US Muslims raising money and covertly aiding “rebels” in Syria

via » h/t @CausingFitna

As you can see in the video they are working hand in hand with the Muslim Students Association, a Muslim Brotherhood-founded organization.

We know al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups are a large percentage of the Syrian “rebels” and there is a strong possibility the “wounded” being aided by U.S. Muslims are indeed members of terrorist organizations.

Is Muslims Without Borders working with the CIA in Syria?

Considering the U.S. is Fighting On Same Side As Three Terrorist Groups In Syria and Obama and Holder have made it their top priority to protect and promote Islam don’t expect any investigation into this group.

11 thoughts on “US Muslims raising money and covertly aiding “rebels” in Syria

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  3. Remember, it doesn’t take much to be a ‘student’ in America. Students are, given the opportunity cost of their education, among the wealthiest people in their communities. Its these people who are most available to visit NATIVE schools to explain why islamism is the best religion and why they are the best people. Heaven help the educator to question this foundational fact. Do I sound cynical-its because I am old.

  4. Wow – this looks as phony as the day is long. That shot “taken by infrared camera in a truck (purportedly) heading into Syria”? Could be any truck, anywhere – the kids just got either an infrared camera…. or a green light to shoot by.
    The scene from the makeshift “clinic” “behind government lines”? Again, could be any apartment/room! anywhere, with a couple of friends crouched on the floor. That guy’s a doctor?!? He’s swabbing a tiny spot on the guy’s midriff – no wound, no blood…. And that victim (of purported government brutality)? He certainly looks bored….. not injured or in pain.
    Lots of moody music, and fine shots of some protest by muslims, somewhere. I pity anyone dumb enough (er, that would be muslims….!) to be taken in by this childish marketing attempt.

  5. Remember Rahm Emanuel’s great admonition (or was it David Axelrod? Same difference…): “Never let a disaster go to waste!!” And what better “cause” than the tragedy/total mess in Syria?

    What still puzzles me, however, is what’s Iran’s position in all of this? I thought that Iran & the Mullahs were deeply in cahoots with the Assad
    Regime in Syria (first the old man, now his chinless-wonder son). I think they still are propping up the Syrians, but, for their part, the Syrians do have a very powerful regime & military force.

    Anyway, I can’t tell the “bad guys” fron the “good ones” (that is, if there are any “good ones!”). They all look pretty shady & evil!!

  6. This is as FAKE as the day is long! Under “Ways you can help” it had listed “Hold a fundraiser.” Excuse me! I was made to participate, through no choice of my own, one of the biggest fundraisers for Syria done in this country! Money, in which I might add, will go to kill our soldiers and increase the strength and territories of the Muslim brotherhood! IT WAS CALLED TAXPAYER FUNDED FEDERAL AID! GOOD GRIEF!!

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