Myanmar Muslims protest violence by attacking Buddhist temples

Immigration (illegal), separatism, jihad. via FPI Attacks Buddhist Temples During Rohingya Protest | The Jakarta Globe.

Makassar. A rally by the Islamic Defenders Front against the killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar turned violent in Makassar on Friday, as protesters attacked two Buddhist temples in the South Sulawesi capital.

The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) began the rally after finishing their Friday prayer at Al-Markaz Al-Islami Mosque, forming a convoy and traveling down some of the city’s main streets.

On Jalan Sulawesi, they stopped and threw stones at Kwang Kong Buddhist temple. A few protesters were seen banging the door of the temple with wooden sticks.

The group also went to throw stones at Xian Ma temple, which is a secretariat office for the South Sulawesi branch of the Council of Buddhist Communities (Walubi).

Police officers stopped the attack by facilitating a meeting between the FPI protesters and Yongris, head of the Walubi branch.

Yongris told the FPI that Walubi regretted the killings of Rohingya Muslims, including those allegedly conducted by Myanmar security forces. He asked the protesters to urge Myanmar authorities to end the atrocity.

“We really regret the slaughtering,” he said. “We truly don’t approve of violence.”

Unfortunately, an infamous Islamic slogan is “we (Muslims) love death more than they (infidels) love life.”

5 thoughts on “Myanmar Muslims protest violence by attacking Buddhist temples

  1. If I understand iman rauf from reading his book on mountain moving, this is just a cultural difference working itself out. I has, really, nothing to do with islam.
    Yeah, and tooth fairy puts pennies under pillows.

  2. Cult Leader Imam Fethullah GUlen who lives in the comfort of his Penn, USA Home gave 10,000 for them to buy weapons. Remember Cult leader Gulen has inspired his cult followers to open and run charter schools across the United States. Do you think it is good for your American Tax dollars to be funneled out of the country to support the radicals under the thin disguise of Moderate Islam and good old fashion American education via charter schools? This is from the Zaman a Gulen cult owned and operated newspaper. Look how Gulen demonizes and lies about Buddhists. Yet you keep sending your children to these schools?

    Our writer of this blog should and better bring more light to this connection and Gulens support of radical islam via his cult members.

    • I do not feel like our tax money should be funneled out for this however we need to also be screaming about our president who is handing out aid right and left in the millions and billions to the muslim brotherhood “rebels” who took over Egypt,Libya and at present Syria. He also handed out millions in aid to jordan which also will end up as weaponry used against our troops.If this Imam is funneling this money to radical islam, why are the Feds not on this or are they?

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