Famous Italian hotel hires male go-between for Muslim who won’t take orders from woman boss

Dhimmis. via Top Italian hotel OK’s Muslim porter won’t have to take orders from woman boss – Wilmington Conservative | Examiner.com.

Named one of the top 500 hotels on the planet, the 5-Star Hotel Danieli of Venice, Italy has played host to the likes of Johann von Goethe, Richard Wagner, Honoré de Balzac, Charles Dickens and Emile Zola.

A one night stay in this swankiest of Venetian hotels runs the range of $12,198.88 (£7,747.29) to $308.05 (£195.64) per night.

It must cost that much in order to hire a go-between for a Muslim porter who refuses to take orders from his female supervisor.

As reported by the Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino, an unnamed Muslim porter of Egyptian origin at the hotel was quoted as stating:

“I do not take orders from a woman.”

So to ensure the centuries old hotel properly adhered to the young immigrant’s “rigid religious vision,” the Danieli hired a male as a full time employee whose sole responsibility is to relay orders from the female supervisor to the sharia-compliant employee.

As reported by Il Gazzettino:

“We therefore decided to guarantee that during his work hours, his boss would have a male colleague at her side who would act as a liaison with the Egyptian to communicate the tasks to be performed.”

16 thoughts on “Famous Italian hotel hires male go-between for Muslim who won’t take orders from woman boss

  1. Hard to believe this! If an employee fails to carry out orders from his superior then he must be dismissed. Gender is not an issue in the civilised world

  2. So many are so afraid! The male hired must speak the same language as the porter, hummm…

    I have visited a friend at the Danieli. Wouldn’t stay here though knowing they submitted to Islam / Sharia.


  3. This is beyond PC multiculturalism. It is downright surrender. Whoever hired this Moslem scumbag should be given notice and a sane, adult should be hired to replace him.

  4. hmmmm…remember the terrorist attack on the famous hotel at Mumbai? blown up, and set alight after muslims rampaged through the rooms hunting down tourists who may have been JOOOOS? well, I hope this dhimmi hotel realizes that once one kow tows to Islam muslims hold them in contempt…..and bombing hotels is a small matter to .them, a similar fate may await them, seeing they have an insider to use..

  5. The world has gone crazy! If any non-muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Jew would try that they would be fired on the spot; especially in hotel insudtry. Actually, let a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or a Jew try that and they will be fired on the spot.

    Right is wrong and wrong is right! Where were these perks when I was working?


  6. The muslim is discriminating against this woman. So much for equal rights in Italy!
    A right to dismiss from employment in civilised countries.

    The PC’s should be demanding dismissal. Yeah Right!

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  8. This stupid muslim MUST be informed of what country he is in and that he is lucky to have a DAMN JOB HERE and that he will take orders from 77 WOMEN IF HE WANTS A JOB! I personally would tell him to KISS MY BEAUTIFUL, LILY WHITE ASS ON HIS WAY OUT THE DOOR! HE ALSO CAN PICK UP HIS CULTIC QURAN UP OFF THE ROAD OUT FRONT WHEN HE LEFT. ITS LITTER AND ANY LITTERING IN THIS COUNTRY IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!!

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