At least six new mosques open or under way in Oklahoma

It’s no wonder they fought so aggressively to permit sharia law in Oklahoma. via Oklahoma: Muslims celebrate first Ramadan in new Norman mosque.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Such is the case with the 7,000-square-foot mosque that opened in the spring at 420 E Lindsey in Norman. The Islamic Society of Norman recently held a community open house at the mosque. Friday, the mosque began hosting prayers and fellowship gatherings for Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Farid Elyazgi, the society’s spokesman, said he and other mosque leaders have anticipated the nightly Ramadan gatherings because it will be the first time the holiday has been celebrated in the new facility.

Elyazgi said about 95 percent of the $950,000 cost to build the mosque came from within the Norman Islamic community. Muslims in other parts of the metro and state, and even other states, contributed as well.

Imad Enchassi is president and imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, one of the largest Muslim congregations in the state. He said the Norman Muslim community, like others of its kind, started out small but has experienced enough growth over the years to warrant upgraded or new worship facilities. Other congregations are following suit.

Every single mosque is expanding,” Enchassi said. “There’s a lot of growth and progress.”

Enchassi said there are plans to build a new mosque or add on to the current mosque at 525 N University near the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. He said leaders of a mosque near the campus of Oklahoma State University recently built a new multipurpose building and are raising funds for a new mosque. Also, he said, leaders of a mosque at 1322 NE 23 are in the process of relocating to another property that will better accommodate their faith community’s growth.

Enchassi said Islamic faith communities in other parts of the state also are responding to growth. He said a new mosque was recently completed in Ardmore and a new mosque will soon open in Lawton, the second one in that city.

Enchassi said the mosque expansion efforts are obvious indicators of a thriving Muslim population in the state. He said there are an estimated 30,000 Muslims in Oklahoma and although they make up less than 1 percent of the state’s population, they add to their communities in many ways, including establishing thriving businesses and being industrious professionals in their career fields.

And fighting FOR sharia law in Oklahoma, opposing nearly 80% of that state’s citizens.

The first mosque cost a million dollars. Who is funding all these mosques?


28 thoughts on “At least six new mosques open or under way in Oklahoma

      • I just Googled this.

        Q: Is it true that boycotting companies that import foreign oil will “avoid putting more money into the coffers” of foreign countries?

        A: No. There is no way to know for sure whether your local station is selling gasoline from imported or domestic oil. Besides, U.S. oil demand is twice its domestic supply.

        Also Snopes:

        What do you think?

        • Anyone know who owns Snopes or why they are to be trusted? Who funds them? See what they say about Obama’s birth certificate and that will give you a clue as to their bias.

          Did they give you a link to data to prove that US demand is twice US supply? Did it lead to the U.S. government – who regularly manipulates labor and other statistics.

          The only part that is likely accurate is that you don’t know the source when you buy it.

          • I agree with you about Snopes. I don’t trust anyone when it comes to Islam, the jihad, Obama, etc. That is why I provided two sources but you are right, we need to be ever vigilant.

  1. Stealth Jihad at its best and most efficient, folks! America, you are going to be Islamized before you know it. What then???

  2. Six new terrorist headquarters and training camps in America. Thanks Oklahoma!!!The population of muslims in Oklahoma is 1% says this article. They start demanding rights, become very demonstrative and try to take over the country in which they immigrate into at 3% muslim population. They have a plan…ask Europe.

    • I know this is a stupid question but what does EDL stand for? It is probably something simple but I am horrible with trying to remember abbreviations.

    • edwina, find out why EDL has not sent me the 2 EDL beanies that I paid 30 pounds for in February. Thanks, Mr. Cromer

  3. My Islamic nightmare took place in Oklahoma City. When I lived there in the early 1990’s the mosque in OKC was very small and just as I was leaving they built a much larger one. The mosque in Norman was a tiny converted house across the street from the university and very few people would fit. It’s hard to believe that they need a 7000 sq ft building in less than 15 years. There was also a man who was in mosque leadership who arranged marriages between immigrant Muslim men and convert American Muslim women. The men got green cards and the men got sex toys until they were able to bring women over from their home countries. A mess to say the least.


    • Amen, Brother, keep your powder dry! I don’t know the whole story of what’s happening in Oklahoma. Anyone want to let me in on things? Please? God bless the USA!!

  5. Mosques simply mark their territory and their (in their minds) supremacy over us. Mosques should remind you that you are being invaded.

  6. Norman, OK . . . sound familiar? On October 1, 2005, Joel Henry HINRICHS III, a college student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK detonated a large bomb made of TATP outside of a packed football stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. The bomb was so large that it could be heard up to four miles away and shattered windows in a nearby building. Despite police and media reports to the contrary, evidence suggests that this was a failed “homicide bombing”. link

    No link but the source was

    Norman Cell. In addition to Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Zacarias Moussaoui, the al-Qaeda cell that operated out of Norman, Oklahoma, included convicted felon Melvin Lattimore, a convert to militant Islam who now goes by the name Majahid Abdulquaadir Menepta.

    Mr. Lattimore/Menepta’s credit card was used to help finance the 1993 World Trade Center bombing masterminded by Ramzi Yousef. He was identified by an FBI informant as a top suspect in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and was identified by witnesses interviewed by this magazine as being in the company of Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. Menepta’s roommate Hussain al-Attas drove Moussaoui to Minnesota. According to FBI documents, 9/11 hijacker Salem al-Hazmi was also seen at Menepta’s apartment, and when FBI agents visited the apartment three weeks before 9/11, they saw several men fleeing through the back door of the apartment. The airline ticket for 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah (United Airlines Flight 93) was purchased from an Oklahoma University computer terminal just a few blocks from Menepta’s apartment.

    Like Ali Mohamed, Mr. Lattimore/Menepta is almost certainly a federal agent provocateur. As we have reported in a previous article (“Al-Qaeda’s OKC-9/11 Ties,” July 26, 2004), it is almost impossible rationally to explain his record in any other way. When Menepta was picked up and prosecuted, it was for only a minor weapons violation. He was sentenced to a few months in prison and is now back on the streets. Thus, a man who has been tied to the three most important terrorist attacks in U.S. history — 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC, and 9/11 — has been purposely set loose.

    The current coverup of the terrorist bombing in Norman, Oklahoma, outside the stadium during the Oklahoma University-Kansas State football game on October 1 is yet another wake-up call. The 85,000 fans inside the stadium — and a national television audience — were the intended targets. Fortunately, the suicide bomber was unable to get inside the stadium and took only his own life. However, federal authorities have rushed to cover up all evidence that the bombing was a terrorist effort involving foreign nationals.

    The official story is that the bomber was a mentally unstable student, Joel Henry Heinrichs III, with no ties to Islamic jihadists. However, news organizations and confidential sources in Oklahoma have challenged that account, producing contradictory evidence showing that Heinrichs was indeed involved with a ring of Pakistanis who were Islamic fanatics.
    Lattimore was later arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced for 14 months in November 2001 for carrying a firearm under a previous felony conviction. It has been reported that Lattimore’s credit card was used for the 1993 WTC bombers and that Lattimore helped McVeigh in the 1995 OKC bombing. This information was known to DOJ criminal division attorneys John C. Richter and Michael Chertoff (currently Director of Homeland Security) in 2001 when Richter prosecuted Lattimore on the much lesser firearms charge to hide from the public limelight Lattimore’s role as an FBI informant and provocateur in the 1993 WTC, OKC bombings and 9/11 attacks

    Why Oklahoma?

    Recall Steven Emerson’s take from his excursion into an Islamic event at the Oklahoma City Convention Center back in Dec. 1992 – two months prior to the first WTC bombing.

    OKC bombing (read Jayna Davis’ “The Third Terrorist”)


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  11. the only peace in islam is a piece of your ass; they could care less about American values and never will. Long as idiots believe their lies they will continue to build and fill the mosques with non-thinking imbeciles who will eventually start attacking Christians/Jews in the vicinity of the mosques. LOCK AND LOAD FOLKS. . Maybe they are offering ‘free’ stuff since that is how obama/muslim was elected.

  12. One question, America. When the Jews were persecuted, we stepped in. Who is going to step in now that Christianity is under attack – WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS?

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