Muslim gunmen kill 19 at Nigerian church service

via Military: 19 killed at central Nigeria church – Yahoo! News.

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Gunmen fire on a worship service in a church in central Nigeria, killing at least 19 people — including the pastor — and wounding others in a nation often divided by religion, the military said Tuesday.

The attack targeted a Deeper Life church in the town of Otite in Kogi state, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) southwest of Nigeria’s capital Abuja. Blood stained the floors of the church as police and soldiers surrounded it Tuesday morning, witnesses said. It was unclear how many people were wounded in the attack Monday night.

The gunmen surrounded the church in the middle of a worship service and opened fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles, military spokesman Lt. Col. Gabriel Olorunyomi said. The church’s pastor was among the dead.

Soldiers searched for gunmen through the night, but had made no arrests as of Tuesday morning, Olorunyomi said. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

Kogi State police spokesman Simon Ile declined to comment Tuesday about the attack. National Emergency Management Agency spokesman Yushau Shuaib said his agency had dispatched rescuers to the area Tuesday.

The attack comes as Nigeria faces continuing attacks from a radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram. Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is sacrilege” in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s Muslim north, has attacked churches in the past, though never as far as south. However, Boko Haram likely carried out a February prison break in the town of Koton-Karifi in Kogi state that freed 119 inmates. That attack mirrored a massive prison break in the northeastern city of Bauchi in September 2010 when Boko Haram freed about 700 inmates.

Boko Haram also has launched suicide car bomb attacks around Abuja in the past. The sect is blamed for more than 660 killings this year alone in Nigeria, according to an Associated Press count.

Nigeria, a nation of more than 160 million people, is largely divided into a Muslim north and Christian south. While members of the two faiths routinely live and work together, as well as intermarry, Boko Haram attacks have increased tensions in the nation over the last year.

 Thousands of black, African, Christians killed by a Muslim group waging jihad to implement sharia and the U.S. is hardly concerned.

In a video posted to YouTube on Saturday, the suspected leader of Boko Haram criticised Mr Jonathan as well as US President Barack Obama over Washington’s decision to label him a “global terrorist”.

It was unclear when the video was made, but it marked the first time Abubakar Shekau publicly addressed the terrorist designation slapped on him by the United States in June.

In addition to Shekau, the US State Department also announced the designations for Abubakar Adam Kambar and Khalid al-Barnawi. Kambar and Barnawi were said to be linked to Boko Haram and al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al-Qaida’s north African branch.

Some US lawmakers and the leader of Nigeria’s main Christian body have been pushing Obama’s administration to label Boko Haram as a whole a terrorist organisation.

American diplomats have stressed that the group remains domestically focused, with deep poverty in Nigeria’s north a main factor in its emergence. They have argued that labelling it a terrorist organisation would simply boost its profile and possibly complicate efforts to resolve the crisis.

Addressing US lawmakers last month, Ayo Oritsejafor, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, claimed that Boko Haram sought the “removal of the Christian presence in Nigeria.”


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6 thoughts on “Muslim gunmen kill 19 at Nigerian church service

  1. You don’t hear about this on our news channels in America. Obama removes religious persecution information from the State Departments list of countries that violate human rights! In my opinion, you are an accomplis to genocide (as defined in the UN Convention on Genocide) if you are funding the very people who commit these acts. President Obama funds Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and now we are told that he is funding Al Qaeda too. People are dying for Christ at the hands of Islamist while the world is silent.

  2. SO…”Legatus legionis (@frank95054)…when do “WE, the People…” begin the “Impeachment” and removal of our so-called, “President Obozo???”

    Whenever it happens…it is already too late!

    BUT…better late…than NEVER! and UNFORTUNATELY, with the way things are going…it will probably be…

    ” N E V E R ! ! ! “

  3. when it comes to the State Dept. and Terrorism;birds of a feather……….time for some wing ‘modification’.AN EYE FOR EYE IS ALL THE BEAST UNDERSTANDS;MEN ARE BEASTS.TIME FOR A HUNTING PARTY TO THIN THE HERD.

  4. Speaking of impeachment. I got a quarterly report from my congressman as I always do in which he tells of the things congress has discussed and addressed and how he voted or the opinion he has on the issue. He made mention of how dangerous the executive powers were in the hand of Obama because we do not have the government of the past and how past presidents had never abused them in this fashion and how he was afraid of what he is going to executive order next and how afraid the American people should be
    with the executive powers in Obamas hands. This absolutely PISSED ME OFF! Not one word was mentioned as to what congress was going to do about it or if they were going to reign him in or NOTHING.Congress has the power to reign him in according to the constitution and he is telling us HE IS AFRAID!Impeachment or removing this man from office due to ABUSE OF POWER IS CONGRESSes job to charge him with. Just because we do not have the government of yesterday does not mean they don’t have the power of yesterday! Unless they have allowed him to executive order that away too!! Its HOPELESS!


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