Muslim ‘honor kills’ sister, runs over body repeatedly to make sure dead

Happy Ramadan. via Jordanian kills sister over ‘suspicions’ | The News Tribe.

Amman: Honor killings occur almost regularly in the Muslim countries as once again its Jordon where a man was charged on Wednesday with killing his divorced sister after stabbing her and driving his truck over her body several times because of her alleged “suspicious behavior.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a policeman told AFP “The suspect, in his forties, was charged with premeditated murder after confessing to the crime, claiming his divorced sister had indulged in suspicious behavior.”

The crime took place early on Wednesday in the northern Greco-Roman city of Jerash.

“The man stabbed the woman and then took her to a deserted area where he repeatedly ran over her body to make sure she was dead,” the spokesman said.

Murder is punishable by death in Jordan, but in so-called “honor killings,” courts can commute or reduce sentences, particularly if the victim’s family asks for leniency.

Earlier this month, a 65-year-old man was charged with stabbing to death his 25-year-old daughter after she gave birth outside wedlock.

Obama just gave $100M more of your tax dollars to Jordan, where men do this to their sisters in the name of Islam.

19 thoughts on “Muslim ‘honor kills’ sister, runs over body repeatedly to make sure dead

  1. Another example of why it is called the “Religion of Peace.” Though I knew it was evil, I never knew how evil until I read, ‘THE COMING A TRUE STORY OF HORROR’ now at Unbelievable!

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  3. wow, no honor in that! creeps. brainwashing does make people do wicked things in the name of morality. jesus said that many will believe they are doing god a service when they persecute and kill people.


      • well one would have to be brainwashed by propaganda to be willing to kill your own sister in such a brutal fasion wouldn’t you say? there is no honor in worrying about what people think of you just because someone else does something others don’t approve off. if my brother or sister does stupid things I don’t worry about what others may say or do because of it, if they are judging me based on my family members then they are the problem not me and to kill someone just because of some misplaced honor thing is just wicked.

  4. Only arabs are muslims all others are converts. These converts have no reason to remain as muslim and find a way out from 7th century barbarian culture back to heritage and live productive life. Not slave to arebic thinking and their books of hate and killing and jihad.

  5. Where is our presidents concern for HUMAN RIGHTS as he hands over $100 million more in aid?? HE HAS NONE. These people have no respect for human life whatsoever and are cold and callous towards it. They think no more of killing a human than they do a weed. We have a president with the same upbringing and therefore is of the same mentality.

    • Another, maybe warped, brightside to this,from a womans point of view, is that this poor woman is one less woman to have to endure sex with their SMELLY, STINKING ASSES, not to mention be touched by HIS SKANKY, SMELLY LEFT HAND HE HAS WIPED HIS ASS WITH. YUK! What a SKANK!….ROT!….STANK! As us southern people say!
      Also the men would not be alive long either. They would KILL EACH OTHER FOR SEX!

      • At least they are civilised enough to wipe their asses, unlike animals with skid marks in your stinking underwear. Also, funny how the funkiest lard asses in America are always the ones accusing others of stinking.

        • They wipe their asses with their left hand and those diapers on their heads need to be on their asses! Maybe we would not smell their smelly kling on’s and dingleberries still stuck to their anus underneath those “man dresses” if they would wear a diaper and if they would wear a glove maybe we would not smell the crap between their fingers. You should know how bad they appears you are kissing one of those muslim asses.

        • Also, just because one may be overweight does not mean one stinks. However, one who wipes his ASS WITH HIS HAND WILL,WITHOUT A DOUBT, STINK!!! try it sometime or you apparently already have or you would not be so sensitive towards the subject of muslim HYGIENE!!!

  6. I am so sick and tired of reading this psychopathic shit that moo-slimes do in the name of “god”. Their god is indeed an evil mutherphuqur! He is the Lord of Hell! And I pray that he treats these inbred untermensch accordingly! Muslims go to Hell! Suffer in Hell, for all eternity! You’ll enjoy it, I am sure! May dogs squat upon your holy book! May dogs howl the name of mooooo-hammmm-mudddd! Amen Amen!

  7. First of all, there is no such thing as an honor killing in Islam. Second, in Jordan, murder is only punishable by death if the victim’s family requests it. They could also request life in prison. If the victim’s family forgives the murder or accepts cash retribution, the killer is released after seven years. Those options are taken by peaceful families. Others opt to seek revenge, I’m not aware of any punishments for families who seek revenge. Finally, because of how serious murder is taken in Jordan, it is a very rare occurence. I didn’t go into detail about the tribal warfare that can erupt from a single murder. When a murder does happen, it is exaggerated or embellished with false facts by anti-Islamic media. And because most people in the West are ignorant about Islam, they believe everything that the media feeds them. That includes everyone on this board.

    • I, by all means, do not believe anything the media says and rarely watch it. I got my information regarding muslims by READING THEIR qURAN which is the most violent piece of trash ever written. I also do not believe the world trade centers and Pentagon burning to the ground by muslims who hijacked planes was a myth and distortion of the media. I do not believe the shooting at Fort Hood by a muslim was a myth or distortion of any media. Some of us are smart enough to discern media distortion from truth and some of us LIKE YOU CANNOT. As far as Jordan goes, its another backassward country of muslims WHO DO PRACTICE HONOR KILLINGS IF THEY FOLLOW THEIR qURAN AND THEY DO. They only IGNORANT ONE ON THIS BOARD IS YOU! Well of course, you could be defending muslims BECAUSE YOU ARE A MUSLIM! Hummm…sniff …sniff…somebody grab the BACON! I SMELL A MUSLIM!!GET LOST NIKO. We on this forum do not need you or your muslim ignorance. Go find you a liberal, democratic forum or a anti-jewish forum or a cowardly FRENCH forum or a butt kissing muslim forum! I am sure any of them would welcome you! Better yet, just join a ANTI-AMERICAN FORUM and it would include all of the above!

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