Ramadan: Iraq attacks kill 110 in deadliest day in 2 years

Ramadan Kaboom. The month of jihad is living up to its reputation. Or as Barrack Obama lied stated, Ramadan is a time to “cherish family, friends, and neighbors, and to help those in need.” via Iraq attacks kill 110 in deadliest day in 2 years – USATODAY.com.

BAGHDAD (AP) – A startling spasm of violence shook more than a dozen Iraqi cities Monday, killing more than 100 people in coordinated bombings and shootings and wounding twice as many in the country’s deadliest day in more than two years.

The attacks came only days after al-Qaeda announced it would attempt a comeback with a new offensive against Iraq’s weakened government.

With the U.S. military gone and the government mired in infighting, the Iraqi wing of al-Qaeda has vowed to retake areas it once controlled and push the nation back toward civil war. Though there was no immediate claim of responsibility for Monday’s attacks, nearly all of them struck in the capital and in northern Iraqi cities where al-Qaeda can most easily regain a foothold.

“Terrorists are opening another gate of hell for us,” said Kamiran Karim, a sweets-seller in the northern city of Kirkuk, which was hit by five exploding cars throughout the morning. He suffered shrapnel wounds when one of the car bombs blew up about 200 yards from his cart.

So far this summer, militants linked to al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for a steady drumbeat of attacks designed to keep the government off-balance as it works to overcome a power struggle that pits Sunni and Kurdish leaders against the Shiite prime minister. The infighting, which escalated the day after the U.S. military withdrew last December, has all but paralyzed the government and deepened sectarian tensions around the country.


8 thoughts on “Ramadan: Iraq attacks kill 110 in deadliest day in 2 years

  1. muzzies killing each other…this is good! keep up the good work in Iraq! the more of you who die for the sake of aller, the happier I am!

  2. My son, who arrived in Afghanistan last ramadan replied when I asked him about the violence then by writing, dad, this is the way they celebrate. Now he is leaving country. How can this stuff make sense to the ‘boots on the ground’ people and not to their leaders? Just wait till the U.S.A. leaves country. The heroes of the islamic revolution will have a field day with those least able to defend themselves.

    • My son fought in Iraq and said killing is their culture, life means nothing to them and it has been going on since the beginning of time and we CANNOT change their culture. They do NOT want western freedom because they have never known it and they think it is not restrictive enough. They do not live by Christian principles which is the BASIS for our constitution, our principles and how we Americans have been taught whether one is religious or not.What we are trying to teach them is based on our rule of law and WAS A WASTE OF our TIME and money.
      They will never change their CULTURE and America needs to quit trying to “Americanize” cultures that do not want to change and especially cultures who think their way of life,culture, religious aspects, rule of law, government and society are far superior to ours. He made a good comparison when he said “Look at the muslims here. They do not want to live under our constitution and they did not move here to get away from the oppression of their country. If they did,they would not be fighting for sharia law here and claiming religious liberties to practice the oppressive Islamic faith.” He said “The fact that our leaders (Hillary) cannot pick up on this when they go to Egypt and have tomatoes and shoes thrown at them in their motorcade and have to wear a diaper on their head when arriving in their country tells you they think their culture is superior and THEY WANT NOTHING FROM US BUT MONEY.”

    • Sounds like a new small business venture in the making to me! I might have to buy stock in your company Mike!!!! You could venture out to “I survived Mecca” etc, etc

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