black during the heists, in which he made off with about $69,000.

Wetsch was scheduled to have a motion hearing Friday, July 20, in U.S. District Court in St. Paul but asked the judge to continue the hearing so he could observe the holy month of Ramadan, a period of daylight fasting, prayer and reflection. Ramadan began Friday and lasts 30 days.

After Magistrate Judge Jeanne Graham denied his initial request for a continuance, Wetsch argued that his meal and prayer requirements can be accommodated, but there are other elements of Ramadan to be observed as well.

“Mr. Wetsch describes two tenets that must also be adhered to during Ramadan: The faith calls for not engaging in conflict and argument; and to work to reconcile differences and seek peace,” said Wetsch’s motion, filed Thursday. “Clearly, a contested hearing in which the government is making allegations against Mr. Wetsch and he is fighting against causes him to engage in conflict and argument.”

Graham approved his renewed request. His next hearing has not yet been scheduled.

 When did Wetsch find Islam?

11 thoughts on “Minnesota judge submits to sharia, postpones defendant hearing for Ramadan

    FAKE MUSLIM and the SIC Stupid Judge bought into it. Our Judiciary
    needs an OVERHAUL to get rid of these MILK TOAST NUT JOBS OFF THE BENCH.

  2. You got it right!

    …the Sic Stupid Judge “bought” into…

    Just like all the “other”…wanna’ be Politicians we have in this country today…”they” have ALL been “bought!”

  3. all those slimey muzzies have to do is bend over & there’s always some stupid PC american who is ready ready to kiss their posterior parts. we need to rid ourselves of the muzzies & the judges who cater to them…BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  4. He gave him a month or more to get a headstart and RUN from the law. He will NEVER BE FOUND AGAIN. Stupid butt kissing judge. Since religion cannot be in our government in any way thanks to the liberal left, why are we allowing it into our courtrooms to make concessions for criminals??? Why don’t we let all prisoners out every Sunday morning for church too…I am sure they will come back!

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  6. Wetsch found islam fortuitously, as have others, among them one Joseph Smith who made his discovery while in ‘the big house’ in New York in 1826. Smith had divine revelations-just like mohammed; liked the girls and thought he should have more than one-just like mohammed; and when he exited prison actually said: “I shall be the new mohammed”.

    Amazing isn’t it? There is a thinly disguised muslim in the White House, and who is running against him for the Presidency–one of Joseph Smith’s crowd. Well, at least the Mormons have moved with the times.

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