Killing of Sikh’s “domestic terrorism”, Muslim killing 14 Americans “workplace violence”

Another senseless, unnecessary and horrible mass killing. Where does it end?

Notice however, the stark differences in how the media and law enforcement (and Muslims) reacted to the event. via Shooting at Sikh temple: 7 dead, including suspected gunman, police say | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

Law enforcement officials are treating the case as an “act of domestic terrorism,” police said, and the FBI is leading the investigation. The names of the victims in Sunday’s shooting were not released.

Media across the country if not the world were immediately identifying the suspect as white, ex-military, with a 9/11 tattoo. Then later as a white supremacist.

Contrast that to two deadly acts of jihad carried out on U.S. soil by Muslim Americans.

First and foremost, the Fort Hood jihad. Obama joked as he was forced to comment on the act of jihad that killed 14 including an unborn child. The media were reluctant to identify the killer as a Muslim although witnesses reported the killer shouting “allah akbar” as he kept killing. Later, a solder was ordered to delete the cell phone video of the attack. Why?

The killer still receives Army pay and has yet to be tried. The government is positioning the trial for a conviction just before the 2012 election. But most absurd about the attack is that after years of so-called analysis by experts, the government refuses to even consider the deadly attack what it was: jihad. The Dept of Defense has called it an act of workplace violence (as we told you in 2010). Extensive open source research long ago determined that Hasan was a firm believer in jihad and preached it to ranking military members.

Then there is the case of Pvt. Andy Long. He was killed in Arkansas at a recruiting center by a Muslim who had been on the FBI’s radar after traveling to Yemen. A second soldier was also wounded. The Muslim killer admitted he was waging jihad on numerous occasions and not only have local and national law enforcement refused to acknowledge this act of jihad by a Muslim, the feds have refused to get involved at all. They refused the case entirely. Further, Obama threatened to veto a spending bill because it included recognition of a Purple Heart for Pvt. Long.

If you didn’t read, also yesterday two incidents at Newark airport were reported in the most nondescript manner, Travelers stranded after Newark airport security breach cancels more than 100 flights

Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport was locked down for three hours Sunday, creating a huge screening backlog that forced the cancellation or delay of more than 165 flights, after officials said a passenger prematurely walked away from a security checkpoint.

Authorities searched for the female passenger based on a checkpoint surveillance video following the 8:45 a.m. incident said Al Della Fave, a spokesman for the Port Authority Police.

Local officials of the Transportation Security Administration eventually concluded the woman had boarded a United Airlines flight to Cleveland. But the security agency only arrived at its conclusion after the flight had landed in Cleveland at 10:45 a.m., and authorities were never able to talk to the woman or identify her by name.

“She walked out of the checkpoint area before the screening process was complete,” Ann Davis, a TSA spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Management at Newark will conduct a comprehensive review of the incident and will take appropriate action.”

Feel safer? Yet no description of the woman, her color, clothing, etc. Why not? Another report added some detail:

Law enforcement sources told Fox 5 News what officials left out of their public statements – that the woman had tested positive for residue of possible explosive material on her hands, and slipped away from the TSA before she could be thoroughly screened.

Could that be why officials left out a more complete description of the suspect?

There is no excuse for yesterday’s killing of Sikh’s or anyone else. Similarly, there is no excuse for biased, one-sided media and politicians who are conveniently absent when Muslims attack Sikh’s, kill Americans, and slaughter other Muslims.

We truly are living in Orwellian times.

26 thoughts on “Killing of Sikh’s “domestic terrorism”, Muslim killing 14 Americans “workplace violence”

  1. Just watch the enemedia play this out for all its worth!! not a word about Hasan and his muslim beliefs aka jihad,NOPE ! no bayimg for blood there, but just watch the media circus play up the ‘white ,returned soldier,. right wing , trufer, domestic terrorist ‘ threat…
    and more calls from the Insurgent in Chief in the White House for gun control…all the while supplying Al Quaeda and Mexican Cartels with weaponry… bizarrrrre !!

  2. West need to learn fast all about Islam as Islam has a full proof system to kill its enemy without sending arms and army.
    Send Mullahs so called religious leaders to convert our poor , uneducated and people in jail criminals to Islam once they are Muslims use them to fight with govt laws and people around them for new laws and privileges to defend Islam using our people our resources and our food and money we are going to be defeated if we let them.
    . Do we have a solution once convert to Islam this Muslim is now for all future generation loyal to Saudis Arabs and Allah not to west country he/she is born in.
    We are all now doomed sooner or later.
    All converts should know they are getting ripped, so wake up , love the nation and give up ISlam.

  3. Fuck you, you counterjihadist fucks. Their blood is on your hands, blogosphere. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Filth! Counterjihadist! Shit-eater! Fuck you with a chainsaw.

  4. The Savage History Of Jihad In India
    By Maha Sabah

    Mr. Sabah is of the muslim faith.

    Editors’s Note: Jihad In India met ferocious resistance from the Sikh Faith. The Sikhs and the Islamic invaders fought for nearly 300 years and at the end of the period the Sikhs had prevailed. Ahmed Shah Abdali made the last of his eleven invasions into India around 1763 and returned disheartened never to return to India again. Effectively, a long period of muslim domination of India had come to an end.

  5. If it was a White whackjob that killed those 13 brave soldiers at Ft. Hood, then it would be Domestic terrorism. When a Muslim is involved, we dare not call it Muslim extremism or Muslim Jihad. Even when Hasan was yelling Allah Akbar its still was just workplace violence. Of course if he was yelling Jesus Christ then it would have been the work of a Christian fanatic.
    Ft. Hood, Another DOD/DOJ screw up

  6. Would you kindly reserve your comments to giving information and a sensible discussion instead of degrading everyone to vulgarity. Name calling is not the purpose of this, but information is, such as, a good book to read on jihad in India. Thank you.

  7. A note of information for you
    white right wing people too stupid to understand

    It’s not your turn anymore
    It’s your turn to get out of the way
    It’s your turn to open the door

    To whatever we want
    We’ve got Barrack Obama Now
    You go back to your golden calf
    You go back to your Holy cow

    If we want to raise taxes
    We damn well will
    It’s pay back time
    And we haven’t had our fill

    If we want to wear black
    And stand at the voting polls
    You best go to your knees
    And pray for your ragged soul

    To know how to appreciate
    Your new Muslim brothers and friends
    America is deservedly on the decline
    So it’s no use to pretend

    It’s going to be
    Any other way
    Your time is up
    You’ve had your say

    And it never worked
    Because you’re all racist pigs
    Ruling the country is about power
    And now it’s totally completely our gig


    Get out of the way
    Get out of the way
    Do as we tell you
    Do as we say

    9:48 am

    • This crap doesn’t really deserve a reply, but I notice a Scandinavian name at the top, and I think: could any Scandinavian be so imbecilically stupid?

      Then I look at the situation in Oslo, Stockholm, Malmo etc., and I know the answer.

    • This is for “THE CLAP” and “Snails Devilsen” up above. Or was that “cLAMPS and nEILS cHRISTENSEN?” Oh well, same difference!

      You are funny! And obviously drunk! Us American gun owners will NEVER BOW TO YOU OR GIVE UP OUR GREAT FREE LAND! We have alot of soldiers in this great land, present AND veterans too,who have taught others about your sorry kind as well as how to shoot your sorry kind! Do not try to tell us for one minute “to get out of the way!”
      We will exterminate your kind and drag your sorry asses in our homes…and it will not be our fault! I once heard one soldier say, I know 101 ways to kill someone and no one find out AND THEY DON’T FORGET. Don’t under estimate us TRULY PEACEFUL PEOPLE. YOU WILL AWAKEN A SLEEPING GIANT. AMERICANS ARE SICK OF YOUR KIND!HA! HA!

  8. Domestic terrorism (’cause he’s a whitey) and workplace violence (’cause he’s a “victim” of whitey). Can we say “disingenuous”? And the libtards are utterly blind to the discrepancy.

    Neils, are you just quoting someone for use as sarcasm? If not, please take your meds and crawl back under your rock. I just love the arrogant, malignant sanctimony of the left.

  9. Former judge Andrew Napolitano:

    “The legal definition of terrorism is two or more acts of violence intended to change the policy of the government, by scaring the population or by scaring the government,” Napolitano told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Tuesday. “That does not appear to be what happened in this case.”

    “If [Ft Hood] that’s not a case of terrorism then nothing is a case of terrorism,” Napolitano agreed. “I think that what’s playing here is politics. I think that there’s a political ramification to calling something terrorism. It scares people. We look at it more closely. But if you call something ‘workplace violence,’ as horrific as it is, it doesn’t scare us as much as it does with the word ‘terrorist.’”

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  11. The Socialists in the Democratic Party don’t want their voter base or any other American to realize that they are luring Muslim terrorists and the tithe paying terrorist supporters to the USA to build their voter base among them, knowing full well that occasionally this will result in one of them killing US soldiers such as took place at Fort Hood, Texas. This is how the USA is fulfilling Rev 18:2, which foretold that Babylon the great would become a prison for every hateful bird, which includes the Socialists and the Muslims.

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