Gov @BillHaslam brings sharia to the Tennessee Dept of Children’s Services

The tn Council 4 political justice website has 30+ posts exposing what is going on in Tennessee government. Here’s just a sample. via Newsletter #28 – TN American Muslim Advisory Council trains at TN Department of Children’s Services

Governor Haslam brings Shariah to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

That makes 3 so far….

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security 

in partnership with the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) to help train law enforcement and safety personnel

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

appointment of Shariah Compliant Finance Specialist, Samar Ali, as International Director

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

AMAC invited by the Department to provide training

If you still have any doubt about the direction Governor Haslam is taking Tennessee, consider the attachment.  AMAC spoke to the TN Dept of Children’s services in May

Newsletter #15 presented parts of the presentation that the AMAC made during a training for law enforcement and safety personnel sponsored in part by the TN Department of Homeland Security.  The AMAC’s message had an interesting duality; on the one hand, they asserted cultural and religious differences which demand special and separate treatment from public and private entities, and on the other hand, they asserted that they are no different than any other American in terms of their values and the ideals to which they ascribe.

Assertions of this nature reflect precisely the platform of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the leading global proponent of Shariah law.  Insisting that Muslims would be violating Islamic law, they could not sign onto the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because it was fashioned on Western values (ie, Judeo-Christian)?  This necessitated adopting (in 1990), the separate Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, which is based on Shariah.  Does that mean that “universal” means “separate but equal”?

As Governor Haslam continues to raise the profile and elevate the political status of Islamists in Tennessee, consider what this will mean when he pushes for school vouchers (aka “Equal Opportunity Scholarships”) when the Tennessee General Assembly reconvenes in 2013.

The AMAC says that among other things, it promotes religious freedom which is why they recently spoke out in support of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  The Governor has already added a representative from the Catholic Dioceses to the school voucher task force; expect that the AMAC will also want Tennessee’s Islamic schools to get their share of public money.

And so far, Governor Haslam has met all of their demands.

The site gives some great practical advise as well in Newsletter #32 – What Even One Person Can Do

“…the power of one – one idea, one heart, one mind, one plan, one determination.” (The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay)

One person can join with another and another, to speak up even in the face of being called a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe or a neo-McCarthyite and present the documented FACTS.  One person can pass on reliable, documentable FACTS.

Facts are the key and facts have context.  For example, when looked at in the context of the following timeline, it is logical that individuals and groups in Tennessee would question the Governor’s actions and intentions.  (Note also that all responses from the Governor’s office have only addressed the Ali appointment avoiding any reference or answers about the TN Department of Homeland Security’s (TN DHS) partnership with the TN American Muslim Advisory Council.)


2011 Legislative session – anti-terrorism bill introduced based on the Carlos Bledsoe case (Memphis man who shot and killed Pvt. Andrew Long at the Little Rock Army recruiting center.)

June, 2011 – picture emerges confirming that the Muslim Rapid Response Team (which morphed into the TN American Muslim Advisory Council) had been working behind the scenes during the legislative session with TN DHS James Cotter.  This was the group that had formed to lobby against the anti-terrorism bill.

November 2011 – Commissioner Bill Gibbons (TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security), sends congratulatory letter to the AMAC members for organizing along with the Governor- approved partnership with TN DHS.

December 2011 – AMAC partners with the TN DHS to do first law enforcement training.

2012 legislative session – Commissioner Gibbons, testifies in support of an administration bill permitting the TN DHS to enter into partnership agreements with private non-profit organizations like the AMAC.

February 2012 – AMAC partners again with TN DHS for law enforcement training; TN DHS refuses to disclose any information about the AMAC.

May 2012  Governor vetoes bill that would have protected Christian student organizations at Vanderbilt and state universities.

May 2012 – Governor approves appointment of Shariah Compliant Finance specialist Samar Ali as ECD International Director.

May 2012 – AMAC trains TN Dept of Children’s Services.

These are facts, nothing but facts.

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28 thoughts on “Gov @BillHaslam brings sharia to the Tennessee Dept of Children’s Services

    • Haslam is a Progressive – they’ve infiltrated all parties to a certain extent – international law globalists (New World Order). America is NOT exceptional – just another socialist nation as in Europe.

      • I wouldn’t go that far, Trish, but will grant you that our “elites”/Establishment – whatever you want to call these Lib Prog Regressives – think they are somehow (1) more enlightened than the mere masses and (2) entitled/authorized to help usher in their version of the New Enlightenment. Sadly, if they succeed (and the sheeple of disengaged and uninformed citizens will only help hasten that dreadful
        day), then your assessment of the USA as no longer an exceptional nation will no doubt be the new reality…

        • Joy, I agree 100% with everything you have said and whether one is progressive, or, just think you need to be politically correct, or just ignorant – why would he force international laws on Tennesseans? More need to read their Qu’ran and face the reality that they actually practice this (for instance, women are lower than their dogs and Jews are monkeys)! I’ll just bet it has something to do with Pilot and lining his pockets. What price, our freedom?!!

          • Yes, Trish, we’re not only in agreement, but very much in sync (that’s why I love this site, BNI, Jihad Watch & Atlas Shrugs!) vis-a-vis what the muzturds are planning for our beloved (but super-threatened!) Western Civilization! Idiot traitors like Haslam need to be FORCIBLY educated as to what they are obviously blindly and blandly pushing just for votes & money (granted, two very powerful incentives to sell one’s soul if one is a political whore!).

            I’ll be interested to see if and when these stupid policies blow up in his face and truly threaten his political office! I’d say NOW is a great time for truly patriotic GOP Americans to step up and challenge him in his next bid for re-election! He’s definitely RIPE for a strong primary challenge!!

          • There is money to be had for your state from the UN if states participate and pass this bill..thats why Haslem isimplementing some of the things in the bill even though it has not passed yet. Tennessee is not the only state implementing some of this environmental crap either. All the states have been considering this bill and it will come up for a vote again but I am uncertain when.

          • Haslem has not been in office long and calls himself a conservative republican and if I had to guess at this point, will be re-elected if he runs again unless the Tea Party gets involved.We just had an election last week in which we elected senators and state representatives and congressmen.Everyone of the croneys I did not want back in office who are democrats in republicans clothing, Haslem endorsed and they were re-elected and we had some really good grass roots conservatives running too. Was really discouraging. Not alot of people know about the UN BILL at least I have not heard much talk of it. There are people in the Knoxville area that are not happy with the environmental crap going on but I really do not think alot of folks know what its all stemming from. he will probably be re-elected before they figure out the full story.I just keep up with my state government and any bills that may be on his desk. This bill has been on the desk of ALL the states

  1. Why is a Muslim organization training anyone on anything regarding children’s services? Do Muslim children need some kind of special services to insure their health and safety inn TN?

    • It’s called dawah and it is a requirement for all Muslims … to work diligently to convert non-Muslims by any means necessary.

  2. Haslam and the rest of these greedy politicians know where the money is. These traitors would sell out their own mothers. It also seems they want to get to the kids early to train them to be good little jihadist.

  3. Agree with John Daniels, granmashelia, and joydbrower. Sharia has NO PLACE in our culture. Period!!! Same with black history month, black Miss America and anything else that identifies a minority or majority as “special”. I’ve always had suspicions about Haslam. No more. I now know that what I feared is true.

    • Nor should one get “special priviliges or considerations” because of their sexual orientation! That one makes me sick and is getting so old.If they do not want people to “gay bash” then QUIT BOMBARDING US WITH THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION! DO US STRAIGHT PEOPLE BOMBARD THEM WITH OURS? NO. I do not want to know what others do in their bedroom and I wish they would refrain from announcing it. Do we celebrate “Straight day” at Disneyland or any other theme park or business? Do we have a “Straight Pride Day” that we march in the streets/ NO!They can be gay if they want..just stay out of my space with it and do not tell me about it. I don’t want to hear about their sex lives!

  4. There’s enough information out there to see that sharia is a threat to Freedom. Gov. Bill Haslam is either not informed in which case he should not be Governor or takes our Freedoms lightly. I don’t know.

    • Haslam is a Republican. He has cut government spending, lowered the sales tax on food, phased in the abolishing of the death tax, stood up to teachers unions, reformed education. He is a great Republican governor. Tennessee is not in danger of being taken over by Jihadist. He hired a well-qualified lawyer who is a native Tennessean who happens to be a Muslim. Big to do about nothing.

      • Well, he sounds like a good governor, but your statement about “TN not in danger of being taken over by jihadists” might be a bit of wishful thinking: Where did Haslam stand on the mosqustrosity in Mufreesboro? And why does ANY scintilla of sharia need to be discussed – let alone – implented in ANY state, inc. TN?!? In particular, why should the TN Gov’t and its Governor have anything
        whatsoever to do with “shariah-compliant finance” in the first place? There’s NO room in the USA for sharia-compliant finance or anything else, for that matter, ’cause sharia has no place in a constitutionally “compliant” USA!!!

      • I HATE TENNESSEE TRAITORS!! Speak for YOURSELF Mr. WILLIAMS! May not be a “BIG TO DO OVER NOTHING” TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE UNINFORMED ABOUT THE DANGERS OF ISLAMIC INFILTRATION IN THIS COUNTRY> Mr. Islam, ( as I correctly named him after research when he was running) is a IGNORANT DEMOCRAT IN REPUBICANS CLOTHING and I hope the repubicans who have filed complaints and charges regarding his hiring of muslims GIVE HIM HELL! THEY KNOW THE DANGERS OF WHAT HE IS DOING! MR. ISLAM prided himself, when he was mayor of Knoxville, as being so culturally diverse and was always encouraging diversity and bringing culturally diverse projects and events to Knoxville. Does not surprise me he has hired a muslim attorney and Haslem is probably following his every word of advise to be PC and culturally diverse. Putting a muslim over childrens services is like handing a dog a piece of fresh beef! Stupid!If he wanted to be culturally diverse, why did he not hire someone with Japanese, Jewish or British decent? Because he is Islamic OIL bought and paid for.However, Knoxville IS NOT REFLECTIVE OF THE REST OF THE STATE MR.ISLAM. He may have done all the things you have mentioned, however NO AMOUNT OF MONEY is worth the selling off of my beautiful state and betrayal of my country!REFORMED EDUCATION????What planet ARE YOU FROM??? REFORMED AT ITS WORST!!I worked for the education system in Tennessee and NOT as an educator so I am NOT biased towards educators as I am sure you are thinking MR.WILLIAMS! Our education system is at the worst I have ever seen it from a employee standpoint and a parent standpoint. He has not given the schools enough money to buy textbooks for 11 YEARS which is against the law! They have no money for the smallest of things such as copy paper,toilet paper,paper towels and the teachers have been buying these basic commodities for their own classrooms. The textbooks the kids do have, THEY CANNOT TAKE HOME, because they do not have enough of them.The teachers have to give the kids time in class to do their homework because they do not have a book to take home and use. And of course, this takes up the time they should be using to teach and keep the kids on task level but they cant…therefore Tennessee falls behind the national average on its national scores . As far as taking on the teachers union, I am NOT a fan of that in my county. I have never been a supporter of unions..ever until I went to a local school board meeting and saw my local school board in action. I audio taped this. Our school board is corrupt and up on ethics violations for teacher voter intimidation, threatening peoples jobs who sent their kids to schools other than our district WHEN THE CHILDREN WERE ZONED FOR A DIFFERENT DISTRICT! Does not matter the school board sent their children OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT THEY WERE GOVERNING OVER! MY SON FOUGHT FOR THESE TEACHERS TO HAVE THE FREEDOM TO VOTE FOR WHOEVER THEY WANT AS WELL AS SCHOOL CHOICE. HOW DARE THEY TRY TO STRIP THESES TEACHERS OF THE RIGHTS THAT OUR SOLDIERS FOUGHT AND DIED AND PAID FOR WITH BLOOD!! It was then I learned that there are some good unions and while most are bad, if this one had not stood up for their teachers, they would have and had been threatened to have their job if they did not vote for the current school board members at hand! Voter intimidation IS A CRIME and ALL THESE school board members were supposed to be “Conservative republicans??? in which Haslem supports???”The union leader is a good man and a CONSERVATIVE REPUBILCAN who goes against the “POLITICAL MACHINE” as he calls it.
        I am proud of my state enough to fight for it and not allow it to be sold off to the muslims by repubican imposters. I traveled with my husband with the military a few years but was born and raised in Tennessee and finally told my husband when he was in the military that he COULD GO WITH ME if he wanted but I WAS GOING BACK TO TENNESSEE! Sorry baby! Mr. Islam also supports the UN bill that was sent back for some changes that allows the UN CONTROL over our state and country!!! What is the UN made up of mostly???MUSLIMS! Although that UN bill has not passed yet, the GREEN PART of it is already being implemented in Knoxville and there have already been complaints about the stupid green requirements with its citizens! I am trying to find out how he feels about the UN BILL which gives the UN control over OUR DISABLED AND SPECIAL NEEDS! Yes, it does exist and our TN Senator, Bob Corker, who is on the committee regarding this matter voted against letting it go before the senate but HE WAS VOTED DOWN BY THE OTHERS ON THE COMMITTEE.Mr. Islam is a wealthy OIL MAN who has a string of gas stations and gets his oil from foreign countries. My son used to work for his company. He gives alot to charity and a GIVE AWAY program in this country will always get you votes. If he wanted me to think his charity was not for PUBLIC FAVOR, DO IT IN PRIVATE AND DON”T ANNOUNCE IT. When this man was running for office I sent him the same question THREE TIMES and that was “Do you feel Islamic infiltration is a threat to our national security?” to which he WOULD NOT ANSWER. NO ANSWER IS AN ANSWER FOLKS! I forwarded the letter I sent to Mr. Islam to my congressman, the same congressman who got my injured son out of Iraq in 11 hours, and told him Mr. Islam would not answer that question. It was then I got a e-mail from Mr. Haslem that told me to call the office to provide a phone number where he could call me and we could discuss this . Basically, HE WAS NOT PUTTING ANYTHING DOWN ON PAPER . Where do all of you think he stands???

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  6. That is a dangerous place to push islam. He may lose his job for it after an election. The people won’t stand for this. It should go to the un american comittee in congress

    • I think TN might be a good target for a primary when Haslam’s term is up and he seeks another term (unless he’s termed out). Time that we set standards in the GOP that obviates ANY place for Sharia-compliant ANYTHING!! I’m afraid, like Gov. Christie, Haslam’s been bought & sold by muzzie & Saudi money – as someone commented on the posting about weasel Christie, “follow the money!!”

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    • Hear! Hear!! My late husband was so frustrated that they were parading the rainbow as their symbol of “gay pride,” he was trying to figure out what symbol the rest of us could use! The best he could come up with (and he was a guy with an engineering & radio/electronics bent) was a straight edge! Even he realized that that wasn’t quite as powerful as he’d like, but he kept fixating on it and
      imagined a group of people parading down the streat, carrying a straight edge in hand…

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