Video: Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood

via Ordered Liberty » Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood — My Speech in Washington.

We hear a lot of chatter trying to separate the two — violent and non-violent jihad. But they are never mutually exclusive. The non-violent jihad is called dawa, the aggressive proselytism of Islam. Dawa is leveraged by the threat of violence. The atmosphere of intimidation is what makes non-violent jihad so effective. It is what allows Islamist organizations to exercise such outsize influence on our policymakers even though Muslims barely register one percent of our population.

The threat is very real, very aggressive, and much broader than terrorism. That is because the underlying threat is not terrorism but the rationale for terrorism: which is the gradual imposition of classical sharia — by both violence and non-violence.

Watch the entire video. It highlights the infiltration in DC and questions how anyone with Huma Abedin’s family background could get security clearance.

However, if you follow McCarthy’s logic and how he classifies Muslims into two broad categories you come to a major stopping point:  There is no discernible way to identify what he calls Islamists from Muslims he doesn’t classify as such.

With no way to identify them (what Islamist wouldn’t lie?), there is no way to stop “Islamists” from entering the United States and that leaves only two options: let all Muslims in or don’t let any Muslims in.

One of those options would significantly limit the threat and spread of sharia in the U.S. The other, our current immigration approach, allows sharia to flourish and wreak havoc as it has across Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere throughout Islam’s 1400-year history of conquest.

Update: Apparently the media lapdogs were quick to defend the Muslim Brotherhood links although they were again slapped down by reality: Educating Dana Milbank About the Abedin Family Journal

Impenetrable by fact, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank has written a predictably dishonest and uninformed attack on McCarthy’s briefing. Consistent with his crude pun on McCarthy’s name in the title, Milbank’s vicious blog just sprays defamatory charges of conspiracism at McCarthy. While Milbank’s essential sin is a crude, willful omission of the voluminous evidence McCarthy adduced, the Washington Post columnist also disingenuously (and /or out of distressingly lazy ignorance) misrepresents the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (and its journal) — a defining enterprise of Hillary Clinton aide Human Abedin’s family .

Read the entire piece that logically concludes:

The Abedin family “academic” journal is a thinly veiled mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sharia-supremacist agenda.  One can now add this conclusive, public record evidence to a host of other bona fide justifications for the Congressional inquiry demanded by Representative Bachmann, and her four intrepid colleagues. Evidence apologists for this odious and threatening ideology such as Dana Milbank would prefer to ignore.

McCarthy himself pointed out Milbank’s contradictions by referencing none other than…Milbank’s own employer: Maybe Dana Milbank Ought to Start Reading the Washington Post:

As I noted earlier, Dana Milbank’s Washington Post column today belittles Huma Abedin’s job at the State Department, as if she were merely Secretary Clinton’s lady’s maid, just “helping the boss with suits and handbags and logistics.” A friend alerts me, however, that Milbank’s newspaper doesn’t quite see it that way. As the Post reported last year in a flattering profile of Ms. Abedin, she is “one of the few Clintonites to remain an insider from the [Clinton] White House to the State Department.” The Post added, “While her official title is deputy chief of staff, Abedin is personally close to Clinton, an ever-present assistant and gatekeeper. She oversees planning and scheduling and advises on politics and policy, especially the Middle East.”

One has to wonder why so many are so quick to defend the Muslim Brotherhood.


22 thoughts on “Video: Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. The entire CAMEL is now in the TENT SPREADING AND SMEARING ITS POOP ALL OVER THE CONGRESS AND SENATE OF THE US GOVT. BLINDING THERE EYES AS TO THE COMPLETE DANGER OF SUBVERTING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES INTO AN ISLAMIC CESSPOOL. We now have TWO ENEMIES atacking us from within. THE MUSLIM BROTHERGHOOD AND THE NAZI EPA. What are WE going to do to put a stop to these SWINE before we loose all our rights!!! As for the MUSLIM JIHAD you can read the QURAN on the computer. As for the EPA buy the book CLIMATEGATE by Brian Sussman and read about the coming future of the NEW LIFE TO BE BY HOPE AND CHANGE!!!!! LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEW CRUSADE!!!!.

  2. Muslims, islam and sharia are the greatest threat to America and the civilized world. islam was formed as a method of bringing civilizations under sharia control. By using a fake cover of a religion this cult can corrupt and destroy by using the civilised worlds love of God and children. They have corrupted our government officals at all levels using threats and reward by stock option tips. That is why we see so many apparently insane decisions favorable to islam. When they have trillions taken from the west a few billion is tiny pocket change and they have even bought the potus.

  3. A muslim is a muslim. There are no qualifiers or adjectives that accurately describe them. Islamists are muslims. “Radical” muslims are muslims. So-called “moderate” muslims are muslims. MUSLIMS ARE MUSLIMS period.

    We must stop making up words and phrases to describe what we perceive to be different types of muslims. Muslims are muslims. You’re either a muslim or not.

    • AMEN! NO SUCH THING AS PEACEFUL MUSLIM EITHER.If they come here for freedom as they say they do, they would have left behind their political tyranical ideology taught from their quran and would not be trying to implement SHARIA HERE! There also would be no MOSQUES here or diapers on their heads! They would leave any trace of that tyranny behind instead of bringing it here and trying to inflict it on us! It is THAT simple.It does not take a rocket scientist or someone well versed in Islam to figure that out! PERIOD!

  4. The GOP has been behind the Islamic Sharia Law transformation, not the Democrats or Liberals. We know how the Bush family has been tied to the Islamic families of Saudia Arabia and the GOP refusal to hunt down and kill OsamaBinLaden, We know the Bush administration was working side by side with Islamic Terrorists on 9/11 to achieve financial record cleansing and allow entry into another war based on false premises to make more oil money. These five idiot GOP members are blowing the GOP cover and are being silenced by GOP. C’mon America WAKE UP! Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan are merely puppets for the Sharia Law supporting Koch Brothers who financially support Islam’s revolution in our country.

        • To blame the GOP for the deaths of their own people IS FILTH and I have the freedom to express and YOU WILL NOT TELL ME I CANNOT! Too bad you are not as offended by the filth he is spreading in which divides our country! I have spoke to you before..YOU ARE LUKEWARM AND THAT IS WHATS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY.

        • I also must add, you gave NO OPINION on this post regarding Our government and the muslim brotherhood which SHOULD OFFEND YOU, and you did the same on the post regarding the muslim man in Florida who burned his wife alive which SHOULD OFFEND AND OUTRAGE YOU! It appears you are merely policing everyone elses comments and opinions to make sure they are politically correct instead of being disgusted yourself at Islam which is the root of the problem. You gave NO OPINION on that horrible,evil act by a muslim
          who burned his wife alive, but did take the time to correct others who were outraged over this evil act when they merely said they believed in a “eye for and eye.”
          It is people like you who are too busy taking offense and critiqing what people say, which is protected by the Constitution, and spend more time trying to shut people up because YOU are offended,than you do trying to get the word out and unite America by addressing the subject at hand or the real threat which is Islam! i also will add the post regarding the man who was going to “whip the quran” as a expression of how sick he was of Islam.It is not what i would have done or what you would have done but i support his freedom of expression because ultimately he is on my side and I am not going to criticize him or his method because POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IN THIS COUNTRY IS WHAT GOT US WHERE WE ARE AT TODAY!

    • wow talk about insane propaganda- this whack job DICK inverts the truth 100% upside down and backwards- fallen through the looking glass- black is white and 2 plus 2 is 5 in this guy’s world

      your perception is not reality -buy a clue

    • Steve Dick, I have to say you are “one confused dude”, and with people like you around I worry for America. No doubt in November you will be voting for that skinny black man with big ears and more teeth than a Moreton Bay shark.

      Listen, you ignorant drongo, the Democrats, Liberals, and the entire obama gang are the enemy, got that, or are you too near the trees to see the forest? America is in deadly trouble, and the maddening thing is it’s easy to see what’s happening. So many stupid people…………..

  5. OK, I listened to about 10 minutes of what this man has to say starting from about the 11 minute mark. He has been brainwashed concerning what Islam is from a Secularist perspective, which tries to tell muslims that Islam is a religion and not a Theocratic Government. The only people being deceived by this lying hogwash are non-muslims. It’s irresponsible and reprehensible even though he is advocating the investigation of these muslims in our Government. It’s kind of comical and tragic all at the same time, that at a time when Nancy Pelosi is talking about what she thinks is the voices of dead ghosts of suffragists talking to her, that people are afraid of what the other nutcases in Government think of them and will not tell the truth about Islam. It’s like they just want somebody’s inaccurate Readers Digest version of what Islam is, but a version that is far, far from being truthful concerning how malevolent Islam really is.

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