Sharia prevails in Rhode Island, Muslim convicts to get halal meals

via RI Prisons agree to serve Muslim inmates Halal meals | Rhode Island Breaking News

Muslim inmates have prevailed in a lawsuit against Rhode Island prisons. The state of Rhode Island settled a lawsuit filed in 2008 with dozens of Muslim inmates agreeing to serve them Halal meals.

The inmates alleged in the lawsuit that the state of Rhode Island refused to provide them with Halal meals and instead forced them to eat only vegetarian meals, which does not keep with their religious practices. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines as specified by the Koran.

In the guidelines provided by the Koran, Muslims cannot consume animals that are not slaughtered properly, animals slaughtered in the name of a god that is not Allah, carnivorous mammals, pork or pork by-product, animals that were dead prior to slaughter, birds of prey, or alcohol. The strict policies on meat eating are part of the Koran’s teaching that animals should be treated well.

As part of the lawsuit, Muslim inmates also requested they be allowed to pray in a group and wear Kufi headwear outside their cell or mosque. The state rejected these requests citing security concerns.

The state prison is unclear how much meeting the dietary requests of inmates will cost.

22 thoughts on “Sharia prevails in Rhode Island, Muslim convicts to get halal meals

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  2. Whatever these meals cost, its way too much. This is a prison, not a country club! Feed them baloney sandwiches and whatever insects they can catch in their cells. This is suppose to be a punishment facility. Treat it as such!

  3. “The koran teaching that animals should be treated well?” What a FRICKIN FARCE! Good thing I was not a juror because I would have laughed my ass off when they presented THAT ARGUMENT!They desensitize their children to killing by giving them a pet goat, let them raise it and love and make a full fledged pet in which they love out of it, then make them slaughter it!They are known for their aninal abuse and they treat their women and children like they treat their animals and we all know how bad that is! They have sex with their animals too! I guess all the animals they eat need a GOOD SCREWING BEFORE THEY DIE! GIVE ME A BREAK!!

    • I was laughing so hard when I read article that I was not watching my typing very well. the sentence should read. “They give their children a pet goat, let them raise it, love it and make a full fledged pet out of it and then make them slaughter it! SICKOS

    • While the Quran says it’s OK to have sex with their livestock, they aren’t allowed to eat it subsequently. All praise to Mohammed.

  4. Just shows how sick our GOVT. institutions are with respect with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, THE SNAKES HEAD OF JIHAD. is and should be STOPED NOW!!!! LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEXT CRUSADE!!!!.

  5. Bet their animals still get better treatment than their women. I say if they don’t want to eat what we serve them, they can starve themselves without imputing any hard feelings, or offending anyone.

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  7. eat only vegetarian meals, which does not keep with their religious practices

    this is a bold faced LIE- they sure as hell can eat any vegetarian or kosher meal- meat is not a requirement to eat- it’s an option and if they are so damn religious they would not be in a prison

    any non meat food is halal- they can eat fish too

    • I will donate a rotted can of tuna to their cause! My 21 year old son said he would donate the carp he caught when he was 15 that he froze whole and hid in my freezer to save to put up the dryer vent of the gothic punk who lives up the street who kept vandalizing our house at night!
      P.S. I did not know of his plans until now! That freezer is a hundred years old and out in the garage and I did not trust it to store food, just ice because I was afraid it was going to die at anytime.I have a new one in the laundry room in which I store food. Looks like my sons job tomorrow will be cleaning the freezer!funny how when they turn 21 they start confessing the sins of their youth!

    • quote… if they are so damn religious they would not be in a prison..Unquote

      Exactly- this is the problem with islam — totally at odds with western freedoms and values

  8. Do you think that the prison system will just go out and buy halal foods from the grocery store? No, they’re probably going to end up forced to offer a public contract to a halal food distributor. Or change their regular food service contract to include halal foods. This will enrich the halal food suppliers and certifiers.

    Of course this has already been going on for a while with prison systems and the halal industry.

    But the people who authorize halal foods at prisons need to realize that they’re not just “meeting the needs” of Muslim inmates. They are enriching the halal food industry by guaranteeing them a steady revenue stream of government contracts to buy halal food.

    Given the links between the Muslim Brotherhood and the halal food industries of France and Canada, and the fraudulent tax exempt status of IFANCA in the U.S., the prospect of our tax dollars funding the halal industry is chilling.

  9. Just something to think about. Do christian prisoners of the muslims get special food considerations. I think not. This is just one more attempt to make christians and others bow down to the muslim way of thought. Which by the way is pathetic and small minded on the extreme side.

  10. Halal is just part of their islamic totalitarian agenda, ie, to make everything islamic. It obviously had nothing to do with actual cleanliness , that are practiced by other non-islamic food industries that don’t bow down to the islamic halal logo..

  11. it’s food either way…and they can pray before each meal no disrespect intented i have muslim friends and enjoy islamic music..but this is “jail” not a resort

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