Obama increasing aid to al Qaeda and other “rebels” to topple Syrian govt

Another undeclared war on the taxpayers dime? Anyone know who much is being wasted on Syria? via U.S. to Focus on Forcibly Toppling Syrian Government – NYTimes.com.

The Obama administration has for now abandoned efforts for a diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Syria, and instead it is increasing aid to the rebels and redoubling efforts to rally a coalition of like-minded countries to forcibly bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad, American officials say.

Who are the rebels? German intelligence reports al-Qaeda all over Syria and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers, “says there are about 300 different rebel groups in Syria and as many as one-fourth may be Al-Qaeda supporters.” There’s plenty more evidence as well and as we previously posted, the U.S. is fighting on the same side as three terrorist groups in Syria.

Administration officials insist they will not provide arms to the rebel forces. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are already financing those efforts. But American officials said that the United States would provide more communications training and equipment to help improve the combat effectiveness of disparate opposition forces in their widening, sustained fight against Syrian Army troops. It’s also possible the rebels would receive some intelligence support, the officials said.

Does anyone trust administration officials? If they aren’t providing arms directly to rebel forces they are providing to the Saudi’s and Qatar anyway, who then arm the so-called rebels. 

By enhancing the command-and-control of the rebel formations, largely by improving their ability to communicate with one another and their superiors and to coordinate combat operations, American officials say they are seeking to build on and fuel the momentum of the rebels’ recent battlefield successes.

“You’ll notice in the last couple of months, the opposition has been strengthened,” a senior Obama administration official said Friday. “Now we’re ready to accelerate that.” The official said that the hope was that support for the Syrian opposition from the United States, Arab governments and Turkey would tip the balance in the conflict.

Obama ushering in the Muslim Brotherhood in yet another country. Remember, Obama started his reign with a speech in Egypt insisting the Muslim Brotherhood attend.

19 thoughts on “Obama increasing aid to al Qaeda and other “rebels” to topple Syrian govt

  1. So now obozo & crew are now sponsoring state run terrorism. It’s time to put obozo & crew on trial for treason, convict them and them hang them.

  2. If anyone doubts that the Obama administration has aligned themselves with Islam they better think again. Time and time again they have proven their loyalties lie with terrorists organizations both here and abroad and we will soon pay the price. In other words Obama has sided with evil. Read, ‘THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR’ @

  3. This president is totally out of control.PERIOD. Congress and the American people have let him and his administration get by with so much that he has become more and more arrogant and blatently open with his treasonous decision making policies because he knows NO ONE is going to do anything to him. He needs to be reigned in before our country is completely destroyed economically and militarily and how do we the people start doing that? It is not when do we start it is how do we start?

    • You are abosolutely, “RIGHT!”

      HOW do, “We, the People…”, start? I have been asking this question for more than a year now! I “still” don’t have an answer. I “know” that writing to our Congressmen and Senators WILL NOT help at all as “they” are in cahoots with the President, also! Anyone associated with “almost” any government organization…including the Police…are dictated their prioities from the upper levels of government and are therefore already “brainwashed!”

      We still have “Freedom of Speech”, however, all the media that we have is no longer public, it is all privately owned! Therefore, “they” (the media) only publishes and/or reports, what the owner wants to report. AND, most all of “them” are in cahoots with the President, also!

      NO! My friend…this is going to be very hard to even get started for if “We, the People…” are going to change anything, it will have to be by “word-of-mouth” by one person telling another, and another, and another…

      Unfortunately, you will find that after you tell one person…that’s as far as it goes! That person doesn’t tell another…and if they do, that’s it! Nothing happens! Oh! wait a minute…there’s a game on! I’ll get back to you on this!…

    • NO! There’s no game on…But, essentially, that IS the attitude of our general population. “They” just don’t have any comprehension of what is truly happening to our government. Therefore, they are NOT going to get involved!

      So your question of “…how do we start?” IS a VALID question! Any ideas? PLEASE! LET ME KNOW!

      • I guess we are going to have to rise up and protest in the streets like the occupiers did and like these foreign countries did, to take our country back! That is just about what its going to take for congress and our president to KNOW WE MEAN BUSINESS. I have thought about all Americans in unison to refuse to pay their federal taxes (pay your state taxes just not your federal taxes)starting next year!Let tax day come and go and EVERYONE NOT PAY taxes! The IRS would have to start coming after us on April 16th and there would be too
        many of us to throw in jail! Government employees probably would be too chicken to do it but it would not matter.If only all the private sector did it in unison, it would have a MASSIVE effect. Its time to turn off the electricity at OUR WHITEHOUSE and evict the welfare recipients in It! WE NEED SOME EMPLOYED RENTERS IN OUR WHITEHOUSE! These community organizers are destroying every country they touch!

        • I “LIKE!” that idea! Exactly how would we go about putting it into action? How many people do you think would actually follow-through with that? Especially, since the entire country is “divided”, not only between Dem. and Rep., but Union vs. Non-Union, Religions vs. other Religions, not to mention “Races”, private enterprise vs. corporations, etc., to get even ten percent (10%) of the population to follow-through would be great! I doubt we could get one percent (1.0%) as most of the population are “sleepers.”

          You and I, and a few other’s, “know”, this would be a great way to effect a change in our government. But for it to actually take place to the point where it would be effective? Probably won’t happen! Not saying that it can’t, but look at how many people are not even aware of the “Creeping Sharia!”

  4. First Egypt,then Libya,now Syria,and remember his silence in 2009 about the uprising in Iran.There is an obvious pattern here.So what’s our congress done? Squat!.To suggest to my liberal believers that Obama is a muslim brings scorn and ridicule.I have a serious case of Islamophobia they say.I lack their compassion and understanding.

    • When I read this….. I cried. It is a direct insult, defamation and disrespect to those of us who have loved ones who died or will suffer permanent injuries in these muslim countries. If a soldier had meetings with a known terrorist group he would be charged with treason. Why is this president allowed to meet with members of the muslim brotherhood in Sept in MY WHITEHOUSE??? I also take offense to his term “My Whitehouse” he used on TV this week referring to he took “offense to the implication that someone in MY WHITEHOUSE LEAKED DOCUMENTS OR INFORMATION THAT COULD PUT OUR TROOPS IN DANGER.” For his information it is OUR WHITEHOUSE Mr. President!It belongs to WE THE PEOPLE! You are merely the welfare suck occupying it at present.! I have no respect for this arrogant, pompas SOB!

  5. Our Commander in Chief is a true maverick at the art of “taqqiya” and manipulating at people. So, the American people look so happy and mesmerized by his demeanour and sardonic laugh and posturing, not realizing he is laughing at them!.

  6. Obozo and Clinton have destoyed the stable buffer zone established by past Presidents thoughout the middle east. In doing so, they have placed Israel in dire jepardy. Was this their intent?

  7. We are in serious jeopardy as well. When Syria is taken over by the muslim brotherhood like Lybia and Egypt have been and they join with all those other Muslim Brotherhood, blood sucking, raping, pediphile, left hand ass wiping, savage, sorry examples of wasted space on this earth, excuses for nations, they will be a force to reckon with. They will Attack Israel and rise up over here and will have Syrias nukes to use on us.

  8. So we are going to train them so they can use it on us when this is over. Thanks Obummer, Idiot. Lets give money that we dont have to the people that we have been fightting for more than a decade. GD Idiot! You liberals are ignorant to what this so called president is doing. SPEND SPEND SPEND till its all going. What are you entitlement people going to do when the government spends all of the decent tax payers money?

    • Right now, they DO NOT CARE AS LONG AS THEY GET WHAT THEY FEEL IS THEIRS. They also do not even look ahead. They live for the day and the concept that THEIR GRAVY TRAIN COULD POSSIBLY END….DOESNT ENTER THEIR MIND. When they have to face that inevitable end, they will join with the muslims TO TAKE WHAT IS OURS. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO WORK! They spend more time trying to beat the system than they ever will trying to get a job and they are experts at it. Don’t think they will not kill us to get what is ours! Killing us is easier than working!

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