…Our Way to Victory

Diana West at her blog The Death of the Grown-Up has a piece titled, “Losing” Our Way to Victory.” The closing paragraphs, below.

…it’s time to toss the policy of standing up Sharia states such as Iraq and Afghanistan onto that ash heap of history. It’s time to shore up liberty in the West, which, while we are stretched and distracted by Eastern adventures, is currently contracting in its accommodations of Sharia, a legal system best described as sacralized totalitarianism.

Such a war — to block Sharia in the West — requires more than military solutions. For starters, it requires an unflinching assessment of Sharia’s incompatibility with the U.S. Constitution, and legal bars to Sharia-compliant petro-dollars now flowing into banking and business centers, into universities and media. It absolutely requires weaning ourselves from Islamic oil — what a concept — and drilling far and widely for our own.

Halting the spread of Islamic law in the democratic West requires halting Islamic immigration, something I’ve written before. But there’s another aspect to consider. On examining a photo of armed Taliban on an Afghan hill, it occurred to me that these men and others like them can’t hurt us from their hilltops. That is, what happens in Afghanistan stays in Afghanistan — or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia — if we (duh) impose wartime restrictions on travel from and to Sharia states.

But that cramps our freedom, critics will say. Well, so does standing in line to de-clothe and show our toothpaste because Hani Hanjour might be on the plane. Funny kind of “freedom” we’re now used to. And funny kind of war we now fight to protect it — a war for Sharia states abroad while a growing state of Sharia shrinks freedom at home.

The faster we extricate our military from the Islamic world, the faster we can figure out how to fight the real war, the Sharia war on the West.

What politician (that hasn’t already voted repeatedly to restrict our liberties) will take on these tough topics?

12 thoughts on “…Our Way to Victory

  1. Republican politicians are a joke. Just look at the silence when Bachmann stood up. A bunch of cowardly scum more worried about drawing the $175K a year than losing their country.

    Vote them ALL out!!

      • You are RIGHT! And they are also causing the class warfare hatred, race hatred, religion hatred, political hatred, big business hatred and America hatred which is dividing and segmenting this country.By the way, What happened to Obamas Nobel Peace prize???

        • Surely the whole world is too ashamed of that to talk about it! Made the Norwegians look even more stupid! (You will remember they had already given a Nobel prize to Al Gore, and the terrorist Arafathead.

  2. The main stream media can wait to report something bad about Christians. When it comes to Islam, they refuse to report it at all or leave out the religious part of the story.
    Have you read anything about the Court Marshal of the Muslim Army Major involved in the Fort Hood shooting? I haven’t! Another story the main stream media refuses to cover.

  3. Great point John — why are we giving one red cent to any state that is sharia in nature, and antithetical to human rights?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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