UK judge rejects sharia in Muslim divorce deal

via You can’t use sharia law in divorce deal: Muslim hospital consultant told to pay ex-wife maintenance despite claims he owes her nothing under Islamic rules | Mail Online.

A Muslim hospital consultant was told yesterday that he must pay his ex-wife maintenance even though under Islamic rules he believes he owes her nothing.

A judge told Dr Zaid Al-Saffar that he must follow ‘the rule in this country’ and share his money.

The Appeal Court decision means Dr Al-Saffar must pay £60,000 to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar.

The ruling sounded a warning to Muslim couples who believe their marriages are ordered according to sharia law and agree to be bound by Islamic courts.

Lord Justice Ward told Dr Al-Saffar: ‘The rule in this country is that you share and the starting point is equal division.

‘You came out of the marriage without having made your wife any substantial capital payment.’

He added: ‘Life is sometimes hard; do not be consumed with bitterness.’

But Dr Al-Saffar said after the case: ‘By playing the system and pretending to be a victim she got everything, which I think is totally unfair.

‘Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people.’

The consultant rheumatologist at Scarborough Hospital in North Yorkshire, who is also the head of the Islamic Society in the resort town, was married for eight years, and the couple had two children.

10 thoughts on “UK judge rejects sharia in Muslim divorce deal

  1. How is that anti-Muslim if everyone of every creed must live by it?

    Bravo to the UK judge — clearly the winner will be the kids who likely live with Mom.

    • It is anti-Muslim because Islam demands the right to live by its own laws which are different from the rest of the world. Islam teaches that Moslems are superior to non-Moslems, not only morally, but legally. Therefore, any demand to treat Moslems and non-Moslems equally is, ipso facto, anti-Muslim.

  2. I see his point. Thats why we have welfare. We should pay for it. She is beneath a farm animal to him. Thank O and Hellery for bringing this culture of death to America.

  3. I just hope he doesnt “honor” kill her instead of paying. But then he’d ruin his career in England and any other Western country.

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  5. Three cheers for Lord Justice Ward. This judgement will serve as fair warning to Moslems living anywhere in the West. Should they wish to live by Sharia, then so be it. However, that would mean de-camping for any country where it is presently practiced. That could see a mass emigration, primarily of Moslem males, bag and baggage. Wonderful decision for the rest of the West to admire and follow.

    Rule Britannia and the world can but follow this exemplary example. Let’s start with the rest of the British Commonwealth and any other associated nations! The USA and Europe might wish to follow!.

  6. Good call for this judge but Isn’t this a “Day late and a dollar short” so to speak on behalf of the judge??Havent they let the muslims almost take over in that country? They should have been standing up before now.

  7. Congratulations to this Judge! That’s really Justice!!!The Law is one for all on the occidental countries! Alethea Rio de Janeiro. Brasil

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