EEOC and hijabi shake down Maryland living center for $25,000

The various regimes now ruling the United States have an unwritten rule: hire Muslims and submit to their every whim. If not, you will face federal action from the official protectorate of all things Islam. via Morningside House of Ellicott City to Pay $25,000 for Religious Discrimination.

BALTIMORE – An Ellicott City, Md., assisted living center will pay $25,000 and furnish other relief to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today. The EEOC had charged that Morningside House of Ellicott City denied hire to a Muslim job applicant because she refused to remove her hijab, a headscarf worn by Muslim women as a religious obligation.

In its suit, (1:11-cv-02766-JKB), filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, Northern Division, the EEOC said that the director of health and wellness asked Khadijah Salim if she would be willing to remove her hijab. The directorexpressed concerns that if she were hired, the hijab may interfere with her ability to work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Salim responded that she had worn her hijab throughout her nursing training, which included working in the operating room, and it had never interfered with her ability to perform her duties. Although she was told she would be contacted if someone were interested in her, she was never contacted, nor was she one of ten CNAs who were hired by the employer in September 2010.

How many applied and  how many others were not hired? How many of those night hired scored $25k in a bogus shakedown scam?

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers have an obligation to accommodate an employee’s or applicant’s sincerely held religious beliefs unless it creates an undue hardship. The EEOC filed suit after first attempting to reach a pre-litigation settlement through its conciliation process.

In addition to the monetary relief to Salim, the consent decree settling the suit enjoins the senior living home from further discriminating against any individual on the basis of religion; requires religious discrimination training to supervisors, managers and all involved in the hiring process; to post a notice stating the company’s commitment to maintaining an environment free of religious discrimination; and submit copies of any complaints about religious discrimination to the EEOC for a period of two years.

“In this case, there was no undue hardship to the employer — just an apparent overreaction to a reasonable request because of myths and stereotypes about a religion,” said EEOC Regional Attorney Debra M. Lawrence.

According to its website,, “Morningside House has been proudly serving seniors and their families since 1992 and is considered the ‘top-referred’ assisted living and dementia care provider in the Baltimore / Washington area.”

$25k plus Islamic dawah training for all.

14 thoughts on “EEOC and hijabi shake down Maryland living center for $25,000

  1. What can you do? We let them in , we bow down to them , we submit to sharia, which should not be in control ,but is taking over. They ask (demand) and we give ,give,give and give into them or we will sue you and they win . The same is happening with atheist TAKE DOWN THAT CROSS OR WE WILL SUE! Why couldn’t some of our over priced attorneys sue them because it is against our beliefs?

  2. This is such CRAP!! I can’t believe this woman, based a lawsuit on religion when reality of it is that there were better candidates. The senior cennter was within rights to ask her if she was WILLING to remove the towel from her head as it may incite fear among the residents, their NUMiBER ONE PRIORITY. This is so shameful that I am NOT proud to call myself an American!!

  3. Its easier to milk small businesses because of the paper trail demanded and skill level required to successfully defeat this type scam.

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  5. ” EXCUSE ME??? ”


    That’s right! OSHA!!! OSHA…MUST step in and “override” this ruling!!
    AND guess what? “THEY CAN!” I worked for an insurance company for nine years…we wrote W/Comp and A&H Insurance for the California/Arizona farmworkers….need I say more?

    From an Insurance companies “standpoint”…yes! Her headband definitely “poses” a “liability” to the hospital, patient, herself, staff, and anyone and everyone, that comes in contact with her…in ways that she has never been “exposed” too…while “training!”

    Here’s one…There is a fire alarm…everyone is running for the staircase…her headpiece is “knocked-off” “falls off” “whatever!”…the next person behind her…gets “entangled”,,,falls…gets trampled on; maimed to the point of not making it out the door; and dies!


    She is “startled!!!!” turns quickly…headpiece “flicks” important items off the countertop (or whatever)…no replacements for the items on the floor in that operating room…so the patient dies!

    YEAH! OSHA! Overrule this ridiculous ruling that the EEOC has made without regard to EMPLOYEE SAFETY STANDARDS!!!!

    • Bobby, Bless you for your factual and logical post. I could not agree with you more. Your suggestion would work if non-Muslims were involved. Unfortunately Islamic sharia has been allowed to trump our US and state constitutions and applicable laws.

      The Murfeesboro , TN mosque is a prime example of how Muslims are not subject to our building codes and zoning ordinances as we are. Rest assured that pressure from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave would come to bear on OSHA. If OSHA insists on properly doing their job the Obama DOJ always has a dhimmi activist federal judge in their back pocket to enforce sharia.

      Our Constitution and laws, not mention logic and common sense, will fold and grovel at the feet of Islamic supremacism.

      The way I see it America has ONE last chance in November to save Western civilzation. If our people don’t wake up and continue to be stupid, it will be over!


  7. We the consumer, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT have to allow them to service us no matter if the company has hired them. I was in the hospital last year and the hospital has hire them as hospitalists. I had my own doctor but it was a weekend when I was admitted and they try to have the hospitalist come by to see you as well(because they can double bill your ins)However, I refused because the doctor that came in was muslim and had that head garb on. As a patient YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TREATMENT FROM ANYONE. Women refuse treatment for all kinds of reasons such as they want a woman doctor instead of a man or they want a female nurse and not a male and it is perfectly legal. I have done it many times.And dont let them tell you there is no one else to try to force you to comply. Tell them you will wait till they get an American there. They cannot deny you. If business choose to hire them, however they cannot force them on us. It IS NOT a crime to be prejudiced…sorry. I alaways say “Due to the beliefs they hold regarding life that I have read in their quran, I have no faith in their ability to manage my healthcare and my mind WILL NOT BE PERSUADED DIFFERENTLY.If I have to, I tell them I”I want NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ARAB because a muslim shot my son in the head .Get them out of here and do not send them in here again.” I have no confidence that they want me to live since their quran teaches DEATH TO INFIDELS! A healthcare provider would be crazy too insist you see a muslim on staff for the mere fact that something COULD happen after you have verbalized that and the risk of a lawsuit.

      • Thankyou for your kind words but I did not lose my son. He was blown out of his bed as he slept in a makeshift Army outpost in Sadr City where some of the worst fighting took place against jihadists before the airstrikes had gotten there that they kept repeatedly calling in. Four days after, his outpost was hit by 9 mobile rocket launchers, Bush ordered airstrikes on Sadr City, almost totally obliterating it. I have seen the army camera surveillence video on the outpost as the rockets took my breath away to know my son was in those buildings. How he survived I do not know..well yes I do…GOD.NOTHING BUT GOD.
        When I saw the video of those HELLFIRE MISSILES fired upon Sadr City 4 days later, I SCREAMED AND YELLED AND CRIED AND THEN I DANCED! They also were so precise when they targeted those mobile rocket launchers as well as the Arabs standing around them that did this to my son that I was so amazed and SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND SO PROUD THAT MY SON SERVED IN THE GREATEST MILITARY ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! GOD BLESS THEM ALL! I will tell you and I am NOT ashamed to say, I cheered when these ARAB RAGHEADS were blew up, I cheered WHEN THEY DIED AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN! NO REGRETS. TO ME JUSTICE WAS DONE THAT DAY….COURTESY OF THE RED,WHITE AND BLUE! I am glad they are dead so they cannot do any other Mothers’ son the way they did mine.
        Anyway, he suffered from a traumatic brain injury, was deaf and blind and full of shrapnel. He regained his vision but not all his hearing. He suffers from horrible PTSD, and for those who do not think it exist, THINK AGAIN! It dominates his life and he WILL NEVER be the little boy and wonderful teenager I raised. That boy is gone forever. his personality is like a different person whom I do not know. That is why I get so angry that our government is allowing the very enemy these boys fought against to invade our government and our land while these boys are off fighting to keep them out of here. For a soldier who suffers from severe PTSD, can you imagine the terror they feel when they encounter the enemy on the streets of the very land they fought for? And they cannot do the thing that is most natural…SHOOT THEM.

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