Video: “People need to get mad, they need to get mad as hell”

“They are walking terrorists into the White House.” ~ Patrick Poole

Get mad as hell and let your Elected Officials know they are in breach of the oath they took and if they refuse to uphold it you will vote them out.

11 thoughts on “Video: “People need to get mad, they need to get mad as hell”

  1. They’re far beyond just breaching their Oath to us, they’re breaking their covenant with G_D.

    This is a big F’n deal – Joe Biden ( He is supposedly a Roman Catholic.)

  2. I’ve been saying that American need to take a stand and impeach Barack Hussain Obama. He’s committed over 50 impeachable offenses, and it only takes one to impeach him

    Why are we waiting for “voting day” to remove a amoral corrupt man who doesn’t respect the American people or the Constitution? … Why is our Congress not shouting at Obama’s executive oders and his just plain thumbing his nose at Congress. Obama has illegally over riden Congress several times? … Are these Congressmen not the very ones We the People voted into office, and who are supposed to be for “us”. Why are We the People” waiting to vote Obama out of office when he is destroying our, freedoms, our country, our military, our rights? …

    To those who say Obama or the powers that be will not permit us to impeach him, I say then why are you waiting for the magic presidential election day? If he’s not removable bc of his corrupt dealings why would you think … hope, he could be removable through the vote?… Are you crazy … get off the kick-a-poo joy juice, quit smoking whatever it is you’re smoking and take a hard look at reality! The reality of slavehood! Because that is what you are going to end up a slave.

    We the People need to rise up and start the Revolution! We need to remove every governmental official who doesnot support our Consitution. Starting with the Obamanation of Desolation that now sits in the Oval office of the White House.

    I say impeach “the Obamanation of Desolation” that now sits in the White House, cut off the head of the snake. If it can’t be done, start the Revolution … I will not live as a slave and death is preferable.


    • My opinion is that he’s not being impeached because those who can do it don’t want to start a race war. His race protects him, and he knows it.

    • Impeachment requires a 2/3 super majority in both houses. There are not enough honest Congressmen to reach that threshold in either house.

      Find out when your primary election is. If your incumbent Rep. & senators are LibTards, vote to replace them with Conservatives. The Primary is the real election, if poor choices are made in them, we have no choice in the general election.

  3. It’s simple, win both the House and Senate, and WH in November. When and “if” conservative Republicans prevail, then and only then, can BO be impeached, ’cause win or lose, he will refuse to leave the WH. Impeachment can be initiated in the House, tried in the Senate. We conservative Republicans must prevail in November.

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