NBC cut tribute to 7/7 Islamic terror attack victims from Olympic coverage

The underlying theme of the 2012 Olympics seems to be “protect and promote Islam.” via London 2012: Row after NBC drop opening ceremony ‘7/7 tribute’ | Sport | guardian.co.uk.

The US broadcaster NBC is facing growing criticism after editing their delayed coverage of the London 2012 opening ceremony to replace the “memorial wall” tribute section with a Ryan Seacrest interview with Michael Phelps.

NBC, exclusive holders of the US rights to the Games, chose to broadcast the entire ceremony on a time-delay to maximise primetime advertising revenue, and were further criticised for refusing to provide a live online stream.

NBC’s broadcast, which began as the live ceremony was finishing in London, left out sections including the reflective moment when the Scottish singer Emeli Sandé sang Abide with Me.

The section included images of loved ones lost by those in the stadium, and was also widely interpreted as a tribute to the 52 victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London in 2005.

On the BBC’s coverage, commentator Hazel Irvine said: “The excitement of that moment in Singapore seven years ago when London won the Games was tempered with great sorrow the very next day, with the events on 7 July.”

However NBC instead cut away in order to show Seacrest, the host of American Idol, interview Phelps.

Neither the Olympic committee nor the media can bring themselves to even admit it was a tribute to victims killed by Muslim terrorists. And the IOC refused to recognize those killed during the Olympic games 40 years ago by Muslim terrorists.

See the 7/7 Tribute video here.

10 thoughts on “NBC cut tribute to 7/7 Islamic terror attack victims from Olympic coverage

  1. No surprise there! American institutions like the MSM are caving in to Islam, step by step. Perhaps the Muslims are right…the Islamic flag will fly over the White House by 2050.

    • Fear you’re right about what will be flying high over the WH, except the timeline is a little too far off. Please God, wake up American.

    • More like the Islamic flag already flies over the Whitehouse with Obama as president. If anyone believes that he and his family is Christian they should get a reality check. Obama has yet to say anything good about Christianity. In fact he denigrates Christianity, while telling everyone that the call of Azzan, Muslim call to prayer, is the most beautiful sound on earth. If you didn’t know Rev’d Wright of Trinity church is allegedly a former imam, but has a hate for America and whites. Rev’d Wright giving a reward to Louis Farrakhan clearly showed that Trinity church is more likely a Nation of Islam mosque.

      • He IS flying it now INSIDE OUR WHITEHOUSE. Obama took down the patriotic curtains that always hung behind the presidents desk in the oval office and replaced them.His curtains in the oval office are a gold muslim print with muslim symbols and muslim pictures on them.He took up the rug with the presidential seal and replaced it with a muslim rug with muslim symbols as well. i guess he did all that when he returned the bust of WINSTON CHURCHILL that he denied in the recent news reports, returning.Notice them sometime then compare them to what Bush had hanging in there when he would address the nation from the Oval office. Obama does not address the country from the Oval office very often at all. Its always outside or somewhere and its EVERYDAY it seems like! I guess because he is always ON VACATION!

  2. And this surprises Americans about NBC???? Nothing surprises me from any of the stations in media and if it surprises anyone else they NEED TO GET OUT IN SOCIETY A LITTLE MORE! My sister and I, years ago, renamed NBC the “Nazi Broadcasting Center” CBS the”Communist Broadcasting System” ABC the “Atheist Broadcasting Center” HLN “Half Lie News” CNN “Califate News Network” and MSNBC “Muslim Support National Broadcasting Center” and CSPAN “Congress SuPporting America Never” Channel. It has become so common place for she and I to use those terms that we have used them in public not thinking a thing about it and people look at us with this stunned look and we have no idea what we said shocked them!

    • add: Bloviating Bigots Channel (BBC) and PBS- Palestinian Blowhards Station

      every station fails to cover that ABBASS (PLO-PA) the so called “peace partner” who demands all Israel, the govt of people who kill their own if they sell land to JEWS, the man who demands a nation for his terror group ethnic- cleansed of all JEWS, this man was the financier and planner of the MUNICH murders. In fact his NON COUNTRY is now part of the Olympics and guess what- the BBC website lists E Jerusalem as it’s capitol and yet cannot find the Israeli capital-

  3. Why does GOD always bring us to our knees on the edge of a cliff before we realize STEP 1=we can’t/ STEP 2 he can STEP 3 we’ll let him? Please stand for something instead of dyeing for nothing. GOD of Abraham/Isacc and Jacob=Psalms 25:4and5. please intervene for those Moslems that want to live at peace here and Israel and world wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHALOM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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