U.S. gives Jordan another $100M of your tax dollars, $2.4B in past 5 years

Taxation for Islamization as the fiscal cliff gets closer each day. via U.S. gives Jordan $100 million to help host Syrian refugees.

A top U.S. official said on Sunday that Washington has given $100 million in aid to Jordan to help host tens of thousands of Syrians who have fled the unrest back home and taken refuge in the kingdom.

U.S. ambassador to Jordan, E. Jones, said that the U.S. aid will also help Jordan meet its growing energy needs in light of the repeated cut-offs occurring from unstable gas supplies from Egypt.

He said the aid will address “the strains on the national budget as a result of the repeated disruption of the Egyptian natural gas, and especially the added cost of providing services and basic commodities to those fleeing the appalling violence in Syria.”

“Nowhere outside of Syria are the effects of the Syrian regime’s violence felt as acutely as in Jordan,” he said at a joint news conference with Jordanian Planning Minister Jaafar Hassan.

The latest aid comes over and above the $660 million approved by Washington in December as military and economic aid to Jordan, which has received $2.4 billion from Washington in the past five years.

Debt-ridden Jordan, a major beneficiary of U.S. aid, is hosting more than 140,000 Syrians, and the kingdom is building more camps to house the refugees.

The energy-poor country has expressed concerns that cuts in gas supplies from Egypt could cost the kingdom more than $2 billion dollars in 2012.

Attackers on Sunday blew up a gas pipeline in Egypt’s Sinai used to export fuel to Israel and Jordan, the 15th such attack since 2011.

American taxpayers have received nothing in return.

31 thoughts on “U.S. gives Jordan another $100M of your tax dollars, $2.4B in past 5 years

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  2. What about our “growing energy needs???” or our “unstable GAS PRICES!!???” or ” our strains on our budget???” or our “added cost of providing services and commodities to those illegally immigrating to America from Mexico!!???” or the “military and economic aid ” WE NEED BECAUSE WE ARE AT WAR IN SEVERAL MUSLIM COUNTRIES!! The money we give them for economic and military aid will go to buy equipment and bombs to use on our own soldiers..good grief! Those people do not care about their OWN PEOPLE!! That
    is a no brainer!! Have you seen any of these muslim countries put their own peoples welfare BEFORE MURDERING AMERICANS!!Did our government not learn from the increase of debt we have incurred from social welfare give away programs that if you “feed a wild animal that you take away its ability to hunt for itself?? Our country is responsible for making a welfare state of THE WORLD!! If these countries do not learn to take care of their own during times of stress and tragedy THEY NEVER WILL!!. Do you see them handing us aid for all the illegal aliens we have immigrating here or for our upcoming economic collapse ??? American wake up!! A government who does not take care of their own FIRST is DOOMED TO FALL!

    • I wish people like you would wake up one day and realize that money sent to the Middle East by us is never intended to help the poor people there. It is used to fund oppressive regimes and black ops. The poor people in the Middle East are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They have been able to survive in the desert for thousands of years without outside help. They don’t need your money. They would prefer to be left alone. By the way, Muslims aren’t out to get you. Quit being so paranoid. The military industrial complex needs you to believe in a bogeyman so you continue to shell out money to them for protection. Kind of like the mafia or gangs would smash your store front windows or break your legs so you pay them protection money. Remember before Islam, the fear was communists and the Soviet Union.

      • I wish people like you would get your head out of your ass and properly read what was written. I believe I SAID they did not care for their own people and that the money given under the disguise of aid would be used to buy military equipment to use against our soldiers. Who do you think would use the military equipment against our soldiers??OPPRESSIVE REGIMES! DUH! Also , MUSLIMS ARE OUT TO GET US. I AM 100% SURE IT WAS MUSLIMS WHO BLEW UP THE WORLD TRADE CENTERS<PENTAGON and crashed a plane over a

        Pennsylvania field, bombed the USS Cole, blew up a barracks full of our soldiers in Lebanon, drug our dead soldiers through the streets of Mogadishu and shot up Fort Hood and I could go on.I am 100 % sure it WAS NOT THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! The soviet union and the communists did not have anything to do with it. It is YOU WHO NEEDS TO WAKE UP! OR BETTER YET…SHUTUP!

  3. Surely, certainly, the OIC are laughing at us. If not that, they see this as an obligation of dhimmis to support the caliphate. Wondering when the dhimmi dress code will be enforced for all visitors to muslamic countries.

  4. The Western world has got to stop fighting muslim wars; we are achieving nothing–the moment Western forces leave Afghanistan the taliban will be back again. Most of you surely know this, and thousands of Western soldiers have, literally, died for nothing. This will offend some people, but unfortunately it’s true.

    The muslim in the White House (piss be upon him) is openly helping his muslim brothers, and will continue to do so in any and every way, and dhimmis are coming out of the woodwork every day to actually support him and the islamic cause. I sincerely hope Americans are noting the names of these traitorous imbeciles.

    • I AM NOT OFFENDED. My son fought in Iraq and will suffer permanently for it because he was shot by a mobile rocket launcher while he slept. Spent 18 months in a rehab unit for traumatic brain injury.I feel exactly that way.Our resources would have been better spent securing our borders and not allowing the first ARAB to cross them. After 911, every damn mosque in this country should have been closed by the military and the muslims in them sent back to the Islamic country in which they came IN HAND CUFFS! PERIOD. I feel like my sons suffering and sacrifice was for NOTHING because our government has not protected this country from invasion and infiltration while my son and others were gone off fighting their Islamic wars for oil and have allowed these animals to take over our government and country. Now these wounded soldiers have to look at the very sorry assed, stinking, left handed butt wiping, hate filled, satanic pediphiles they only know as “the enemy” they fought against.Talk about PTSD everytime they see one on the streets! Except now..they cannot shoot them.

      • Most of the Middle Eastern Muslims in the USA are here due to the wars the US has started overseas since at least the 1940’s. I guarantee not a single Palestinian will remain in the US if their land was given back to them. And NO, Palestinians cannot go live in Arab countries because Palestinians are mostly Canaans, not Arabs (huge difference). Of course the US govt will never end its support for Israel, so you are stuck with the outcomes, and that includes refugees of wars. And this isn’t a partisan issue. Both republicans and democrats fly to Israel to kiss their behinds before getting elected. Romney was just recently there. And Obama pledged more money to Israel. Which country are they running for office in anyway? Thought they should be representing the American people and American interests?

        • No muslims are here as refugees although that is the status in which they apply for. They are here to infiltrate and take us over as their quran directs them to do in anyway they can do it no matter how dishonest they have to be. They have no reason to be here. Our tax dollars rebuild their lands, unless THEY HAVE BLOWN THEM UP AGAIN! Palestinians would never be happy if Israel gave them 1oo fold what they ask for .It would never be enough. All they want is to fight,fight,fight and kill,kill,kill.As for Israel, I hope we fund,fund fund Israel. The more muslims they kill over there is that many less we have to worry about coming over here.

          I am for a MUSLIM FREE AMERICA!

  5. They failed to mention that the money was really designated for the terrorist training camps that the Socialists in the Democratic Party are sponsoring in Jordan in order to prepare and arm their Muslim terrorist armies to oust Assad in Syria.

    • One might as well come to the realization that ALL TAXPAYER AID, WHICH IS OUR MONEY ANYWAY,sent to ANY muslim country is used to by bombs and equipment TO KILL OUR TROOPS OR OUR ALLIES TROOPS. It begins with us and will end with us when we cut off their aid. They DO NOT used it for their own people, HELL THEY BLOW UP THEIR OWN PEOPLE!!! WHY CAN’T OUR GOVERNMENT SEE THAT?????DUH!!

      • Anonymous4, thanks for your comments, and though I’m old and useless, I’m with you all the way. As to your son’s experience, I really don’t have adequate words. Sorry.

        Your last sentence though, “why can’t our Govt. see that?” You know who your President is don’t you, and his gang?

        One last thing-thanks for the “4”; so many people call themselves “Anonymous”, and we haven’t a clue which Anonymous they are.

    • Actually, the money was really designated to protect Israel. Jordan is an American ally and friendly with Israel. You were right about the terrorism part though, only the opposite. The terrorism is directed against Muslims, not for them.

      • Terrorism has not been perpetrated against muslims and never has been. Its called JUSTICE and anything they have been given they deserved and ask for.

      • Jordan is not Americas friend no matter what they say and never will be. they are just another lying country of Arabs.

  6. You are welcome! I did not want to be associated with some of the posts that had anonymous as their author! I knew which posts were mine but was not thinking, until it was brought to my attention, that you all may not know which posts were mine.
    As far as my government and president goes, I KNOW who we have in there…. THE ENEMY! I never wanted this muslim president in office and certainly not while I had a son over in Iraq. He has proven himself to be the most corrupt president and cabinet I have seen in my years of voting. He proves to be more corrupt everyday as he and his cabinet are caught in one coverup after another.
    As far as my sons injury goes, what brings me peace with it and helps me cope is having the honor to get to communicate and vent sometimes with people like you and Isaiah62, who I feel are like minded and understand the frustration I feel with my government as well as the dangers of Islam.
    Most people just think I am bitter towards muslims because of what happened to my son. However, it is not. I have educated myself regarding muslims, their sharia and their quran which meant reading as much of it as I could possibly stomach.It was FOR MY SON I did this so I could have some idea of the atrocities he had seen, as well as, know why HE FEELS they are worthless animals not worthy of saving. He feels the first soldier should have never been sent there and a nuke needs to be dropped on what he calls their God forsaken land and people.
    It is for people like you two, who are willing to stand up for what is right and speak out and refuse to let the liberal left outshadow your voice of RIGHT that I get some peace that his suffering was not in vain. THANK YOU …and please dont stop shouting the truth. It is what makes us feel his service was worth it to us.

    • I am honored to be your internet friend Anon4- thanks for using the number – it does help tell us who is saying what- I am sad to know that your son will pay a debt he never incurred for the rest of his life- I do not have such a personal reason as you, like my child, but after 9-11 which happened in my hometown I began to research and found I had to re-assess my beliefs . What I found about Islam shocked me to the core. I am also as you know JEWISH- and feel every death in Israel in a personal way- knowing it could be me or my family (I have family there too) I was very liberal a DEM voter all my life until I began to really understand Bush’s assertion about the Axis of Evil and I KNEW, I saw, he was 100% right- all that is needed for EVIL to flourish is for good men (&women) to do nothing.
      My views have put me in a collision course with friends and family- on internet I have been called racist and worse- threatened and more- I will never shut up about what I know to be true. I can’t. I do not wish to see USA of freedom destroyed by ugly forces in cahoots (communism and Islam). I refuse to just surrender, to apologize for USA being the BEST or richest- to take the blame for other nations incompetence and wrong values.(EU< UK< UN)
      It is way past time to close the door on immigration for any reason- we have enough people & we are not taking care of our own. In my life family is first- Americans are my family. If I had a dangerous brother who was intent upon doing harm to our family I would make sure he was contained or cured- if I had to protect the rest from that person if necessary kill him myself.

      • Thank you for your kind words and your loyalty to this free land of ours. I also thank you for the willingness to learn about Islam and its dangers and the open mindedness you have in which you were willing to study, learn and re-assess your beliefs. So many Americans will not do that because it requires just what you did, speaking up, going against family and maybe changing party affiliation. I was raised in a strong southern democratic family and my parents still vote straight down those democratic party lines. I could argue with my Dad till the muslims bomb these mountains I live close to and he would never GET IT. My Mom just kills me! She does not even know what she is voting for half the time! She just votes how Dad tells her too. My Dad accuses me of corrupting my brother and my sister because they are conservative voters and holidays with him used to be HELL with him trying to convince us of how wrong we were to support the conservative party. My sister quit going to their house for the holidays because she could not take it anymore and it was then my Mom told Dad to leave us alone and to never speak of politics again when we were over there because “SHE wanted to see her children and grandchildren.” I have a brother in Montana who is a welfare suck and has claimed he is disabled for years has lived off my tax dollars. He is a big Obama supporter because he wants a increase in his disability! Pisses me off so bad! My younger sister has a 12 year old disabled child who cannot walk without assistance,mostly uses a wheelchair and a walker,cannot swallow so he has to be suctioned and cannot eat and has to be G-tube fed but according to OUR GOVERNMENT HE IS NOT DISABLED and cannot draw disability which would help them so much with his medical care because he has a nurse 40 hrs per week because his Dad works and my sister has to sleep sometime and cannot monitor his airway 24/7. I remind my brother often that HE IS NOT DISABLED BUT HIS NEPHEW IS AS WELL AS HIS NEPHEW THAT SERVED IN IRAQ but he IS NOT DISABLED and it pisses him off and we will not hear from him for months! We have not seen him in almost 20 years , although he wants to come home to suck the life out of my parents as he did when he was a teenager and we all were little but I PUT A END TO THAT LITTLE NOTION IN HIS HEAD! I got a copy of his mental health record in which he stated “That in THREE SEPARATE INCIDENCES he KILLED THREE PEOPLE IN SELF DEFENSE???? Self defense??COME ON! I also told him if he EVER stepped foot in this state much less our county I was going to turn him over to the sheriffs dept to be extridited back to Arizona where this happened so fast his head would spin or have him put in a mental institution for the rest of his life. Since I am related to the local sheriff he believes I will do it (I might have insinuated the sheriff would help me…maybe)and has never stepped foot back or attempted to come back in 20 years.I truly believe he would kill my parents for their money if he came back. I would literally have to move in with my parents, at least my Beretta and I would, to watch over them because I do not trust him.If I did not I would worry myself to death about it. Anyway I say all that to say I know what you mean when you talk about protecting your family. A person has to do what they have to do to protect their family. I have rambled on too long and I apologize but I do want to say thank you again for your love for this country. Never stop being verbal over this passion we call FREEDOM. I pray for Israel every night and will add your family to that list. I feel so bad for Israel because they are so close to danger and that our president has badly mistreated them and THAT is the only thing I will apologize on behalf of America for because I am ashamed that our president has abandoned our longtime friend as he has done. You honor our troops, the fallen and the suffering and you give meaning to their tragedys and keep their voices alive when you stand up and never stop being vigilant for the land they loved enough to sacrifice for. YOU TRULY ARE ONE OF GODS SPECIAL PEOPLE AND IT IS AN HONOR TO TALK TO YOU.

        • I agree a4, All of them, and Niko, even obama admits he was a muslim in Indonesia–when did he convert? He didn’t. He bowed to the king in Saudi Arabia–as a muslim would, he says the sound of the muezzin calling for prayer is “The most beautiful sound in the world”, as a muslim would, he says “When the winds blow ugly, I will stand with the muslims”–any muslim would, he takes American taxpayers money and gives BILLIONS of it to the ENEMY, when America is broke–as a good muslim president would.

          And don’t tell me about Bin Laden–obama was on the golf course, and Panetta made the call to take him out! obama declined to make the decision three times, on the advice of Valerie Jarrett, heard of her? Mother of Christ, what does it take to get through to some of you people?!

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