@NJGovChristie hosts Ramadan dinner, reaffirms support for Hamas-linked imam (video)

Christie continues to prove he is either completely ignorant or lying through his teeth or both regarding the Hamas-linked imam who lied on his immigration papers. via A Ramadan Iftar to remember- actually two iftars | NJ.com.

At the NJ Annual Governor’s Iftar July 24, 2012, (held at the Governor’s Mansion in Princeton) Governor Christie covered three topics in his 15 minute speech to the close to a hundred Muslim leaders  in attendance. He recalled his successful push to get Sohail Mohammed to become a Superior Court judge, making him only the second Muslim to reach this milestone. The other topic was his position on the NYPD spying-a view I took strong exception to in a prior posting. But more welcome and perhaps unrehearsed and very sincere were his remarks, unambiguous and most poignant,  about his respect for and support of Imam Mohammad Qatanani, who is facing a witch-hunt legal pursuit by the US government: (Video)

“In all my interactions with the imam, he has attempted to be a force for good in his community, in our state with law enforcement, with those of us who have gotten to know him over the years. I hope that what you see is a constant strain of conduct for me. I will judge people based upon their relationships with me and the way I observe them conduct themselves, and while there may be other issues at play and I will certainly consider those if other facts come in, I will tell you the folks who are my friends will continue to be my friends as long as they continue to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty and faith in common values and the things that make our state a better place.”

As the site RadicalIslam.org notes:

This development isn’t terribly surprising, especially since RadicalIslam.org reported that when Christie’s Attorney General met with Qatanani, Mohamed el-Filali, the executive director of Qatanani’s mosque and an official from the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ N.J. chapter.

A July 29, 2008 court filing said Qatanani was guilty of “material misrepresentation,” “has engaged in terrorist activity” and “engaging in unauthorized employment…by allowing an out-of-status alien to reside with him.”

“It is certainly suspicious when a person who has been convicted of being a member of, and providing services, to Hamas, who has personal ties to a Hamas militant leader, and a Hamas fundraiser also sends undisclosed cash to the West Bank,” the document reads.

Qatanani’s next hearing is scheduled for November 26.

Someone let Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon know that Hamas support crosses the aisle

30 Responses

  1. Christie has fooled a lot of conservatives but it’s plain to see where his loyalties lie.

  2. I bet Christie is starting to develop calluses on his knees by now. :-)

    He should go ahead and get his own personal prayer rug to protect his knees. Allah u SNACKBAR!!!!!

  3. Has anyone ever proposed a theory for Christie’s actions with respect to Sohail, Qatannai, and Islam generally? Are they all buddies? Business partners? Something else?

    • There is a large Muslim population in Jersey so Christie probably sees votes but there is likely more to it.

      By the way, checked your blog – do you want to post a copy of your ebook for readers here?

  4. OT:

    The Institute for Islam in Texas

    In Spanish: El Instituto del Islam en Texas

  5. Christie is not naive and ignorant. He is quite aware, thoroughly corrupt, and a seditious son of a bitch who deserves the needle and gurney for his reprehensible treason.

    I wouldn’t vote for his fat ass if he was running for dog catcher!

  6. I have always disliked Christie.

  7. Methinks the Muslim Brotherhood is winning the hearts and minds of both Republicans and Democrats to one degree or another. So, does it really matter who wins in November? Romney may be more pro-Israel than Obama, but how much more is he anti-MB? Haven’t heard much from him on this issue.

    • Steve, at this point, we have sunk so low with Obama in office that anything, ANYTHING, would be better than what we have now.

      Obama must be evicted. In fact, he needs to be impeached and arrested for treason, sedition, and all other high crimes and misdemeanors when applicable, and his cabinet and staff too.

  8. 3rd time in as many weeks one of our posts did not automatically post on Twitter… first was about Keith Ellison, then DOJ, now this ….coincidence?

    • I don’t think it’s coincidental. Something is going on. BNI has been getting hacked by people in Pakistan.

      • the response from dlvr.it: “It appears some of your feed items contain Twitter usernames like @NJGovChristie. Twitter’s API doesn’t allow us to auto post @ mentions.”

        it took 3 attempts to get an answer

      • we’re not getting hacked…either dlvr.it is not posting the links or twitter is censoring…seeking answers now

        if others use the twitter button below they seem to work

    • I had issues with the RSS feed too- it stopped, then switched to another url , now back to original

  9. […] continues his abject submission to Islamic surpremacism in between cheeseburgers: @NJGovChristie hosts Ramadan dinner, reaffirms support for Hamas-linked imam (video) Posted on August 2, 2012 by […]

  10. It seems to me that Christie is just doubling down on his very public support of all things pisslamic! It’s a real “in-your’face” attitude – and I hope ultimately sinks his standing in the GOP! I heard (but has it been confirmed?) that this SOB is giving the keynote at the GOP

    BTW, I’m willing to bet that if we see a slimmed down Christie (and he’s courting death by cholestorel & diabetes is he doesn’t!) in the next couple of years (a la Mike Huckabee), then I think he’ll be taking this POTUS thing seriously. If not, then there are a couple other outcomes: He has major health problems anyway, which would obviate a run for the WH – OR he does run for POTUS with at least 200 extra deadly pounds pressing his heart – and dies in the attempt. I just hope he keeps on the weight – that, alone, will keep him from running…

  11. […] NJGovChristie hosts Ramadan dinner, reaffirms support for Hamas-linked imam (video) […]

  12. With Republicans like Christie, who needs Democrats?……uh,……I mean Dhimmicrats?

    • And, it appears, Republican governors like Haslam of Tennessee as well! The cancer/poison of pisslam has invaded weak dhimmie links in BOTH parties…

  13. What’s the percentage of muslims in the US populace now, anyone know? I’m asking because a few weeks ago I saw in Verdens Gang that one Norwegian wailed: “These people are only 6% of the population but they’re causing 90% of the trouble in Norway”.

    • 1% and growing although CAIRorists claim much more

      • Creeping, are you sure? That seems a very small number, and just like Norway, (and Sweden, and England, and Denmark and Nederland, etc. etc.) they are causing trouble out of all proportion to their numbers. Like Joy, I love the new word: CAIRorists!

      • “CAIRorists!!” Great new word! Gonna have to build me a wee little dictionary to house all these beloved “nicknames” for our favorite bad guys from the ROP!!

  14. follow the money! Ask him about his contributions from the America haters in islam. He is indeed no fool.

  15. I am so sick of government officials picking and choosing what part of our constitution and the laws of this land they are going to support and openly stating the ones they are not going to uphold. They take an oath to uphold ALL OF THEM AND THAT IS NOT CONDITIONAL ON WHETHER THEY AGREE WITH THEM OR NOT! When governmental officials state publically they are not going to defend our constitution, they have broken their oath and should be charged with treason.
    Just because this Imam has been a good citizen in Christies eyes, does not excuse the fact that he lied on his immigration papers! He should be deported immediately and there should be no hearings. He broke the law and not to mention he is a known terrorist and a enemy of our friend Israel. Alot of murderers, including Jeffery Dahmer “find religion” in prison and maybe model prisoners but should the warden excuse them all based on HIS dealings with them, deem them “Good members of society” and nullify the consequences of what they have done? NO! Christies murdering friends are NOT THE EXCEPTION!

    • Spot on, Anonymous! No room at the inn (of the USA) for Sharia-ANYTHING!! And NO exceptions for taqqiya-invoking “nice guys!” All press conferences should hereafter begin with a reporter/citizen asking, “Do yo support IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER Sharia law in the USA?” If they so much as BLINK, then give ‘m the hook – he/she’s not worthy to be elected to public office/trust!

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  17. […] @NJGovChristie hosts Ramadan dinner, reaffirms support for Hamas-linked imam (video) (creepingsharia.wordpress.com) Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPrintStumbleUponDiggLinkedInTumblrRedditPinterestLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in Chris Christie, Civilization Jihad, Government Infiltration by Islamists, Islamist Lobbies, Islamophobia Propaganda, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Outreach, Political Correctness, Stealth Jihadists and tagged Chris Christie, Christie, civilizational jihad, counterjihadreport, government infiltration by Islamists, Hamas, Islamophobia Propaganda, Mohammad Qatanani, Muslim Brotherhood, political correctness, Sharia, Sohail Mohammed, United States by lburt. Bookmark the permalink. […]

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