Comedian who poked fun at Islamic terrorists shot dead

via Somali comedian who poked fun at Islamists shot dead – FOX 5 WTTG.

Gunmen shot dead a well-known comedian known for poking fun at Al-Qaeda linked Shebab insurgents in the Somali capital Mogadishu, officials and colleagues said Wednesday.

Abdi Jeylani Malaq Marshale, in his late thirties or early forties, was killed late Tuesday, minutes after leaving Kulmiye radio station, where he worked as drama producer and performer.

“Two men shot and seriously injured Marshale… the comedian was later pronounced dead,” said police lieutenant Mohamed Gaal, adding that “unfortunately the assailants escaped.”

The shooting of Marshale, who also worked for the London-based Universal TV station and who reported having received death threats on several occasions, is the latest in a string of apparently targeted killings against media workers.

Colleagues mourned the loss of a man they called a leader of the war-torn nation’s comedy scene. His shows have aired on Universal TV and are also available on YouTube.

“He had not done anything wrong to anybody, as far as we are concerned, but they shot him in the head and shoulders,” said Yusuf Keynan, a presenter at Kulmiye radio.

“This is a black day for the entire entertainment industry, he was a leader in Somali comedy and everybody liked his performance.”

Marshale was known for airing dramas making fun of the extremist Shebab and for participating in youth advocacy programmes aimed at preventing young Somalis from joining the insurgents.

So far this year, at least one Somali journalist has been targeted and killed each month.

19 thoughts on “Comedian who poked fun at Islamic terrorists shot dead

  1. This goes to show how islamists have no sense of humor. Nor do they want anybody else to have one. To these goat-shaggers, humor is haram, un-islamic. This is sad.

  2. Not seeing anothers point of view / as in
    giving a balanced debate / but rather to
    mock others is an totally a wrong attitue.

    However for those being mocked to turn
    to that of murder as a means in dealing
    with a wrong against them is unjustified.

    Such action to kill is of extreme nature
    actions in serving littlle benefit unto all.

      • creeping / I take your point as regard comedians as
        comedy in general. Comedians I had in thought but
        a EXAMPLE be (GEORGE CARLIN) whom no longer
        in the mortal world. GEORGE being the best of the
        best GEORGE would mock people with such humor
        as in depth of understanding one could only laugh
        he was political to the extreme yet a very balanced
        approach giving a viewpoint delivered with humour.

        GEORGE would say if people wish to fly on a plane
        thats their choice “me I want to fly inside the plane”.

    • The only point of view that I see and need to know is that they want to KILL ME AND DESTROY MY COUNTRY. There is NOTHING to balance that with and I WILL BE TOLERANT OF NOTHING REGARDING ISLAM NOR AM I OPENED FOR DISCUSSION REGARDING ISLAM. KILLING them,if needed, to protect my country and chidren and defend her freedoms, WILL BE BENEFITIAL to

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  4. That Religion of peace & love will love you to death. I don’t see Christians or Jews going out and doing this to those who’d mock them, just islam SATAN’s Religion.

    • all religion is the arsenic of the people;unless it is the religion of love and truth;all religion falls short of the glory of a perfectly wise CREATOR.EVIL IS OF THE HEART;FULLFILLING THAT EVIL IS OF THE BRAIN.

  5. Tolerating the intolerant, which is also called politically correct. You are a racist for not agreeing with these goose steppers on the left. Attacking the chicken place for supporting traditional mariage. Thats whats wrong with America today. However, since the attack their business has gone through the roof. Seems the politically correct have taken all the politician jobs, and they stand aganst America

  6. A TALE OF 2 AMERICAS.;it was the best of times;it was the worse of times………get a rain barrel and learn to be self-suffient as possible;make a game out of it;prove to yourself you can do it..maybe with the help of a team of freinds;you will fell better abut yourselves for being more self reliant……….you can do it.GOOD MEN and WOMEN ought to be the real champions……..even if unsung heroes

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