San Diego county overwhelmed by Iraqi Immigrants (video)

via HalalBoozeShack.

More on Iraqi refugees from Refugee Resettlement Watch:

I came across this interesting report just now entitled, Mental and Physical Health Status of Iraqi Refugees Resettled in the United States.

When you open the report, be sure to see the 4th frame with the map of the US depicting where the 63,000 or so Iraqis resettled (at the time of this undated report) to the US have been sent.

Back to the study and its results.

Here is the summary:

23% not covered by health insurance

67% not currently working ***

63% rated physical health as fair or poor

23% married to their first cousins

Chronic Diseases

60% ≤1 condition

37% ≤2 conditions

Islam is the fastest growing religion in San Diego, according to Muslims, where they have made a local YMCA sharia-compliant too.

29 thoughts on “San Diego county overwhelmed by Iraqi Immigrants (video)

    • She wants to “declare a state of emergency” to get more $!

      What about the Iraqi Honor killing of a mom apparently killed by both her husband and daughter in El Cajon? They tried to pin it on a factious white person. The glass sliding door was broken from the inside. Both dad and daughter went back to Iraq for her burial and never came back to the USA.


    • THE big horror is the whore in Washington;she is a prostitute and her lovers are the lobbyists, WASHINGTON SHOULD BE BATHED IN AN EERIE RED LIGHT………..PERHAPS SOME SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION TO MATCH THIER SPONTANEOUS CORRUPTION.

  1. Obama will spend whatever it costs to get these 50,000+(multiple votes) votes! The press will make him look the savior. He will be lionized by liberals. The OI(N)C will view this as the U.S. obligation in their status ad dhimmis.

  2. What I want to know is why with all of the illegal aliens entering America, we ship in Iraq’s? We do do not take care of the real Americans here, that is homeless, starving, children that is living in poverty . People we are going down a road of no return , has any one looked at Europe lately . We need to get our heads out of living in Hollywood and the elite , We need to clean up this sick government,take out the trash. We had better get our own country back in order . We cannot keep giving these people (illegals) and immigrants free everything. This is going to end us badly.

  3. We have to quit being on the democratic or republican side, the Christianity, or athiest side or the conservative or liberal side and all ban together to fight these murderers by getting ON AMERICAS SIDE! Our military fights side by side with and every race,creed, religion or nationality that are placed in their units for the common good…AMERICA and if they can do it we should HONOR THEM AND DO IT ALSO!

  4. I wonder what it costs Saudia Arabia to support all the camel jockeys??
    They’re coming through Mexico. There should be a solid concrete wall along all of the Mexico/USA border. This crap has to stop. If Saudia Arabia wasn’t supporting them to get here, some of this would stop. And for sure get obama out of office; he is all for the islam/muslim population; he will DO ANYTHING for votes.


  5. the feds are helping you the same way they helped us in Florida when Castro dumped his unwanted on us and the FEDS let them in , they ALL came here. 1960 and 1980—then we LOCALS PAID the price- had to build new schools, make everything in two languages and more- now we live in a 51% SPANISH speaking community- the ones who can’t get jobs are the ENGLISH speakers, however you can go into many stores and no one speaks English at all- they call it bi-lingual LOL in the want ads..Off the boat: get MONEY, education paid for, free healthcare- do you or I get that ?? NO

    why are Iraqi coming here at all? why not go to KSA or Kuwait? any place where they already speak the language- aren’t we spending our soldiers lives and a shitload of CASH money to SAVE IRAQ for them??
    CLOSE THE DAMN DOORS- they are food out of USA citizens mouths. Our returning vets who saved these from Saddam don;t get that much help for FREE

    • Hell no they do not get that much help for free! We had to fight for my sons benefits and disability because the military will try to deny these boys their disability and other medical needs and if they do not know what to ask for or are in no shape to know what to ask for THEY WILL SCREW THEM. We had to get our congressman involved in getting his benefits as well as just getting him out of Iraq when he was injured. They left him over there in a barracks injured with a head injury, deaf, blind and full of shrapnel. They were just giving steroids to reduce
      swelling in the barracks. No tests or anything to see the extent of his injuries. 11 hrs after contacting my congressman my son was flown out of Iraq and on his way to Germany to Landstuhl air force base hospital in which after hospitalization for a week for extensive testing was sent to Fort Gordan ,GA because the hospital in Germany deemed it IMPOSSIBLE for him to go back to Iraq. He was treated for 18 mos there for his traumatic brain injury.My son has to travel about100-150 miles to get the care he needs through the military and which in alot of cases is like socialized medicine because he has to be on a waiting list for months before he has testing or treament. Isnt their treatment WHAT OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE FOR???!! If it were not for organizations like Wounded Warriors and Troopathon and many others, alot of these boys would never progress to be “all they can be.” and live up to the potential that they can gain if given the chance. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN. THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT DOES NOT! And our government does not think WE GIVE ENOUGH IN TAXES??? They want to penalize the rich and middle class and small business owners and regulate and tax them to death and these are the very ones that pitch in and give every extra dime they have and give every minute of time they have in appreciation to these soldiers! As one wealthy person told me, I would much rather give triple what I would pay in taxes to Wounded Warriors or some other organization or build a house for a soldier or pay for their medical care than to pay any of that to our government. I see the rewards of my giving in these soldiers life. I also see the wasting of my government of my tax dollars for foreign countries that dont need it and are the very ones that did this to these soldiers!” Will YOU EVER HEAR THE MEDIA SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THESE ANGEL RICH PEOPLE??NO! THEY DEMONIZE THEM. My Dad always taught me “Never be resentful or envious that your neighbor has more money or possessions than you, be glad for what they have accomplished and hope that someday you can have those things too For All things are possible in America.”

      can have tests of procedures done.

      • Someone contact this family and make a movie about our injured laying in barracks till a parent calls a congressman to get the wounded out. Don’t stop there… document him needing to wait for months for medical appointments and his need to drive 150 miles for care. This is UNACCEPTABLE!
        I just rewatched “Black Hawk Down”. Please do so to see what our troops go through for us.
        Thank you A4, I think we have typed before. God bless!

        • Let me tell you another detail about when my son was injured that I left out. He had been in that Army outpost for FIVE DAYS BEFORE I called my congressman. The rocket attack happened on a Monday morning and we got the information from his wife that afternoon. I was told he was in a hospital in Iraq and being sent to Germany for evaluation. Tuesday, I received a form letter via e-mail from his commander saying he was injured but was fine.No details. I ask his commanding officer to have him call me because I wanted
          to hear his voice. I received a call a few hours later, from an aide or whatever he was, who was with him telling me “to talk loud because he could not hear me.” He would speak to me, although he could not hear me, and he did not make sense at times and would go off stating stuff like “We need backup! If the president does not give us the airstrikes we need we are going to die!” Being a nurse, I knew immediately something was not right and he had a traumatic brain injury, however, this entire time I thought he was in a hospital. They told me that he was doing just fine and they would have him call tomorrow (Wednesday). As soon as I hung up the phone , I called the wife of his very best friend whom had been his friend since their days in diapers in the church nursery. He was serving at a different base in Bagdad about 50 miles away from my son. He called his wife every night and his wife informed him of what happened and he called me. I told him what I knew but told him I felt something was not right.I had a gut feeling he was suffering from a head injury but they would not tell me much except he was doing fine and had a few pieces of schrapnel. His friend vowed to find him and find out what was going on and how he was. On Wednesday and Thursday, I did not hear from him or his friend. On Friday afternoon, I got a call from his friend who had defied his superiors, left the protected green zone where he was serving in order to find my son and he did!It had taken him that long to find him. He returned to his base and called me and told me I had better be “moving hell and high water to get him out because he was not even in a hospital, only a army outpost with another soldier assigned to watch him. You are also correct, he has a head injury.” I immediately called my congressman at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon. This man could have gone home for the weekend and dealt with it on Monday but he did not. He made 13 calls to the Pentagon and DOD, who hates congressman who interfere with military matters. He did not leave his office till it was resolved. Eleven hours after contacting my congressman, at 3:30am, my son called me from a airforce plane letting me know he was out of there and on his way to a airforce hospital in Germany. He stayed there a week before they sent him to the states for 18 months of rehab. They flew him in on Memorial Day. I will never see Memorial day the same and I thanked God mine came home alive. It was then I truly grasp the magnitude of the sacrifice our soldiers and their families have suffered for the price of freedom. GOD BLESS THEM EVERYONE. I no longer saw it as a day off with a hamburger at a cookout with a prayer of thanks to our soldiers past and present. It now is a day that my entire extended family join hands in a huge circle and thank God for the sacrifices of all soldiers past, present and future and weep in gratitude and thanksgiving that we are so blessed to be able to hold the hand of our soldier and thank him for his service in person.This deed was the evil deed of a wicked muslim, however he did not destroy us. We would not give them the satisfaction. He brought our family closer together. TAKE THAT MOHAMMAD!

          P.S. I will not make this any longer, but the ramifications of his friend who defied his superiors is unbelieveable. If you want to know I would be glad to tell you.

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