DHS: No Brotherhood links in govt, expect more Islamic terrorists to visit US

Visit as in guests of Obama. via DHS Has Found No Evidence That Clinton Aide Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties. Despite overwhelming evidence.

During a hearing Wednesday with the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano if DHS had discovered any links between a high-ranking official in the State Department and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The question was a nod to a letter authored by Rep. Michele Bachmann and signed by five House Republicans that was sent to the State Department.

The Representatives questioned whether Secretary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin or any other government officials have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Secretary Napolitano answered Jackson Lee with a resounding no. To further emphasize her point, Jackson Lee asked her question a second time.

“We have looked into this,” Napolitano said. “The FBI has looked into this. We have found … no credible evidence that such activity is going on.”

The letter resulted in bipartisan criticism, with House Speaker John Boehner calling the accusation “dangerous” and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) taking to the Senate floor to refute the claim.

Not only has Napolitano been ordered not to look into any links to the Muslim Brotherhood or investigate any Muslims but to condition Americans that more Muslim terrorists will be visiting Obama soon. via WashingtonExaminer.com.

King charged the Obama Administration with violating a law in hosting Eldin at the White House. “It appears as if the law was not complied with in that he did not apply for a waiver [and] Congress was not notified, which is also required,” he told Napolitano. “It does not appear that either the letter or the spirit of the law was complied with.”

When King reiterated that complaint about the process by which Eldin was allowed into the country, Napolitano conceded that “on the process, that’s a fair point to make.”

Peter King is helpless to stop the lawless Obama administration. As we asked previously: How long before Obama takes the Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas off the terror list?

Muslims are laughing out loud. With friends like this, Muslims don’t even need to resort to violence as our own government have become the ultimate terrorists.

Postscript: Twitter did not post this in our timeline. This is the 2nd time this week that has happened. The first was the Keith Ellison – Muslim Brotherhood expose. Coincidence?

11 thoughts on “DHS: No Brotherhood links in govt, expect more Islamic terrorists to visit US

    • Yes. You may want to check out Michelle Bachman’s entire report. It has over 50 footnotes of actual source proofs and is easy to find online, just Google it. I think I saw it on this website too the other day.

      I’m no fan of Michelle Bachman’s by the way, (Im neither Dem nor Repub), but her report seems to be accurate and watertight. Check it out for yourself, research her points, and draw your own conclusions.

    • Walid Shoebat has given proof positive of the links between the White House and the Muslim Brotherhood. However this evidence is being intentionally ignored. We are at a critical juncture in America.

      The Coming: A True Story Of Horror – @ Amazon.com

      • Walid Shoebat helped in the making of “What The West Needs to Know” a documentary which starts with the history of muslims to the current. Each chapter is on youtube and EVERY AMERICAN should watch it. The later chapters scared me to death. Walid was a former terrorist who turned to Christianity and has to live under assumed name now. He travels in our country and other countries trying to educate people towards the dangers of Islam.His Bio used to be on http://www.jihadwatch.com. He tried to do a benefit for the Fort Hood victims and I think it was at the year anniversary, but the Chamber of Commerce refuse to allow him and Robert Spencer to do this fundraiser for the families due to their political correctness so they had to move it to another location.

        • P.S. I think it is a shame that we have a FORMER TERRORIST who is trying to tell our government and its people the dangers of Islam and OUR GOVERNMENT IS TOO ARROGANT AND TOO CORRUPT TO LISTEN.

  1. Osama Bin Ladin stated that Islam would take over the “Great Satan” without firing a shot! This is what he meant! That they would take over our government. And also that they would populate the USA until they had enough in office to control the government. And..THIS administration is the camel with it’s nose under the tent. The beginning of the END of the USA and the End of Times.

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  3. I think POTUS is setting himself up for treason? Why would he do this? Because the House & Senate must have a treasonous hand in it too!
    If they all hang together…they won’t hang separately.

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