Twitter and Facebook Facilitating Terrorist Fundraising

Shariah Finance Watch asks the question, “Are Twitter and Facebook Facilitating Terrorist Fundraising?

A report in Pakistani media indicates that one of the Islamic world’s most notorious charities has been making appeals for zakat funds using Twitter.

Jamaatud Dawa is considered the political arm of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Jihadist terrorist organization that carried out the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack. In fact, in 2008, after the Mumbai attack, the United Nations declared Jamaatud Dawa a terrorist entity:

Through its Twitter account, the Jamaatud Dawa has appealed to its 2,186 followers for donations.

The message on Twitter, which was also posted on its Facebook page, appealed for Zakat in any form, either by cash, donating an ambulance or sponsoring medicines or meals for Sehri and Iftar.

Zakat continues to be a major concern since Shariah declares that one of the destinations for zakat donations is to those fighting in the way of allah. In turn, this is a major concern for Shariah Finance, since zakat donations are a component of Shariah-Compliant Finance as well.

We found the answer on Jamat ‘ud’ Da’wah’s Twitter account where they actively promote jihad.

Remember that Barrack Obama pledged to make it easier for Muslims to do just this.

2 thoughts on “Twitter and Facebook Facilitating Terrorist Fundraising

  1. WELL, i GUESS TERRORIST HAVE TO FUNDRAISE TOO. Who better to get funds from than DUM, LIBERAL,CULTURALLY DIVERSE AMERICANS and other countries who did not have their TV’s on WHEN 911 HAPPENED. They have to have funds to bomb us again. Nothing surprises me anymore. NOTHING.

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