Saudi Students Flood In as U.S. Reopens Door

This past school year, Saudi Arabia sent 66,000 students to U.S. universities, four times the number before the 2001 attacks…

Terrorism works. via Saudi Students Flood In as U.S. Reopens Door – h/t DP

WASHINGTON—Dressed in caps and gowns, the college students packing a graduation ceremony in suburban Washington, D.C., acted like excited graduates anywhere in the United States.

Except, perhaps, when the men broke into tribal line dances. Or when the women, wearing headscarves, burst forth with zagareet, soaring trills of their tongues, in celebration.

The more than 300 graduates gathered at a hotel overlooking the Potomac River were all from Saudi Arabia, part of a massive government-paid foreign study program to earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees and return home to help run their country.

“You are the best of the best, and the future of our country,” Saudi Arabia’s cultural attaché, Mohammed al Issa, declared at the May event.

In the years following the security crackdown on Arab travelers after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks—in which 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian—tough restrictions kept most Arab students away from the U.S. In 2004, only about 1,000 Saudis were studying in the U.S., according to the U.S. State Department.

This past school year, Saudi Arabia sent 66,000 students to U.S. universities, four times the number before the 2001 attacks and the fastest-growing source of foreign students in the U.S., ahead of China, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. The Saudi influx is part of a broader increase in international students in the U.S. as American universities seek to raise tuition revenues. Some 723,277 foreign students enrolled during the 2010-2011 school year, up 32% from a decade ago.

The numbers reported here don’t jive with the 66,000 reported by the WSJ

To accommodate the new Saudi students, Central Washington administrators offered to provide halal food prepared in accordance with Islamic law, or set aside space on campus for a mosque. The Saudi students declined, preferring to eat at town cafes like everyone else, Mr. Launius said.

The Saudi contingent “doesn’t seem to have caused any kind of consternation and stir at all,” said Mr. Launius. “I think this is a good exposure to what these folks are actually like.”

Saudi Arabia’s international scholarship program, launched when Saudi King Abdullah took the throne in 2005, is a key part of his efforts to equip future generations in handling the country’s main challenges, including a fast-growing population and declining oil reserves.

Since taking over, the Saudi king has emphasized scientific education and exposure to foreign countries as keys to combat religious extremism and transform Saudi Arabia into a modern state. This year, the scholarship program has about 130,000 young people studying around the world, at an estimated cost of at least $5 billion since the program began.

The king’s efforts to modernize, including the scholarship program, have led to constant tension between Western-influenced Saudis and a religiously educated core who hold heavy sway over society and reject modernization because it is associated with the West.

That internal tension was on display this month when Saudi Arabia, under threat of a ban from the Olympic Games, finally ended its status as the last Olympic nation to refuse to include women on its teams.

And the U.S. enforced sharia law for them segregating men and womens interview rooms and makeshift mosques. See pics below.

Male only prayer space

Female only interview rooms

King Abdullah, who is in his late 80s and was educated by clerics in a mosque, initiated the scholarship program after persuading U.S. officials, particularly President George W. Bush, to reopen the student visa service after 9/11. At a pivotal meeting in 2005 at the president’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, the King convinced Mr. Bush that the education program was crucial for the two countries’ long-term relationship.

That relationship consists primarily on oil supply, right? What else do the Saudi’s have to offer?

“The impassioned plea that the King made for this, and the long-term importance of the relationship, really made an impression on President Bush,” said Frances Townsend, former homeland security adviser, who attended the 2005 meeting.

Bush approved it, Obama has exploited it.

Again the number don’t jive with the WSJ’s 66,000

22 thoughts on “Saudi Students Flood In as U.S. Reopens Door

  1. it appears that the US is effecting the training of these future terrorists to come back & bite us in the butt! there is no end to what an individual will do for money…[tuition from the saudi gold.]

  2. What better way to set up fifth collums, learn the details of the enemy and eventually put America under sharia. The islamic, leftist have already brainwashed students from kindergarten on up and we are under attack by them. Who would have believed the islamists would be able to put their man in the presidency

  3. if they’re anything like the ones i saw at “the school for international training”, in vermont, years ago they’re a gang of arrogant little bastards, in need of a swift kick in the ass.

    • well of course they are! Only the very “wealthy” are sent here! They are all “spoiled” rich kids! Did you know, that most them have probably never even tied their own shoes before arriving here???

  4. I see no reason why anyone should be brought here from other countries to go to our college’s. I see no reason why any American should go to another country to attend their college. I find it stupidity and a waste of money.Worse when they bring in people who want to kill us.

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  6. Economic Jihad par excellence! Get the institutions hooked on cash paying international students until there are enough to influence education decisions. This should be a DTN topic.

  7. Has even one of you moronic posters ever even met a Saudi? I think going to school here is a great way to westernize these people. Would you go back to the desert and its restrictive life if you could stay here and be free?

    • Moronic is thinking a student visa allows you to stay here (and be free as we lose our freedoms daily) or that meeting a Saudi changes anything…or that these people want to be free…just take a look at the photos, fully covered Muslim women, segregated areas for men & women…we aren’t teaching them shit about freedom, we are teaching them that we’ll bend over backwards to accommodate their backward ideology

      and then there’s: NY: Saudi Muslim Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Professor to Death

  8. I have a friend who worked at a University for years who has been saying this is a problem for years. She said they come in, know not one word of English and expect you to fill their paperwork out for them. She would refuse to do it and the professors would get mad at her for refusing to do it. She would always say “I do not want my handwriting on the papers of someone that our government will be coming back in a few years to review their paperwork because THEY HIJACKED A PLANE AND BLEW IT UP OR INFILTRATED OUR
    NUCLEAR FACILITIES! She said she would always look at the professors and say “Well this one is fresh off the boat! Could you not find an AMERICAN?” or “LOOKS LIKE A TERRORIST TO ME! RESEMBLES THE ONES WHO HIJACKED THOSE PLANES!” She said she was dubbed as very politically incorrect.”She also said these also are the ones who would graduate and never go back to their country and just disappear into our country. I wonder what the counts are of Arabs who are living here on expired visa’s.


    • I’ve worked more than twenty years in Big Ten university housing in a managerial position. These folks pay INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CASH for their stay here. So, its all about money! pure, plain and simple.

        • The international students pay their academic and housing fees to the institution. As far as I know these fees can be hefty and some must be paid in full. The facts are on the university/college website. Do not forget to include scholarships and grants.

  10. i think its time to expose those politicians getting kickbacks for allowing this influx of potential TERRORISTS ….dont US universities now have annexes in gulf states now?…why not study there? ….

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