Oakland: Survivor recounts life of rape, abuse by ‘Your Black Muslim Bakery’ leader

via Survivor recounts life of rape, abuse by Your Black Muslim Bakery leader | California Watch. h/t TROP

In 2002, five years before journalist Chauncey Bailey was murdered by members of Your Black Muslim Bakery, a woman identified only as Jane Doe 1 stepped forward to report decades of sexual abuse, welfare fraud and violence by the bakery’s leader, Yusuf Bey Sr.

She was prepared to hand over to Oakland police DNA from three of her children, evidence that Bey had impregnated her, the first time when she was 12 years old.

Given the history of violence by members of Your Black Muslim Bakery, this was a risky move. But the woman was fueled by a mother’s anger. Her daughter, then 18, alerted her that Bey was trying to abuse her – his own daughter.

Now a devout Christian, Jane Doe 1 has decided she no longer wants to be the nameless whistle-blower. Her name is Kowana Banks and, in her first public interview, she said she made the decision to come forward to help other children trapped in similar situations. She hopes to publish a book about her experiences.

“Abused people go one of two ways: Either they are going to self-destruct or they’re going to make a difference,” said Banks, 44. “I’m going to make a difference.”

The violent saga of Your Black Muslim Bakery is fading into Oakland history, but wounds remain among Bey’s victims and family members. Today marks the fifth anniversary of the murder of Bailey, the Oakland Post editor who had been investigating the bakery’s finances.

The facts behind Banks’ story have been outlined in court proceedings and depositions, but her decision to come forward allows her to detail her unique insider’s perspective as a victim and survivor.

How many other victims are there and how many other Muslim enclaves in the U.S. also allow such abuse?

10 thoughts on “Oakland: Survivor recounts life of rape, abuse by ‘Your Black Muslim Bakery’ leader

  1. Wrong, there is one thing worse: the black muslim baker (in Florida, I think) who put his own dried sh*t on baked goods. That people ate.

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  2. Remember, these are BLACK muslims who are on a HUGE power trip – pisslam being only their phoney-religious means to obtaining their REAl goals in life: Money, power, women without end and all manner of perversion. Seems that the demanding dick goes with the territory…

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